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In Darkness and In Light

June 24th, 2006

The "Last" Rehearsal (Part One) @ 03:53 pm

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Characters: Kairi, Riku, Sora, Kyle, Seth, The Director, Sora's Mom
Warnings: Foul Language, Seduction, Break-ups
Summary: Finally time for "Frankenfurter" to seduce "Brad", but how does "Janet" feel about that as she watches? A depressed and angered Kairi longs for her other boyfriend, making Riku upset. Then, an ending to one of the worst days the three could ever have together. Will it end well?


Riku covered his mouth with his hand as he yawned. They were sitting in the audience section of the auditorium for another rehearsal. He had one arm around Kairi, who was sitting to the left of him. The director was up on stage making final adjustments to lighting and talking to his assistant. "Ten thirty is just way to early for this sort of thing..." Riku murmured sleepily to Kairi, slumping down in his chair a bit and leaning his head back to rest on the back of the chair. It wasn't very comfortable, but hey, at least he didn't have to waste energy holding his head up anymore.

Kairi glanced over at Riku and laughed lightly. “I told you not to stay up all night playing that game. But do you listen to me? Of course not.”

Riku sent a small pout in her direction and stuck his tongue out at her childishly. "It was a fun game...and I kicked ass, so that's all that matters..."

“Sure, just continue to ignore my advice. You'll be sorry one day.” She poked his side playfully, remembering fully that he was ticklish.

Riku made a noise somewhere between a grunt and a whimper as he jumped a bit. He tried and failed miserably to bat her hand away.

Kairi neared her face to his. “I love.....” She began tickling his side. “..to make you squirm.”

"Nn!! No!" Riku said, squirming under her teasing touch and trying to grab her hands so that she would stop. He tried to muffle his laughter by biting his lip.

“Looks like you two are having fun.” Kyle said as he approached them. Kairi had gotten onto her knees and was hovering over Riku, one of her hands in his and the other held at his side.

Kairi stopped tickling Riku and looked over her shoulder at Kyle, a faint blush on her face. <i>Why is it people always catch us when it looks wrong....</i>

Riku looked at Kyle, panting lightly, which surely didn't help the image. His face was flushed from laughing. "She is..." He said, sending a mock glare at Kairi, but squeezing her hand gently in a loving manner.

“I was trying to wake him up. He stayed up playing video games all night.” Kairi fidgeted when she watched Kyle's eyes roam her form, which her position didn't make anything better.

“I'd sure as hell wake up if you did that to me.” Kyle commented with a sly smirk.

Riku noticed the way Kyle smiled at her and knew that Kairi had to be uncomfortable. So with a small grin, he nonchalantly pulled her gently into his lap and nuzzled her neck lightly. "I'm awake now..." He said, kissing her neck gently, his arms around her in what he hoped she knew meant that he wouldn't ever let her go.

Kairi blushed, her eyes drifting closed, as she nodded.

Kyle held back the small frown. He went over and took the seat that Kairi had been pulled out of. “I heard today's going to be fun.” He said, keeping his eyes on the stage.

Riku gave him a quizzical look. "Why?"

"Hey guys!" Seth said as he walked up to them. "Man...you two don't ever stop, do you?" He said, indicating Riku and Kairi.

Riku blushed a bit, both from the implication and because it was Seth.

Kairi clung to Riku lazily. She wondered if anyone else in the auditorium was watching. She didn't want to find out so she just laid her head against Riku's shoulder smiling and waving at Seth as her greeting.

Kyle grinned and held his hand up in a still wave. “Seth, what's up?”

Seth grinned at them. "Nothin! How bout you?" He said, before turning his gaze to Riku and Kairi, "Not you two...I <i>know</i> what you two are doing..." He said, with a playful grin. His eyes held a hint of sadness and jealousy as they fell on Riku though.

Riku blushed and smirked at Seth, noting the look he was receiving. He felt a stab of guilt, although he didn't understand why.

Kairi blushed. “We're not doing anything bad!” She said defensively. At least she didn't think they were doing anything bad. Embarrassing yes; bad no.

Kyle laughed. “I was just telling them that today is supposed to be fun. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy today's rehearsal.” A smug smirk planted itself on his lips as he leaned back against the chair and kicked his feet up onto the back of the seat in front of himself.

Riku turned his gaze to Kyle. "Why?" He asked, curiosity eating at him.

Seth smiled at Kairi. "I know...I'm just kidding..." He said chuckling lightly before turning to Kyle. "What's going on today?"

Kyle shrugged nonchalantly. “I'm not one to give away surprises and ruin the enjoyment of seeing facial expressions being invented.” He said, hoping to confuse the others a bit. He looked over at Riku and Kairi and nearly burst out laughing at the puzzled look on the girl's face.

Kairi furrowed her brows together. “Is that how college students talk?” She asked pointing at Kyle and looking at Riku.

Riku gave Kyle a strange look, his curiosity not being sated. "Only a college student who is up to something talks like that..." He said cautiously.

Seth grinned at Kyle and moved to sit down next to him. "Can you tell me?" He asked, a hopeful look in his eyes.

Kairi just blinked and lowered her hand to her lap.

Kyle looked at Seth. “What do I get in return?” He asked with a sly smile directed at the student.

