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In Darkness and In Light

June 24th, 2006

The "last" Rehearsal (Part Two) @ 04:14 pm

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Characters: Kairi, Riku, Sora, Kyle, Seth, The Director, Sora's Mom
Warnings: Foul Language, Seduction, Break-ups
Summary: Finally time for "Frankenfurter" to seduce "Brad", but how does "Janet" feel about that as she watches? A depressed and angered Kairi longs for her other boyfriend, making Riku upset. Then, an ending to one of the worst days the three could ever have together. Will it end well?


Kairi frowned and buried her face against Sora.

Riku heard the door to the auditorium close and he relaxed a bit, keeping his arms around Sora still, just in case his boyfriend decided he would follow them into the auditorium.

“You bastards!” Sora screamed, struggling even more. “Cowards! Get back here!” He struggled more and more but still wasn't able to get any leverage against Riku's strong arms. He pushed and pulled and yelled and twisted, but still he couldn't free himself. “Riku!” He was crying now, he knew he was. The tears that seeped out of his eyes were cool against his anger flushed face. He wanted to rip something apart. No one touched Riku or Kairi and got away with it if he had anything to do with it.

Riku closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Sora tighter in a hug. He could feel Sora shaking softly; whether it was anger or not he wasn't sure. He felt the other's tears soak into the fabric on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Sora..." He whispered into his boyfriend's ear.

Kairi felt tears swell up behind her eyes. Hearing Sora's pained cries and shouts were breaking her inside and out. She somehow tightened her grasp on him. “I'm so sorry, Sora... please don't cry....” Her throat had constricted causing her voice to sound pained.

“Those bastards,” Sora said, his voice hoarse as he wrapped his arms around Riku's neck and stopped his struggling. He relaxed, a sob raking through his body for not being able to do anything.

Riku hugged Sora closer whispering that he was sorry again. He felt bad for making Sora cry like this, but he didn't want to see Sora do what he had been planning to do. He never wanted to see Sora do something like that. He removed one of his arms from around Sora and wrapped it around Kairi, drawing them both closer to him.

Kairi felt tears slide down her face. She held onto Riku's arm and watched Sora try to calm himself. She reached a hand forward and touched the palm of her hand to Sora's cheek, wiping away a few of the tears there. “Sora....”

Sora opened his mouth to offer words of comfort to Kairi but all that came out was another sob. He squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lip as he swallowed spit to try and sooth his throat. His hands clenched Riku's shirt tightly, pulling the material taunt against Riku's back as he tilted his head towards Kairi.

Kairi wiped away a few of her own tears then leaned forward towards Sora. “Please stop crying, Sora...” She kissed his cheek softly offering a comforting smile at him.

Sora opened his eyes to look at Kairi, bitting his lip more. He nodded slightly and took deep breaths to calm himself. He wanted to be strong for Kairi. His hands tightened on Riku's shirt as he leaned forward to rest his forehead against Kairi's.

Riku rubbed Sora's back softly, trying to help him calm down as well. He placed a light kiss on the top of Sora's head before resting his chin in the same spot.

Kairi closed her eyes and sighed gently as Sora's forehead rested against her own. After a bit she looked up at Riku. “What about rehearsal?”

Riku looked down at her and sighed. "Well...we can't exactly skip it..." He said. He doubted that Kyle and Seth would tell the director what happened, so the director would probably be mad if they skipped the rest.

"I don't want it," Sora said, closing his eyes tightly. " I don't want this play to happen at all!" He leaned his head back to look at Kairi and then Riku. "I don't want it."

Riku looked from Kairi to Sora, an apologetic look in his eyes. "I know...but we've already made a commitment..." He said softly.

Kairi nodded in agreement. She looked at Sora. “We're not doing this to make you mad, Sora.” She looked to the ground. “I wouldn't have done this if I'd known that things were going to get like this.” She mumbled barely loud enough for Riku and Sora to hear.

"I know," Sora said, sniffling loudly and bringing one of his hands from the death grip on Riku's shirt to wipe his face. "I'm j-just jealous. Those bastards shouldn't touch you."

"Just don't come see it..." Riku said softly. "We'll just do this and get it over with and pretend it never happened..." He looked from Sora to Kairi.

Kairi nodded again and smiled like it was the easiest plan ever. “But until it's over, Sora, Riku and I have to get back inside...” She said reluctantly.

" No," Sora said, shaking his head. " I don't want you to! Stay with me." He knew he was being selfish, but he couldn't help it. After not seeing Riku or Kairi for a few weeks and then this happening, all he wanted to do was hold them both close and pretend nothing bad had happened.