"What do you want in return?" Seth asked almost immediately, a small grin on his lips as well.

Riku looked up at Kairi and then back to Kyle and Seth.

Kairi watched as Kyle leaned over to Seth.

Kyle held Seth's chin in his fingers, bringing their faces extremely close together. “How about a night of bliss... Sound reasonable?” His voice was low but loud enough for the four of them only to hear.

Seth blushed madly. "I...I uh..." He gazed up into Kyle's eyes.

Riku's eyes widened very slightly, amazed that Kyle was doing this. It wasn't even noon!

“Are you always horny?” Kairi asked flatly.

Kyle blinked and pulled his face away from Seth's to look at Kairi. “Well are you? You and Riku do enough flirting for three married couples.”

Kairi turned a brilliant shade of red and her eyes widened.

Riku rolled his eyes at him and sighed. "We can't help it...We're both just so hot..." He said, playfully licking Kairi's neck.

Seth looked from Kyle to Riku and Kairi, and then back to Kyle, who still had a hold on his chin.

Forgetting about Seth's chin in his fingers, Kyle mock pouted. “That hurts, Riku.”

Kairi shivered lightly, very slightly tilting her head to give Riku more access.

Riku smirked and placed a light open mouth kiss on Kairi's neck, nibbling softly while keeping his eyes on Kyle the whole time.

Seth watched the two with slightly wide eyes, his blush, which had subsided, coming back to light up his cheeks.

“Oh sure, make-out in front of us.” Kyle pulled Seth's face closer as he leaned toward the other, his head still turned looking at the couple. “We could do the same you know.” He lingered his lips close to Seth's.

Kairi, not noticing Kyle and his antics, developed goosebumps before pulling back from Riku's mouth.

Seth's blush returned full force. "K-Kyle..." He whispered, staring up at the other boy.

Riku looked up at Kairi for a second, wondering why she pulled away, before turning his gaze to Kyle and Seth. "You're gonna kiss Seth?" He asked.

“Well why shouldn't I? You and Kairi kiss. I want to kiss someone too.” Kyle said with a pout.

Kairi shrugged. “Well all you've been doing is just sitting there. Kiss him already if you're planning on it.”

Kyle frowned. “Fine.” He pulled Seth the rest of the way placing a hard kiss on the younger man's lips.

Seth's eyes widened dramatically, his blush darkening. He made a small sound in the back of his throat, not quite sure if it was a whimper or something else. Regardless, he felt himself kiss back softly.

Riku stared at him. He didn't know why he was surprised, Kyle would always do anything he claimed he would do.

Kairi stared at them with a blush. <i>Is this what others feel when they watch me, Riku, and Sora?</i>

Kyle stared at Seth incredulously when he had kissed back. Somehow that wasn't what he had expected. Kyle slipped his hand from Seth's chin to hook around the back of his neck, holding him within the kiss.

Seth's hands moved up to rest on Kyle's arms softly. He pressed deeper into the kiss, his eyes fluttering closed.

Riku stared at them, a light blush crossing his cheeks. He didn't expect it to keep going. He had expected it to be a swift kiss, that ended with Seth being totally floored in shock. Not Seth kissing him back...He couldn't help but feel a small twinge of jealousy for some reason unknown to himself.

Kyle pulled back from the kiss and stared down at Seth, a light blush finally crawling along the bridge of his nose.

Seth's eyes opened and he stared up at Kyle, unsure of what to make of the feelings inside him.

Kyle let go of Seth and sat back in his chair, giving up on talking.

Kairi watched, not sure what had just happened.

Seth sat back as well, his eyes lingering on Kyle for a couple seconds before drifting to rest on the empty chair on the other side of him, his blush still standing brightly.

Riku gazed at them and then looked up at Kairi, his arms tightening around her a bit.

The Director walked out to center stage and smiled out to the audience. "Alright! Everyone! Let's get this rehearsal underway! The first scene we are going to do will be the seduction scene between Frank and Brad..." He said, reading off of his notes and then smiling out at the two in the audience.

Riku's face lit up and his eyes snapped to Seth. <i>I-i-in front of -people-??</i>

Seth's eyes snapped up to the director and then they shifted to Riku, his blush getting darker.

Kyle grinned knowingly.

Kairi just smiled and climbed off of Riku's lap and into the empty chair beside him.

Riku and Seth both stood after an impatient gesture from the director.

Riku glanced at Seth, "We-we've done this a few times before...we should be fine..." He said, not really sounding reassuring even to himself.

Seth nodded, not looking at Riku, his neck and ears red. "I hope so..."

They walked up to the director, who pulled open the curtain, revealing a bed facing sideways on the stage. That was all. A bed.

Riku and Seth both blushed madly, giving the Director pleading looks. The Director merely shook his head. "Go get into position, boys!"

Seth cringed and slowly started to walk to the bed, taking his shirt off as he went.

Riku followed, trying to will his blush away and get into character.

Kyle leaned back and kicked his feet up onto the seat back again. He glanced over at Kairi then back up at Seth.

Kairi, willing her jealousy away, watched Riku and Seth get into position on the center stage bed.

Seth laid down on the bed, feeling awkward.

Riku laid down on top of him and in between the other's legs, his face lighting up again just after he had gotten it under control. He looked at the director expectantly.