Riku looked down at Sora and kissed the top of his head softly. "We...I don't..." He wasn't sure if they should go back inside and finish rehearsal or if they should stay with Sora like their boyfriend wanted. He looked at Kairi, wondering what she thought.

Kairi gazed at Sora. She felt Riku watching her for some sort of lead. She smiled and nodded. She took Sora's free hand in both of hers and placed a tender kiss to his knuckles. “I'll stay with you, Sora. You're more important than some stupid play.”

Sora smiled, the tears spilling over his cheeks once more before he could stop himself. "Th-thank you, Kairi," he said, closing his eyes and tightening his grip on Riku's shirt.

Riku wiped Sora's tears away gently and smiled. "C'mon...let's get outta here..." He said, looking to the door. "You're still grounded aren't you?" He asked Sora.

“I forgot about that.” Kairi took hold of Sora's hand, holding onto it tightly. “Didn't your mom want you home as soon as possible?”

"Pro-Probably," Sora said, taking shaky breaths. "Before Dad gets home, for s-sure."

Riku looked between the two of them. "Do...what should we-" He stopped as his cell phone rang in his pocket. He pulled it out and looked at the display name. It was Seth.

Sora glanced at Riku's phone, noticing the name and sending a glare at Riku. He opened his mouth to say what he thought of that, but the words wouldn't come out. There were too many things he wanted to say: Seth didn't have the right to call Riku, don't answer the phone, let me talk, hate, hate, hate. Sora's anger came back full force and he bit his lip so he wouldn't make an outburst for Kairi and Riku's sake. He was being too selfish, he thought.

Kairi looked at Riku. She looked back and forth between the two boys wondering who was calling Riku.

Riku looked at the phone until the last ring and then flipped it open. "Hey..." He said softly, avoiding Sora's gaze. "I..I know...tell him we're not going to stay...you don't have to explain...no...ok...I know...I will...Bye..." He said, closing his phone quickly.

“Who was that, Riku?” Kairi asked after he had hung up.

Riku slipped his phone back into his pocket, now not meeting either of their gazes. "Seth..." He said quietly.

Kairi remembered their earlier argument. She reached up and grabbed Riku gently by the chin gently, forcing him to look at her. Her eyes bore into his. “Tell me the truth. You like Seth, yes or no.” She said sternly.

Riku's eyes became sad and his face became red. He couldn't lie to them, but he knew that they would be so pissed at him. ".....yes..." He said almost inaudibly. His gaze fell to the side and he braced himself for their reactions.

Sora's heart stopped. Or at least it felt that way. "Wh-what?" he said, staring at Riku like the older boy had grown a second nose on his forehead. Sora wasn't breathing.

“Thought so...” Kairi released Riku's chin and looked down amongst the three of them. She didn't know if she was happy or sad. Happy that he had finally told the truth. Sad because Riku liked someone else besides Sora and herself.

Riku removed his arms from around them and turned around, walking a couple steps away from them. He felt terrible. "I...I'm sorry...I..." He trailed off, not sure what to say, knowing that nothing he said would make anything any better.

Sora stared at Riku, unable to say anything or do anything. He felt numb and light headed. He wanted to pull Riku close and say it was alright but at the same time he wanted to hit Riku as hard as he could and scream at the top of his lungs. None of it would happen though. He was sure. Especially since Riku was starting to blur and Sora was seeing the floor coming up for a meet and greet.

“Sora!” Kairi held out her arms and felt herself be pulled down to the ground roughly. She landed on her knees with her hands holding Sora's head on her lap. She began stroking his hair and patting his cheek softly. “Sora.... Sora, wake up!” She began to panic as a new stream of tears formed in her eyes and run down her cheeks.

Riku spun around and rushed over to them. "Sora!" He said, resting his hand on Sora's back. He looked up at Kairi to see the panic in her eyes. He reached up and wiped her tears away. "He's just passed out...it's ok, Kairi..." He said softly. He didn't do anything else, as he figured she was probably angry with him.

“What if he doesn't wake up?” Her voice was shaking and she began rocking back and forth holding Sora to herself. “Please wake up, Sora... Please wake up....” She shut her eyes praying that the fallen boy would hear her and do as she wished.

Riku furrowed his eyebrows and lifted her face to make her look at him. "Kairi...Sora will wake up..." He said softly.

Kairi frowned and jerked her head back from Riku's hand. “How do you know! You're the reason he's like this in the first place! I bet that you liked it when Seth kissed you and that's why you didn't do anything about it. I bet if you two had been alone you would have kissed him back!”

Riku looked at her shocked for a moment before his eyes narrowed in a glare. "How could you say something like that?" Anger shown in his eyes, "I"m sorry that I like him! I thought that you of all people would understand, but obviously I was wrong." He stared at her, near seething in anger. He couldn't believe she was pinning this on him when she was the one who had brought it up in the first place.

“Well you couldn't have just told me before? You went and lied to me, Riku! You lied to me! And! On top of that you went and answered your phone. How could you possibly think that talking to Seth when Sora had just calmed down was going to be any good, huh?!? This is entirely your fault!” Kairi felt more and more tears stream down but her eyes blazed with rage towards her elder boyfriend.

"You know what, Kairi? Maybe I lied to you because I was afraid that this is how you would react. If I had known that you were going to be like this about it, I would have kissed him back. I would have gone farther with him when he kissed me the first time!!" He was almost shaking in anger. "Yes! I've kissed him before! But I stopped him. Do you know why?" He asked, but started again without waiting for a reply, "Because I love you and Sora!! I love you two more than anything in the world! And me liking Seth will never change my feelings for you two. But if you're gonna be such a bitch about this then I guess I was wrong about stopping him the first time!" He said, almost immediately slapping himself mentally for saying what he did.

Kairi stared at him with wide eyes. Her eyes searched through his before she broke down. She didn't care about anything else anymore. She hunched over and hugged Sora crying loudly, harsh hiccups and sobs causing her body to tremble. “Go away, Riku! Go away! Leave us alone!” Her voice was hoarse and she didn't mean it, but she didn't know what else to say to justify her anger and hurt.

Riku gazed at her and took a deep breath to calm himself down. He reached forward and held her tightly to him. "I'm sorry, Kairi..." He said, he held her for a few more seconds and stood up, starting to walk to the door. If Kairi didn't want him there, then he would go. He knew he had gone too far, but he had said what he felt.

“You know.... Riku... I wouldn't have been mad if you had just told me earlier. I'm only mad because you kept it from me.” She slowly raised her head to look a him. Sora's head still lay in her lap, her hands holding onto him protectively. “When I asked you before, I was just going to go 'Alright'. But you insisted that you didn't like him. I know I was crying after he had kissed you. And I admit that I was mad that you hadn't said something to him. But I probably would have let it pass....” She spoke slowly and unsure. Her words almost echoed in the empty lobby.

Riku stopped at the door, his hand on the handle and turned to look at her. "How was I supposed to know that?" He asked, his voice soft, "I didn't want to hurt you. And I know that lying to you hurt you too, but like I said I wasn't sure how you were going to react." He said, his hand not moving from the door handle. "I really am sorry, Kairi. But I like Seth...and that's the truth. But I love you and Sora more than I could ever love anyone. You guys mean everything to me..." He said, his voice becoming softer, but it was still clear as a bell against the silence.

Kairi watched him silently then smile. She laughed lightly. “We really need to say these things in front of Sora. Or better for the situation: when Sora's awake.”

Riku gave a very small smile, his hand still not leaving the handle of the door. "Then we'll tell him when he wakes up..." He said softly. For some reason he felt strange. He was still a bit angry, but at the same time relieved at hearing her laughter. He felt so stressed out, almost to the point where he could just break down.

Kairi noticed his posture and features reaching a breaking point. She smiled and held out a hand for him to come over to her, her eyes never leaving his.

Riku looked at her hand for a second before letting his hand fall from the door handle. He went over and knelt down in front of her, tentatively leaning forward and pressing a light kiss to her lips.

She smiled and kissed back softly before pulling back and looking down at Sora. “What do we do with him? I mean, how do we wake him up?”

Riku looked down at him as well, his fingers brushing over the boy's cheek softly. "I don't know...I think we should probably take him back to his house before he gets in trouble..." He suggested.

“Yeah.” Kairi said and nodded in agreement. “I just hope that his dad isn't home yet.” She rolled Sora onto his back slowly then looked up at Riku with a sheepish grin. “I don't think I can carry Sora....”

Riku smiled at her and looped his arms around Sora, picking him up easily. He cradled the boy against his chest and then smiled down at Kairi. "C'mon...let's get out of here..." He said softly.

Kairi hopped to her feet and nodded. She went ahead and opened the door for Riku.

Riku murmured his thanks to her and walked out the door, making his way back to Sora's house. He wondered if Sora's mother would ask questions. What was he thinking, of course she would ask questions. He just wondered how they were going to explain it to her if Sora wasn't awake by the time they got him home.