"From you're line Seth: "Everything's going to be alright"...Whenever you're ready." He moved off of the stage and sat down in the center of the audience to observe.

Riku laid his head down on Seth's chest, facing away from the audience, his face burning brightly as he felt Seth's arms snake around his body.

Kairi rested her elbow on the arm rest.

Kyle sunk down into his seat and lightly touched his lips. He still felt the younger man's lips on his own, the tingling sensation overriding the sudden jealousy he got when he watched the two on stage.

Riku looked up at Seth a bit, seeing the nervousness in the other's eyes. "Just relax..." He whispered.

Seth nodded and took a deep breath, closing his eyes. When he opened them again, it was like a sudden change.

Riku smiled and laid his head back down on Seth's chest.

"~Everything's going to be alright.~" Seth said reassuringly, making a move like he was flipping on a light. Riku lifted his head off of Seth's chest and looked up at him.

"~No! Don't put on the li-~" He stopped and Seth blinked down at him.

"~You!~" He said in shock. Riku sat up, a light grin dancing across his lips.

"~I'm afraid so, Brad. But wasn't it nice?~" Riku said silkily, leaning down to kiss Seth's neck softly.

Kairi blushed with wide eyes.

Kyle didn't know whether he wanted to be in Riku's position or not.

Seth pushed him away and sat up, his eyebrows furrowed in anger. "~Why you! What have you done with Janet?~" Seth asked angrily.

Riku sat up, feigning surprise. "~Nothing. Why do you think I should?~" He asked, a small grin making its way back to the surface.

Seth turned his head to gaze down at the sheets on the bed, a humiliated look on his face. "~You tricked me. I wouldn't have…I've never…never.~" He trailed off.

Riku smiled a bit and used his hand to turn Seth's face toward him. "~I know, but it wasn't all bad was it?~" He said, leaning forward to brush his lips against Seth's neck. "~I think you found it quite pleasurable.~" He murmured between the kisses he was trailing across Seth's collar bone. He slowly started to descend his kisses down Seth's chest. "~So soft…~" He said softly, "~So sensual.~"

Kyle looked away from the scene being played before him with a huff. He cross his arms and just stared off to the side of the auditorium.

Kairi sat in her chair, stiff. She held her hands on her lap timidly. She could barely hear Riku but she knew she didn't like what he was saying to the boy that was under him, acting or not.

Seth looked down at him, a bright blush staining his cheeks. It was different having an audience of people staring at you. He felt like he was on display or something. Riku looked up at him, silently reminding him that they were still performing. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, uttering a soft moan.

"~Ahhh…no…stop…I mean Janet…~" He gasped out, panting lightly. Riku continued to look up at him, his kisses trailing further down Seth's body. He blushed brightly, remembering when they were on the island together. The way it had felt to have Seth's lips pressed against his own. They were just acting. He went even lower and Seth's eyes snapped open to look down at Riku.

Kairi's gasp rouse Kyle and he jerked his attention back to the stage. He looked over to the high schooler noticing her stiffened form. He looked back up to Seth then back to Kairi. He wasn't supposed to feel emotionally attached to the younger man. He had been trying to get Kairi for himself. With a final nod and a winning argument against his better judgment, he grabbed Kairi by the wrist and pulled her out of the auditorium.

Kairi stumbled along behind Kyle, silently thanking him for pulling her away.

Kyle managed to get them into the hallway with the front doors. He released her hand and went over to one of the plush chairs, flopping down.

Kairi watched in question. She looked over her shoulder at the door they had passed through, wondering briefly if she should go back in to watch. She decided against it and sat down next to Kyle. She glanced over at him wondering why he had suddenly pulled her away.

“Sorry, it was just getting annoying.” He finally spoke, breaking her thoughts.

She looked to the ground and nodded. “I told myself not to get jealous over a play, but I just don't like seeing Riku doing that with other people.” Somehow she wished Sora were there, he would definitely voice his opinion. She leaned back against the chair, kicking her feet idly.

Kyle looked over at her and suddenly found her cute as she watched her feet swing. He watched her a few more moments before leaning over and kissing her gently.

Kairi's eyes widened and stayed like that even after he pulled away from her. All of the movement she had been doing had ceased completely as she just stared at the green haired boy hovering mere inches from her face.

Kyle watched her eyes intently. She wasn't moving. He couldn't tell what she was thinking. He looked down to her lips. He leaned down again and pressed his lips to hers a bit more insistent. He felt her begin to move and knew that she would push him away, so without much thought or effort, he grabbed her wrists and held them on the seat of the chair.

Kairi whimpered and moved her head back only to have him follow. She began to move her head from side to side to get him off of her.

Kyle put both of the girl's wrists into one hand and used his free hand to hold her head still. He pulled back when he noticed that she just wouldn't respond. “Ktch...” He let go of her and went back into the auditorium, leaving her in the seat.

The director stood on the stage, standing off to the side of the bed. "Now...I want more heat...You're doing something that's forbidden! Brad has a fiancée! He's not supposed to be getting it on with another guy! Let's try this...Seth...say you have a girlfriend, and Riku kisses you...think of how you would react...would you be scared? Excited? I want you both to think of how it would feel to be tempted by something but not be able to have it because of some reason. And whenever you're back into character, you can begin the scene again."