"Riku?" Kairi spoke, breaking the silence around them. "What do we tell Sora's mom?" She looked up at him, putting her hands in her skirt pockets and keeping up with his strides, his legs being longer than hers.

Riku gave a shrug. "Just...tell her that...he..." He trailed off, not really having any idea what they would tell her. Hopefully Sora would wake up before then, but the way things were looking that wasn't going to happen.

Kairi listened then looked ahead of herself. "Do you think his mom will buy that he just decided to take a nap and didn't wake up?" She thought aloud and looked at Sora.

Riku gave a small laugh. "No...I don't think she will..." He murmured, looking down at Sora. What could they tell her. They very well couldn't tell her the truth. Well, they could, but he for some reason thought they wouldn't like Sora's mother's reaction to it.

Kairi knocked herself on the head lightly and poked the tip of her tongue out with a smile. "I didn't think so either." She looked over at Sora again and stroked his hair. "But we should think of something if Sora doesn't wake up by the time we get to his house."

Riku nodded. "But...I don't know what to tell her..." He said, looking up at the distant figure of Sora's house that was drawing closer.

Sora groaned, turning his head towards the warm hand as he blinked and squinted his eyes shut to the light. One of his hands came up to block out the light. “Wha...?”

"Sora!" Kairi chirped out and hugged the boy as best as she could without causing him to fall.

Riku gave a small smile. "Glad you're back..." He said softly. He waited until Sora was fully conscious to put him down.

“What's going on?” Sora said as he gained his footing, one hand resting on Riku's arm. “Why are you here?”

Riku kept his arm around Sora's waist, looking at him a bit concerned. "Do you...not remember anything that happened?" He asked, wondering if he should even bring it up.

“What?” Sora said, rubbing his eyes.

Kairi looked up at Riku then back to Sora. "Let's just get you home before your dad gets home." She smiled sweetly and took hold of Sora's hand. She looked up at Riku and gave a slight nod toward Sora's house to get them to start walking.

Riku looked at Kairi and then at Sora and then back to the ground. He wasn't exactly sure what Sora would do if he remembered. Or if he had to tell the boy again. He started walking towards Sora's house, lost in his thoughts of what would happen.

“What's going on guys?” Sora said, twisting his head to look at Kairi and then Riku. When he looked back to Kairi he started to remember what had happened and he turned his gaze to Riku, wide, confused eyes looking into Riku's. “....You like Seth?”

Riku looked away from Sora's eyes. He was hoping he wouldn't remember. "...yeah..." He said softly.

Kairi watched the both of them before tugging on Sora's hand. "C'mon, Sora. You need to get home before you get in trouble." She walked a couple steps until their arms were nearly at their full lengths before turning and looking at them again. "We'll discuss this some other time, alright?" She asked quietly, almost enough to be a whisper.

Sora looked at Riku a few more seconds before turning his head away and moving away form Riku all together. He held Kairi's hand tightly, feeling hurt and betrayed, but he didn't say anything other than a small, “Yeah.”

Riku was quiet for a couple of seconds, not moving. "Guys...wait..." He said, looking down at the ground.

Kairi stopped and turned to face Riku with a questioning look, keeping her hold on Sora's hand.

Sora stopped, not wanting to turn around. He tightened his hold on Kairi's hand and took in a shaky breath as he turned to look over his shoulder.

Riku was quiet for a couple more seconds before looking up at both of them. "I...I think it would just be best if it was you two...I'm the one who causes all of the problems between us and...I don't want to be the reason that you guys are unhappy...so...from now on...it's just you two..." He said softly, looking back down at the side walk. "Bye, guys..." He said regretfully, and turned around, disappearing down the street.

Kairi looked out at the now empty street that Riku had run down. She looked at Sora with wide eyes. "S..Sora..."

Sora looked at Kairi after watching Riku's retreating back. He was too shocked to do much of anything, his mouth slightly agape and his heart frozen in his chest painfully.

"S..Sora..." She yanked on his hand to follow her as she began in the direction that Riku had gone. "C'mon! We have to go get him." She began panicking as she forcefully pulled Sora along behind her.

Sora stumbled behind her but soon gained his footing, confusion swirling inside his head.

Kairi stopped abruptly in the middle of an intersection. She turned her head to each pathway, tears flying from her cheeks. "Where'd he go...." She looked back to Sora. "Sora, where'd he go?" She sounded like a lost child. She didn't know that Riku would ever do something like this. The three of them seemed like they were meant for each other, no matter how bizarre people thought the relationship was. It was supposed to always be the three of them.

When they stopped at the intersection and Kairi's words entered his ears, the realization of what Riku had did sank in. He clenched his teeth together, his face scrunching up in anger as tears prickled at his eyes. He squeezed Kairi's hand and looked around, his first thought of Paopu Island. With a cry of “Riku, you bastard!” Sora started for the docks, pulling Kairi with him. Her hand was what kept Sora from finding the nearest hard thing and smashing his fist into it.

Kairi was the one to stumble after the other now. She was having a hard time keeping up with Sora and keeping her footing. She winced lightly as the pressure on her hand increased. "S..Sora..." She whined not really knowing if it was from the pain or the situation.

Sora gritted his teeth more as he looked back at Kairi. He loosened his grip and nearly tripped from not watching where he was going. The tears were steaming down his cheeks now and he pulled Kairi to him. “Get.... Get on my back,” he said, bending now and shaking from the onslaught of emotions.

Kairi looked down at him and nodded, doing as she was told. She held tight onto him.

With Kairi secured to his back, Sora stood and started for the docks again. He blinked hard to get the tears out of his eyesight only to have them replaced by more. Riku's boat was missing from the docks and Sora knew his assumption was correct. He lowered Kairi on to the ground before lifting her up and placing her into his boat. Five minutes later they were on Play Island, Sora pulling the boat onto the shore instead of taking the time to dock it. The row over had calmed him only slightly and seeing Riku on Paopu Island was able to replace the anger and hurt. He Rubbed roughly at his eyes and took Kairi's hand.

Kairi squeezed Sora's hand and kept up with him as they crossed the bridge to Paopu Island. Riku was sitting on the bent tree trunk staring out into the ocean. She looked at Sora then back to Riku. "R..Riku...." She forced herself to speak up through her clenched throat.

Riku was brought out of his thoughts at the sound and he turned to look at them. Silent tears made their way down his cheeks, but he made no move to wipe them away. With a deep breath he looked down at the trunk of the paopu tree. "What?" He asked softly.

Sora clenched his teeth together tighter, biting the inside of his lip and making it bleed. He didn't say anything, knowing that if he did he would regret it. He needed to calm down a little.

Kairi looked at Riku wanting to move closer to comfort him but was afraid of leaving Sora's side. "Why?"

"Exactly why I said..." Riku said softly, "I cause the problems. Everything is my fault. I want you two to be happy. You two are perfect for each other, and I'm just in the way." He said, turning back around and looking out at the ocean. Although he was crying, his voice held strong. He felt more tears form in his eyes, blurring his vision, and he blinked causing them to fall to his cheeks. It was all true.

“You selfish prick!” Sora yelled, unable to hold back the outburst. Some blood and saliva flew out of his mouth when he yelled. He opened his mouth to say more but too many things tried to come out at once and he just gave a frustrated scream and ran his hands through his hair, pulling out a small chunk.

Riku turned back around staring at Sora incredulously. "I'm selfish? I'm doing this for you if you haven't been paying attention..." He said, trying to control the sudden anger that welled up inside him. He slid off of the trunk of the tree and moved so that he was facing Sora.

Kairi froze. Were they going to fight? She tightened her hold on Sora's hand and pulled him a bit closer to her. She wanted to say something but didn't want either of them mad at her and both of them leaving her. She didn't want to be alone or with just one of them.

“You're doing it for your own self satisfaction!” Sora said, taking a step towards Riku. “You didn't even think about how we would feel, Bastard.”

Riku furrowed his eyebrows angrily. "You think I'm <i>happy</i> about this?! Do you think I'm getting some kind of joy from feeling my heart ripped into a thousand pieces? If that's what you think, then maybe you don't know me as well as you thought you did, huh, Sora?" He said, his voice rising in volume as he spoke. His fists clenched at his sides and he glared at Sora.

“Do you think we don't feel the same way?! Someone we love just up and leaving like this?” Sora said, letting go of Kairi's hand so he couldn't hurt her from clenching his fist. “We fucking love you, Riku. And if you can't see something like that then maybe you leave is for the better!” His nails cut into his skin and he was sure he was going to chip a tooth at how hard he was gritting his teeth.

Kairi gasped and held her hands over her mouth. She shook her head and tried speaking against Sora's last comment but found that she couldn't. She felt more tears slide down her face as she felt her throat constrict more making it too hard to breath.

Riku's eyes flashed dangerously, and he almost growled. "You of all people should know that I love you both more than anything in the world. All I want is for you two to be happy, and it's obvious right now that I'm the one causing the problems." He looked to the bridge just behind Sora. He had to get out of here before he either got very angry or broke down. With an angry huff he started to the bridge and past Sora.

“Where do you think you're going!” Sora said as he reached forward and took hold of Riku's wrist. “We're not done!”