Riku flushed at the director's words. He had no idea how on mark he was. He knew Seth was looking at him, so he looked up, meeting the sea green eyes. What he saw made his face flush even more. Seth was looking at him with a mix of longing and nervousness. He had never seen anyone look at him like that before. He thought back to when Seth kissed him on paopu island. He had wanted to respond to him so badly, but his thoughts of Sora and Kairi were in the way. He felt something deep in his heart stir, and suddenly, he wanted to feel the other's lips on his again. He tore his gaze from Seth's, looking out into the audience. He didn't see Kairi. He figured that she had just gotten up and left because she didn't want to watch it or something. With a dry swallow he looked back up at Seth.

"I-I'm ready..." He said softly. Seth nodded and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as his arms snaked around Riku once again. His whole body tingled with some unknown feeling, not that he didn't like it. With another deep breath, he raised his hand to Riku's hair and began to stroke it softly. "~Everything's going to be alright...~" He said quietly, in a reassuring voice. His hand left Riku's hair and made a move to turn on the non-existent light.

Riku looked up at him, "~No! Don't turn on the li-!~" He stopped when Seth looked at him, shock written on his face.

"~You!~" He almost gasped, sitting up quickly, causing Riku to sit up as well.

Riku gave him a tantalizing smirk, his green eyes glittering. "~I'm afraid so, Brad...But isn't it nice?~" He asked, leaning forward to lick the other's neck slowly. He could feel Seth's skin shiver under his tongue, and got a strange satisfaction from it.

Seth placed his hands on Riku's shoulders and pushed him back roughly, though his eyes betrayed his actions as they got a bit darker in desire.

Riku flushed at the look.

"~Why you! What have you done with Janet?~" Seth said, sounding angry and insistent.

Riku gave him a look. "~Nothing...why do you think I should?~" He asked as his lips molded into a smirk. Seth turned his head from Riku, his face very red for some reason.

Kyle had sat down and crossed his arms and kicked his feet up again. This seemed to be his favorite position. He watched the two on stage, wondering why this felt more real than it should. Either they were damn good actors or they both enjoyed this too much.

"~You..you tricked me...I would never...never never...~" He said, his voice leaking humiliation and something else.

Riku looked down at him, feeling some strange thing welling up inside of him. He brought his hand to the other's chin and turned his head, leaning in close to the other, his nose almost bumping against Seth's. He gazed steadily into the darkened sea green eyes. "~I know, but it wasn't all bad was it?~" His voice was soft, but loud enough to hear in the audience. "~I think you found it quite pleasurable...~" He murmured seductively, causing Seth's eyes to visibly darken more. He leaned forward a bit more, his voice dropping to a whisper that he knew the audience could only barely hear. "~So soft...So sensual...~" On of his hands moved up to Seth's chest, caressing it softly, his fingers brushing over the boy's nipple, earning himself a low moan of satisfaction.

"~Nnnn...no...~" Seth moaned, his sea green eyes darkening more as they closed and Riku's hand ran from Seth's chest, slowly down his stomach, the nails grazing lightly over the skin. Seth gave another low moan. "Ahh...Riku...” He moaned out very softly.

Riku's eyes widened, and he hoped to god no one in the audience had heard that. It was very soft, so he doubted they did. "~Give into temptation, Brad~" Riku murmured, his lips close to Seth's.

Seth's eyes shot open at the emphasis of his character's name and he gazed into Riku's eyes. "~Stop...I mean Janet...~" He recovered quickly, his voice still a moan.

Riku's hand slid further down the other's body, his face flushing brightly. This was nothing like they had rehearsed. He had no idea what he was doing. His fingers came to the hem of Seth's pants and Seth placed his hands against Riku's chest, throwing him off.

"~Janet!~" Seth shouted, his eyes closed and his face flushed.

Riku placed a finger to the other's lips, leaning in close again, a sensual smile on his lips.

Seth's eyes snapped open, widening at how close the other was again.

"~Janet's probably asleep by now...Do you want her to see you like this?~" He asked, laying his body flush against Seth's, his thigh pressed between the other's legs. He could feel the other was hard against him and his face lit up in a bright blush. He lifted his leg off of Seth a bit because he could tell the other was trying as hard as he could to hold back a deep moan.

Kyle noticed the color in Riku's face change. <i>That's definitely not in the play....</i> He thought to himself. He looked over his shoulder as the door opened and Kairi stepped in timidly. He watched as she made her way back down to the row he was in and sat a couple seats away from him, not yet having looked at the stage.

Kairi remained quiet and kept her eyes to the ground. She felt like she had betrayed Sora and Riku. She knew she had just finished crying about it, but it hurt and she felt like she was about to cry again.

Seth gained his composure in a second and pushed Riku off of him for the third time. "~Like this?! Like how?! It's your fault! You're to blame!~" He trailed off, seeing the look in Riku's eyes. Riku's green eyes were as dark as his own in lust. He wondered if the other was aware of it. When he began again his voice was almost shaking, defiantly showing his longing, but it was angry to match the anger of his character. "~I thought it was the real thing!~"

Riku's eyes widened at the longing in the other's voice, his face brightening more. Swallowing dryly he leaned forward, his lips close to Seth's.

Seth gave him a look, making it clear what he wanted Riku to do, but also making it clear that he knew they couldn't do it.