Riku stopped and pulled his wrist from Sora's grip. "Yes. We are done. All of this. It's done. It's for the best. You both will forget about me, and you will go on with your lives. You two will be happy. It's for the best." He said, by the end sounding almost like he was trying to convince himself. He turned and started to walk away again.

Kairi turned around and watched Riku. "Riku, stop!" She held one hand at her side and barely reached out with the other one thinking that if she held it out long enough he could come back.

Sora gritted his teeth, taking a look at Kairi before running after Riku and grabbing his shoulder. He pulled Riku to a stop and spun the other around, opening his mouth to say something, anything to Riku. “Riku,” was all that he could get past his lips.

Riku spun around, looking down into Sora's eyes. "It's for the best...You two belong together." He said, his tone firm, not allowing room for argument.

"You're a jerk, Riku!" Kairi couldn't take it anymore. If that's how he wanted it then fine. She stormed passed the two and stopped just before entering the little hut. "You are selfish and it probably is for the best." She said using both of their words. Her face took on a look of pain and she spun around going into the hut to make her way to the boats not remembering that Sora had to accompany her.

Sora watched Kairi go before rounding on Riku with a dirty glare. “Look what happened!” he said as his grip tightened on Riku's wrist. “This is getting all out of whack because of your words!”

Riku watched Kairi go and then turned back to Sora. "You know what? You're really starting to piss me off Sora..." He growled, trying to yank his wrist out of Sora's grasp.

“You're pissing <i>me</i> off!” Sora said and threw Riku's wrist towards him as he shoved Riku.

"What are you gonna do about it, Sora?" He looked down at the boy's clenched fist and then back up to Sora's eyes almost challengingly. "Hit me?"

“Maybe I am,” Sora said, his whole body shaking in rage.

Riku took a step closer, his own fists clenching. "Then do it..." He said softly, his eyes flashing.

Sora unclenched his fist for a second before clenching them tighter and taking a step forward. He threw his fist hard towards Riku's face.

Without flinching, Riku reached up and caught Sora's fist in his own. He squeezed the fist tightly as he spoke. "You thought you could actually hit me? I'm stronger than you'll ever be. You don't and never will stand a chance against me. You know what I can do to people when I'm angry, so I have a few words of advice for you, Sora..." He leaned down close to Sora's face, squeezing the fist tighter. "Don't mess with me..." He said in a low menacing growl. He pushed Sora away from him and let go of his fist, turning around and starting to walk away again. He had never been so angry at Sora before in his life.

Sora gritted his teeth more, a groaning scream leaving his mouth as he ran forward and jumped on Riku's back. “I'm not as weak as you think!” he said as he knocked Riku down.

Riku managed to twist around under Sora and glared up at him. "You are weak, Sora. You can't even land one measly punch!" He growled.

“Shut up!” Sora yelled, his arms moving back then down on punch Riku in the face.

Riku caught one fist and then the other, pushing Sora back and sitting up as he did so. "See...you're weak." He said softly, a sneer on his face.

“No I'm not!” Sora said, his lip bleeding where he bit it as he fell back. He leaped at Riku, his arms flying around in a reckless manner.

Riku grabbed Sora's wrists and pushed him back further, pinning him down roughly to the sand. Despite his anger he felt tears well up in his eyes. "What do you want from me, Sora?" He asked angrily, glaring down at the boy beneath him. He tried to will his tears away, but they wouldn't stop and he didn't know why. His eyes still held fierce anger.

Sora thrashed about, bringing his knee up to jab into Riku's stomach. “I want you! Me and Kairi together! We want you, Stupid!” He said, his own angry and frustrated tears leaking from his eyes.

Riku moved so that he was straddling Sora so the other couldn't move anymore. "Why am I the only one that can see that everything is my fault?! Everything! Drew, Seth, everything!" He said angrily, unable to keep his voice from shaking as his tears fell, dropping to Sora's shirt and soaking in. He lowered his head, his bangs falling in front of his eyes. He closed his eyes, trying to get the tears to stop, but failing. His grip on Sora's wrists loosened only slightly.

“It's only your fault if you say it is!” Sora yelled, retching his hand from Riku's loosened grasp and hitting Riku across the face.

Riku made a noise of surprised pain and looked at Sora. "It is my fault..." He said softly. He was so sure in his mind that it was his fault. How could it be anyone else's. He was the one who had brought Drew into their lives. If he hadn't have joined up on the soccer team, none of this ever would have happened. If he hadn't have suggested trying out for the play, he never would have met Seth. It really was all his fault. He mentally beat himself for being so stupid. He wanted Sora to punch him again. He felt he deserved it. His tears fell freely now and he let go of Sora's other wrist, his hands moving to bury themselves in the sand instead. He had never felt so terrible in his life.