Riku's chest tightened as he felt his breath hitch in his throat. "~Oh come on, Brad...admit it...~" He stared down into Seth's eyes, his gaze piercing. "~It was enjoyable...~" He leaned in a bit closer, one hand coming up to cup the other's cheek, and the other trailing slowly and teasingly down the other's body again. Seth arched slightly into the teasing touch, giving off a soft moan and closing his eyes. "~There's no crime in giving yourself over to pleasure...~" Riku said, the seductive hint in his voice not intentional, being brought out on his own accord.

Seth's eyes opened to stare up at the other. The hand continued it's path, stopping and hovering just above the boy's erection. Riku and Seth both flushed brightly.

Riku hadn't meant for his hand to end up there. It just had. Seth looked down at the hand, so dangerously close to his member, and then back up into Riku's eyes. "~P-promise not to tell?~" He asked softly, imploringly.

Riku leaned closer, his eyes half lidded, and his lips just barely brushing against Seth's with every word he spoke. "~On my mother's grave...~" He said.

"CUT!!" The director said loudly, staring at the two boys. His eyes were wide with amazement. He opened his mouth to comment on their performance and closed it again, at a loss for words.

Kairi looked up when the director had yelled. She noticed the close proximity of the two and felt the overwhelming jealousy begin, completely forgetting about what had happened with Kyle.

The only movement Riku made when the director cut them off was he brought his hand up so that it wasn't near the other's crotch. They just laid there, staring into each other's eyes. Riku could tell what the other wanted, and he knew that he wanted that as well, but he couldn't. Not if he was still with Sora and Kairi.

Seth decided to be bold, leaning forward ever so slightly and brushing his lips softly against Riku's not caring if anyone else saw. He wanted to kiss him.

Riku's eyes widened. There was such little movement from Seth that he doubted that anyone could tell a difference from their earlier position, but he pulled away none the less, his cheek burning.

Kairi's eyes widened. She didn't know if anyone else saw it, but she knew she had. She stood up swiftly, the seat of the chair made a noise as it folded up. She stared at them for a moment before storming out of the auditorium not caring if anyone was watching her or not.

Kyle watched her, unsure of what had conspired. He looked back up on stage. Had they done something? He didn't know, but he doubted that going to comfort her himself was going to make things better.

Riku heard the sound of the auditorium chair and he looked over, seeing Kairi making her way out of the hall. He looked back down at Seth and then to the director. "I-I'll be right back..." He said, standing up and without waiting for permission, leaving the hall to find Kairi. Please, God, let her have not noticed that... He silently prayed as he went out into the lobby.

Kairi sat in the same seat holding her face in her hands as she cried. She was bent over her legs tightly.

Riku went over and knelt down in front of her. "Kairi..." He said softly, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Leave me alone.” She said softly, not looking up to see him. She used one hand to slowly push his hand off her shoulder then returned it to her face.

Riku frowned. "Kairi...what's wrong?" He asked. He thought he knew perfectly well what was wrong, but he had to be sure, lest he make the girl more angry.

“Everything's wrong.” Kairi answered softly, her sobs fading away.

Riku furrowed his eyebrows at that. That wasn't the answer he had been expecting. "What do you mean?" He asked softly, about to move his hand up to her shoulder again, but stopping when he realized she would probably just push it away again.

Kairi looked at him, her eyes reddened and her face tear stained. “Why didn't you reprimand Seth for kissing you.... Why did you just let him get away with it?” She wasn't sure if she should tell him about what Kyle did to her.

Riku stared at her. "I...uh...I..." He stuttered out. He didn't know why. He hadn't expected it, so it was partially out of shock. But...the other part..."I-I don't know..." He said, finally tearing his gaze from Kairi's and looking down, his eyes resting on her knees.

Kairi watched his actions. “You like him... don't you.” She accused as she spoke about Seth.

Riku's eyes snapped up to hers and his face flushed brightly despite his attempts to stop it. "N-no!"

“Why are you lying to me? Why can't you just admit it? You like him. Otherwise you wouldn't be scarlet red right now.” She frowned angrily at him.

Riku gazed at her for a few seconds before his gaze dropped again. "I..." He began but stopped. He didn't want to lie to Kairi, but he didn't want to tell her either. He did like Seth, but...

Kairi's face went from angry to saddened. She hunched over herself again. “I want Sora....” She mumbled the same thing over and over.

Riku tried to ignore the little spark of anger that flared up inside of him, but failed. He pulled his cell phone out and laid it on Kairi's lap, "Here...then call him...". He didn't mean for his voice to sound so harsh, but his anger got the better of him. He stood up and made his way out of the lobby to get some fresh air and to calm down. He didn't know why he was angry. If anyone should be angry it was Kairi. But the way she had said "I want Sora" over and over again made him feel like maybe he just wasn't good enough. He squinted against the sun, glaring up at it as though it had caused the problems in the first place. He went over a ways to a rather secluded place that he could see the ocean from and leaned against the brick wall, running his hand through his hair and taking a deep, calming breath.

Kyle walked outside, catching a glimpse of Riku moving away from sight. He made his way over to the other boy. He stood and watched Riku for a moment before looking to the ground. “Why's Kairi on the phone?”