“God, Riku,” Sora said, his arms shaking as he reached up and wiped away Riku's tears before pulling him down in a hug. All the anger Sora had left with his punch. Riku's check was sure to bruise, but Sora wasn't concerned with that. “It's not your fault, you idiot.”

Riku hugged Sora, trying to keep his tears a bay. "How is it not?" He asked softly. He truly couldn't see how it wasn't.

Sora held Riku tightly against him, rubbing his back and running one hand through his hair. “You didn't make Drew do what he did, is doing. You can't help feeling attracted to other people. It's not your fault,” Sora said, feeling his words were not going to help much.

"But none of this would have happened if I had never met them..." Riku said shakily, partly in anger at himself, partly because of the sob that was threatening to break through his frame.

“You don't know that,” Sora said, squeezing Riku closer to him and placing soft kisses on Riku's head. “Bad things happen all the time, if it wasn't Drew or Seth, it might be someone else.”

Riku didn't say anything to that. He just buried his face into Sora's neck, placing a soft kiss on the skin. After a few seconds he whispered, "I'm so sorry...I love you so much..."

“I love you too, Riku,” Sora said, his hand petting Riku's' head softly. “Both Kairi and I love you so bad it hurts.”

Riku gave a small smile, his tears still gathering in his eyes and rolling down his cheeks. He felt like such an emotional wreck. He almost never got like this, and definitely not in front of Sora. He took a deep breath and willed his tears to stop. He pulled away from Sora, just enough to look into his eyes.

Sora smiled weakly, his attempt at reassuring Riku spoiled only by his own tears on his face. “Sorry I hit you,” he said after a while. “I needed to hit you.”

Riku shook his head lightly. "I needed to be hit...probably more than just that one time..." He said softly.

“It's going to leave a bruise,” Sora said, moving one hand from Riku's hair to run across his tear stained cheek.

Riku winced almost unnoticeable. "It's ok...it'll fade in a couple days..."

“I'm not that weak, huh?” Sora said softly, his fingers trailing along Riku's jaw.

Riku gave a small smile that faded almost instantly. "You were never weak...I was just angry when I said that..." He replied, leaning into the touch on his jaw a bit.

“I know,” Sora said, moving his hand around Riku's neck to pull him down for a quick kiss.

Riku kissed him back softly, feeling himself relax against Sora's lips. He wished this whole thing had never happened. He wished that it all had just been a dream. When he pulled away from Sora, he rested his forehead against the other's boy's, his eyes closed. "Kairi...she's probably home by now..." he said, remembering her face as she stormed off. Another wave of guilt washed over him.

“We should go talk to her,” Sora said softly. “We need to comfort her and apologize.”

"Yeah..." Riku said, sitting up and moving off of Sora.

Sora stood up, holding a hand down to Riku as he looked over towards the docks. “The boats are still there,” he said, looking back to Riku. “So she might still be here.”

Riku took his hand and stood. "Yeah...but where is she?" He asked, looking around.

“I don't know,” Sora said, squeezing Riku's hand tightly. “We should go look for her. It's not that big of an island.”

Riku nodded. "Let's start with the secret place..." He said, tugging Sora lightly in the direction of the cave.

Sora nodded and they made their way to the cave. Inside, the overgrown vines, dripping water and the dark made Sora shiver. It had been so long since he was here last, it seemed like a completely different place from what he remembered. “I don't think she'll be here,” Sora whispered, afraid to disturb the silence inside the cave.

"Why?" Riku asked, looking at Sora as they walked down the narrow path that led to the actual cavern.

“It's just a feeling,” Sora said.

They stepped into the opening of the cave and Riku looked around. "You were right...where next?" He asked, his eyes lingering on the different drawings that they had done when they were kids.

Sora shrugged and they continued to search. They looked everywhere for her, with no sign of her whereabouts. Sora was starting to worry as they finished their second circle of the island. “Do you think she got a ride from someone?” he said, knowing that there probably hadn't even been anyone else to come to the island. “Maybe we should go to her house and see if she's home?” Sora squeezed Riku's hand.

Riku nodded. "Let's go...we'll look everywhere for her..." He said, pulling Sora to the docks where their boats were.

“My boat's over there,” Sora said, pointing to the sandy beach. He hopped down to the sand and ran over to his boat, ready to just jump in when he saw a familiar figure lying inside. “Kairi! Hey Riku! She's over here!”