Riku bristled in anger again. So she did call Sora. "She's calling Sora." He answered shortly, not looking at the other boy. His arms crossed in front of him, and he glared out at the ocean.

“Sounds to me that you don't like the fact that she's calling her boyfriend. Something happen?” Kyle moved to stand next to the other, crossing his arms as well.

Riku glanced at him out of the corner of his eye. "She's upset because Seth kissed me and I let it happen." He said in a huff. His eyebrows furrowed and he turned his gaze out back to the ocean, his glaring commencing.

“Well wouldn't you be upset if she kissed someone else?” Kyle asked without thinking. He then remembered that he had kissed her. Had she not said anything to Riku about it? Apparently not.

Riku thought about it. "Well...yeah..." He said softly, still glaring.

“Don't care to talk about it?” Kyle asked trying not to pry, wondering if he should tell the other what had happened.

Riku was silent for a few moments. "She asked me if I liked Seth...and when I couldn't answer her, she started repeating how she wanted Sora. It just made me feel like I wasn't good enough. It had to be Sora." He said, his glare intensifying.

Kyle sighed. “Can I tell you something and you not get pissed off at me?”

Riku looked at him for a couple of seconds. "Sure..."

Kyle looked away from Riku. “I kissed Kairi.” He said bluntly.

Riku stared at him. "You...you what?" He couldn't have heard that correctly.

“While you and Seth were on stage, I pulled her out of there because it looked like she was being hurt. We sat there. And then I just kissed her. I know she tried pulling away... but I wouldn't let her.” He leaned against the wall that Riku was leaning against.

"Why didn't you let her pull away?" Riku asked, pushing himself off of the wall and turning to Kyle.

“Because I didn't feel like letting her go.” Kyle snapped angrily. “I wanted to kiss her. I have for a long while. And when I finally did all she did was struggle. Maybe that's why she's hurt. Because she tried her hardest to prevent something from happening while you just let another person kiss you.” Kyle looked at Riku, not necessarily glared, but it was an angry disapproving look.

Riku glared at him. "Seth caught me off guard! And I did pull away didn't I?! It's not like I kissed him back! I stopped it! Just like I did the first time he kissed me!" His voice, which had steadily crawled to a semi-shout, stopped suddenly. He didn't mean to say that Seth had kissed him. With an angry glare at Kyle he turned his gaze back out at the ocean.

“You guys have kissed before?” Kyle blinked in surprise.

Riku's glare intensified and he huffed. "When he came over the first time to rehearse the seduction scene, he told me he had never done anything with a guy before...and then he asked me to kiss him." He said, not elaborating any more than that.

Kyle blinked. “Wait... when he asked did you do it?”

Riku didn't look at him, and didn't answer. Instead he crossed his arms over his chest again and leaned against the wall.

“I guess that's where you start ignoring me.” Kyle pushed off of the wall and began walking away. “Fine. Just keep up whatever you're doing and Kairi will only want Sora from now on.” He walked away leaving Riku to glare at the ocean. He went back inside and saw Kairi still on the phone. He huffed and walked passed her and back into the auditorium.

“Thank you...” Kairi spoke into the phone, speaking to Sora's mom. She had finally gotten the older woman to let her speak to Sora.

“Kairi?” Sora said worriedly into the receiver. He had listened to his mother’s conversation with Kairi and had pleaded to let him talk to her. The way his mother had looked made Sora feel like something was wrong and the fact that his mother was watching him in concern fueled that notion.

Kairi smiled gently, wiping away a few more tears. “Hey, Sora. Whatcha doin?” She played off her sadness but couldn't hide the pain in her voice.

“Are you alright?” Sora asked, ignoring Kairi’s statement and his mother who wouldn’t let him go to the privacy of his room to talk. She loved Kairi to death and knew that something was very wrong.

“I'm alright now. I just really wanted to talk to you. I haven't heard from you in a while and I miss you.” She leaned back against the chair.

“I miss you too,” Sora said, a stupid little grin forming on his face. His mother moved to finish the cleaning she had been doing before Kairi had called, glancing over at her son every few seconds. “What’s happened?” He knew something had to of happened to her.

Kairi sighed. “You remember that guy Kyle that Riku and I told you about?” She didn't know why she was able to tell Sora what happened but not Riku. She just found it easier to talk to him.

“Yeah, Sorta” Sora said, leaning against the kitchen counter. “He’s the one that plays in the play, yeah? One of them…That flirted…?”

“Yeah. Well while Riku was on stage rehearsing, Kyle pulled me into the lobby and kissed me. When I tried to get him to stop he wouldn't. Then he left and when I went back into the auditorium I saw Seth kiss Riku and he just let it happen. He pulled away but didn't do anything else about it. I don't know, maybe I'm just overreacting, but it hurt and then I think he got mad when I said I wanted you here.” She spoke quickly and felt the tears begin again.

“Re-Really?” Sora said, his voice quiet and soft. His mother looked up from her work, her eyebrows furrowing. Sora looked troubled and she wondered what Kairi was saying.

“Yeah. And he gave me his cell phone and he seemed angry. I think he's mad at me, Sora.” Kairi sounded dejected. She could feel herself calming down but still felt tense.

Sora didn’t say anything, staring down at the marble pattern in the contour top. His mother looked up when Sora turned and called to her. “Can I go see Kairi?” He asked, his eyes filled with the need to be there and the confusion he felt. “Please?”

She looked at her son thoughtfully, unsure if she should let him. He had already snuck out to see Riku, and now that summer had started he couldn’t really bring up any grades. She thought about maybe letting him go out of his good behavior since that night he snuck off, but was sure that his father wouldn’t approve completely. “I… I don’t know….,” she said, looking away as her son turned a pleading look on her.

“Mom…” He said, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to deny Sora. With a nod, she turned away with a warning to be back before his father got home. Sora smiled his thanks and spoke into the receiver. “I’ll be there in a bit, Kairi. Alright?”

Kairi smiled happily and nodded. “Alright. I'll see you then.”

Riku sighed as he gazed out over the water. Now that he thought about it he could understand why Kairi would be upset. What Kyle had said made sense. He closed his eyes and rested his head against the wall. After a few moments he pushed off again and made his way back to the lobby. He pulled the door open and stepped inside, stopping when he saw Kairi.

Kairi tensed up noticeably when Riku came in. She stared at him, his phone held tightly in her hands after she had just hung up with Sora. She opened her mouth to speak but closed it again knowing that he was probably still mad at her.

Riku moved inside, the door closing behind him. "H-hey..." He said softly. He walked up to her and knelt down in front of her. "I'm sorry...that I got angry..." He said, looking up at her.

She nodded and held out a hand with his cell phone in the palm. “I..I called Sora. He's coming...” She said this slowly to see his reaction.

Riku nodded, taking his phone from her. "Alright..." He was quiet for a couple minutes, looking down at his phone before he looked back up, searching her eyes. "Why didn't you tell me Kyle kissed you?" He asked softly.

“I... I was scared of what you would do.” Kairi held her fists closed tightly onto her knees. “I thought, even if I didn't want him to kiss me, you might be angry that he had. I tried to get him off of me, but he kept his mouth on mine holding my face still.” She didn't really care how Riku found out, but she was partially upset that it hadn't been herself.

Riku gazed at her. "I'm not mad at you, Kairi...Kyle on the other hand..." He trailed off.

At that moment, Sora came barreling through the doors of the building, his hair messier and clothes dirtier then ever before. He huffed in deep breaths of air and he clutched his knees, looking up at Riku and Kairi with an almost wild look to him. " Where.... Where's...Where's that fucking Kyle.... and that bastard... Seth...?" He gasped out, a bead of sweat dripping from his forehead.

Riku looked over at Sora and stood up, his eyebrows furrowing. "Sora?" The kid had to be pissed; that was the first time Riku had ever heard Sora say fuck in any form.

Kairi's eyes widened as she looked at Sora. Her first thoughts were: 'That was quick.' Then: 'Oh God he's going to kill them.'

Kairi's thoughts were spoken out loud as Sora opened his mouth after a rather loud gasp and looked around. "I'm going to kill them," He said, his knuckles turning white from clenching his knees so hard. "Where are they?" He stood up, his breath a little bit under control as he spotted the doors to the auditorium. "Are they in there?" He was already making his way tot he doors before anyone could stop him.

Riku ran to Sora and wrapped his arms around him as the boy pulled the auditorium doors open. "Sora! Calm down! Don't do anything rash..." He said softly so no one in the auditorium could hear them, pulling him back so that the doors would close.

Kairi stood in silence, watching. Part of her wanted Sora to do something and the other part was agreeing with Riku.

Kyle stepped out into the lobby after the doors had just barely shut. He looked at Riku holding the new boy. “What's going on out here?” He asked looking from face to face in curiosity.

"Who are you?" Sora barked out, glaring at the newcomer. "Are you Seth?"

Kyle blinked and shook his head. “Nope. Seth is sitting and watching the others. I was coming to get some fresh air.”

"Fuck..." Riku cursed softly, holding Sora closer to him. "Go back inside..." He said, almost pleadingly to Kyle, not mentioning the name in case Sora jumped him and ripped his throat out.

Sora glanced to Riku, eyes blazing as he turned back to the other man."Are you Kyle?" He said, spitting the name out like it was a bad taste in his mouth. He started to pull out of Riku's grip, wanting to hit him even if it wasn't Kyle.

Kyle looked at Riku then to the smaller boy in the other's arms. “What happens if I say 'yes'?” He asked in a cocky tone.

"I'll rip your fucking ugly face off," Sora said, eyes narrowing. He wasn't sure if it was the "Kyle" or not, but he was sure that he didn't like this guy. He pulled against Riku's arms more, nearly growling in his rage.

Riku wrapped his arms tighter around Sora, pulling the other against him roughly. "Go the fuck inside Kyle!" Riku said, eying the other boy. "Sora, calm down!" He said into the other's ear. He lifted Sora off of the ground and spun around setting Sora down again to where the boy couldn't see Kyle.

“What the fuck?! Why the hell should I? That fucking little prick just insulted me!” Kyle growled out, his face turning red with anger.

Kairi noticed Kyle started walking towards Riku and Sora, his hand in a fist. She ran over and pushed against his abdomen to stop him. “No! Just go!”