Riku looked over at him and sighed in relief. "Thank god..." He murmured, moving over to the boat.

Sora leaned over the edge of the tiny boat, reaching forward to gently nudge Kairi. “Hey, Kairi?” He said, wiping the hair out of her face. She looked so cute sleeping there that he wanted to leave her like that, but instead he leaned over more and kissed her cheek. “Kairi.”

Kairi smiled at the feeling on her cheek. She shifted her body slightly into a more comfortable position on her side. Her eyelashes fluttered open slowly and she stared up at the two blurry figures hovering above her. Squinting her eyes, she made out Sora's face and the approaching figure of Riku. She yawned. "Nnn..." She sat up slowly looking back and forth from them with only one question on her mind. <i>Are we still broken up?</i>

Riku stood sort of behind Sora, still unsure of what exactly Kairi was feeling and whether or not he was even wanted there at all.

“Sleep well, Kairi?” Sora said, moving slightly to the side to let Kairi have a view of Riku. He reached forward and moved a piece of misplaced hair form her eyes.

Kairi's eyes widened at the forming bruise on Riku's cheek. She let out a small gasp and looked at Sora. "You guys fought?"

Riku looked from Kairi to Sora and then down to the sand. "Yeah..." He said softly. His cheek didn't hurt at all, and he was glad it wasn't swelling, but he could still feel Sora's fist connecting with his face.

Sora blushed, looking down at his hands in shame as he stood up straight. “I'm sorry, Kairi....” He said.

"But you guys made up.... right? Please tell me you guys made up...." She got to her knees and held onto Sora's arm continuing to look between the two boys.

Sora turned his head away, looking down at the sad quietly. He looked at Kairi quickly before looking back to the ground. “No,” He said, his tone serious.

Kairi's eyes widened as she watched Sora. She looked over to Riku feeling the tears well up again, threatening to fall from her eyes. "But...." She wanted to go over to Riku and look at the mark on his face, but if he had broken up with her and Sora then maybe he didn't want them around him at all. She sunk down into a sitting position casting her eyes downwards around Sora's feet.

Sora shifted on his feet, turning around to give Riku a steady, level gaze. “Or did we, Riku?” He said and crossed his arms loosely over his chest.

Riku looked at Sora for a second and then to Kairi. He was quiet for a few seconds, the only sound being that of the waves washing against the shore. A small smile crossed his lips. "We did..." He said softly.

Kairi's mind froze at the statement. She slowly looked up at Riku. She bolted to her feet and held her hands tightly together in front of herself. She looked from Riku to Sora and back again. She hid her face in her hands and made a strangled noise as she felt the tears slide down her face.

“Ka-Kairi?” Sora said, taking a slow step towards the girl.

Riku took a step forward as well. "What's wrong?"

Kairi took her hands from her face and hopped against Sora hugging him tight. She let her tears fall. "I'm happy. I don't want us to be apart." She was smiling despite her tear stained face. Her eyes were shining with mirth that they were still together. She looked at Riku and held out a hand.

Riku looked at the hand for a second before reaching out and taking it into his own with a small smile. He wrapped his arms around both of them and kissed Kairi on the forehead softly.

Kairi smiled and tightened her hold on Sora, resting her head on his shoulder. She looked at Riku sternly. "Don't you ever do that again."

“Ever,” Sora added, turning his head to look up at Riku with a deep frown. “Or I'll do more than that bruise.”

Riku's mind automatically told him "This is all your fault...". His sadness flashed through his eyes. "I'm sorry, guys..."

"It's alright." Kairi smiled up at Riku.

Sora frowned deeper, his yes brows furrowing. “Don't guilt yourself, Riku,” Sora said. “You won't like the outcomes...”

Riku looked at Sora, about to say "But it's my fault" but stopping himself before he did. He opted to just not say anything, just hugging them both closer. He still felt guilty, no matter what Sora said.

Kairi sighed in contentment, leaning against Sora more. She then noticed that she couldn't see as well as before. Looking out into the sky she pulled back from Sora. "We have to get you home!"

“Get me home?” Sora said slowly and remembered that he was still grounded. “Crap.” He was going to get in deep trouble now.

"I'll explain to your mother, Sora..." Riku said.

“It's not my mother you have to worry about,” Sora said, looking up at Riku. “She let me go in the first place.”

"Then to your father..." Riku said, looking down at Sora.

"We might still have time if you guys stop talking." Kairi disengaged herself from them and pointed to Riku's boat for the older boy to get in.

Riku nodded and let go of them both, moving to his boat. "Alright..." He said as he got in and untied it from the dock.

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