Sora jerked against Riku's chest, twisting his head back. "You are Kyle, you fucker!" Sora yelled, thrashing about in Riku's arms in an attempt to get free. He wanted to sink his fist into Kyle's stomach, bruise his knuckles on Kyle's face, and grab a hand full of hair to take home as a prize. "Let me go, Riku! That fucking fucker, he--!! I'm gonna kill him!"

"No Sora! Calm the hell down!" He said, his voice a bit angry. He held Sora tighter to him. He turned his head to look at Kyle. "Go -inside-, Kyle!" He said, before turning around and spinning Sora around in his arms. He put a hand to Sora's cheek, forcing the boy to look at him and only him, his other arm still holding Sora tightly to him. "Sora, calm down..."

Kairi continued to hold Kyle in place. “Please! Just go!”

“Hell no! Let the little fucker come at me, I'll kick his ass if that's what he wants.” Kyle grabbed Kairi's wrists pulling her to the side so he could walk passed her, causing her to yelp in pain.

Sora looked up at Riku before jerking violently when he heard Kairi's cry. "Let her go," Sora said almost hoarsely, his voice raw from yelling so much. "You ugly slut!" He struggled even harder against Riku, hating that Riku had stronger arms.

“Slut! Who the fuck are you calling a slut?! You're the one in a three-way relationship!” Kyle had unconsciously tightened his grip on Kairi's wrist making her cry out again.

“L-let go!” Kairi pulled at her wrists. “Let go and go away before he hurts you!”

Riku looked over at Kyle when he heard Kairi's cries of pain, his eyes flashing dangerously. "Don't ever hurt Kairi...I will make you regret that you ever met me..." He said, his voice low and menacing. "Get out of here before I let go of him and come at you myself..." He growled out.

"Let me go, Riku!" Sora said, struggling even more at Kairi's second cry. He was so frustrated tears had welled up in his eyes. Everything was not going right, and all he wanted to do was hit that stupid Kyle once, really hard. "You big meanie-pants!"

Riku glared at Kyle. He didn't know whether or not he should let Sora go. Right about now seeing Kyle punched in the face looked really good, but after he saw the doors to the auditorium open a second time and another figure step out he decided it wasn't a good idea. "Crap..."

Seth walked out and stared at the scene in front of him. "G-guys? What's going on out here?" He asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Who are you?" Sora growled out, twisting his neck around to see who had spoken. His eyes narrowed and he struggled more against Riku. "Are you the Seth bastard?"

Riku held Sora tight to him. "Cut it out, Sora! This won't get us anywhere..." He said. He looked back at Kyle and Seth. "Kyle, let Kairi go NOW!" He growled. If the other didn't do as he said, he'd let Sora go and the older boy would have a black eye in an instant.

Kyle did as Riku said, pushing Kairi's hands away from him. He looked at Seth.

Kairi rubbed her sore wrists and stepped away from the twenty-year-old. She stepped next to Riku and Sora, holding onto Sora to try and calm him down. Murmuring that she was ok, she held tighter onto the frustrated boy in hopes to keep him from doing something drastic.

Seth looked at Kyle, his eyes questioning. "What's going on? Who is that?" He asked, looking at the boy who was glaring at him from over Riku's shoulder.

Riku merely looked over his shoulder and gave them both a look. "Go back inside now!" He said, his voice commanding.

Seth looked between them all, a very confused expression on his face. "Kyle...what's going on? Who is Riku holding on to?" He repeated, his head turning to Kyle, but his eyes staying on Sora.

Kyle looked from face to face, stopping on Seth's. “That's the <i>Sora</i> that we've heard oh so much about.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest and huffing.

Sora had calmed down only a fraction by Kairi's presence, but that wasn't enough to stop Sora from growling at Seth and Kyle. "You fucking thieves!," He yelled, his glare hurting his eyes as he started to struggle against Riku in frustration. He wanted to punch the two men, hit them until they couldn't speak, but Riku was holding him back.

Seth's look grew even more confused and he furrowed his eyebrows at Sora. "Thieves? What are you talking about?" He asked, truly curious.

Riku held tightly onto Sora, not going to let go at all now. "Seth, take Kyle and go back into the auditorium. Please..." He said, turning to look at Seth with a slightly pleading look in his eyes.

Seth gazed at him, but made no move to do as he was told.

Sora struggled harder, grunting in exertion. "Dammit! Come here, You Bastards!," Sora yelled, waving a hand out in front of himself. "Riku won't let me go, so get over here, Fuckers!" His face as red from yelling so much and his breath was coming in short gasps. He was sure he left at least a few bruises on Riku from kicking so much.

Kairi tightened her grasp on Sora. “Sora, stop it! This isn't doing anything!”

Kyle just glared at the confined brat. He refrained himself from talking finally realizing that it wasn't helping the cause. Whatever the cause was. He looked over at Seth and wondered if they should leave or not.

Seth stared at Sora for a moment longer and then looked at Riku who was still looking at him with a pleading look. He reached over and grabbed Kyle's hand. "Let's go..." He said, starting to pull the other back into the auditorium.

"Get back here you cowards!" Sora was screaming now, his frustration boiling over. If this kept up he knew he was going to cry; he could feel the tears building up behind his eyes. "I'm going to kick your asses!"

Kyle allowed himself to be pulled. He waited for just the right moment, when Sora caught sight of him, to flip him off. He then continued into the auditorium with Seth.

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