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In Darkness and In Light

July 17th, 2006

Log: Riku, Roxas; part 3 @ 10:29 am

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Characters: Riku, Roxas
Warnings: mention of rape, violence, overly long
Summary: Worried about Riku Roxas travels to Destiny Island and gets involved into the trouble with Drew.

"Hm~...and what are we going to do about that?" Roxas chuckled softly, letting go with one hand to poke the other's reddening cheek. "Charming. Is that going to become a permanent feature?"
Riku blushed more, sending Roxas a mock glare. "No it's not..." He let his arms fall from around Roxas.
The blond laughed, stepping away from Riku and bouncing up the few stairs to the restaurant. He turned back to the other as he reached the door, hand already grasping the handle. "Not very convincing, Ri~ku."
Riku pouted to him and followed him up to the door. "Be quiet..." He muttered, poking the other in the side, a small grin pushing the pout away.
Roxas chuckled, poking right back. "Where's the fun in that?, he said before pushing the door open and dancing out of reach into the restaurant.
Riku laughed lightly and shook his head, following Roxas into the restaurant. He grabbed the other's hand and led him to the table that he and Sora always sat at. He glanced out the window before sitting down. "Damn...this is heavier than it was earlier..." He said, furrowing his eyebrows a bit. He hoped it wasn't going to be this bad by the time they finished eating.
Roxas slipped onto the seat opposite of Riku, mirroring the boy's expression as he looked outside. "True..." He could only see a few feet, everything after was hidden behind a silver veil of rain. "One could probably shower out there..."
Riku laughed. "Prolly..." A waiter came up and smiled politely. "What can I get you two for drinks?" He asked. Riku smiled up at him, "Water..."
Roxas turned his attention away from the window. "For me too, please," he added politely.
"All right, I'll be back out with those in a second." He handed them some menus and went off to get the drinks. Riku set his menu down in front of himself, already knowing what to order.
Roxas picked up the menu and flicked through it. He was chewing on his bottom lip in contemplation, unsure on what to get. Quite a few things sounded good. "I don't know what to get, could you recommend me something?"
Riku grinned at Roxas. "I always get a hamburger..."
Roxas chuckles, mischievous blue eyes looking at Riku over the edge of the menu. "With all the junk food you eat it's a wonder you aren't flabby."
Riku smirked at him. "Hamburgers are good for you! It's meat! It has lettuce and stuff on it too!"
"And it makes you fat." Roxas concluded, the grin evident in his voice as he flipped to the next page. "Soon you wont be able to wear your belly bearing shirts anymore, Riku, and I will point, laugh and tell you 'I told you so'."
Riku laughed lightly. "I'll never get fat! Believe me...with my metabolism, becoming fat isn't even an option of mine..."
"Sure~," Roxas kept teasing lightly as he set the menu down, hands folding on the table next to it. "But don't worry, I am sure we will all love you even when you turn ...cuddly."
Riku laughed. "Cuddly? I'm not cuddly now?" He asked with a cute almost innocent expression.
Roxas snickered, shaking his head lightly at the other's expression. It was just...wrong on Riku's face, cute and innocent did not fit the normally cool youth. "Aww, you sure are. But you know what I meant."
Riku laughed again. "Like I said...I'll never be -that- kind of cuddly."
Roxas just nodded, still smiling. "If you say so."
The waiter came back with their drinks and set them down on the table. "Are you ready to order?" He asked. Riku looked at Roxas.
Roxas nodded, his gaze turning onto the waiter, the small grin from Riku's and his former conversation still left on his lips. "Yes. I would like salad with tuna, please."
The waiter nodded and wrote it down quickly, turning to Riku. Riku smiled, "I'll have a hamburger done medium well..." The waiter nodded again, writing down the second order. "Ok! My name is Bryan if you need anything, and I'll be out soon with your food..." He said, smiling at the two before walking off.
Roxas watched the waiter go for a moment, before turning back to Riku. "You know him?"
"I've seen him around he when I come in...He's never waited my table before though." He said, taking a drink of his water.
"Mhm..." Roxas nodded and reached for his glass too, but did not drink from it. Instead he ran his fingers along the side, catching the dewdrops of condensation on them.
Riku looked out the window at the curtain of rain. A comfortable silence settled between them.
Their lunch passed in the same comfortable silence, only occasionally broken by light hearted banter and teasing, but overall calm. Stuffed full and bill taken care off Roxas sunk back into his seat with a satisfied sigh. "That was good."
Riku nodded in agreement, downing the last of his water. "Still got room for ice-cream?" He asked.
The blond chuckled. "There is always room for some salty sweetness."
Riku's mind decided to be mean and took it wrong. With a bright blush Riku smiled, knowing what Roxas meant in actuality. "Yup! Ready to go to the cafe? Or we can just go to the store and get some to bring home..." He said, standing up.
Roxas looked outside where it was still raining heavily. "We would be soaked until we got to the café...Let's drop by the store and go home afterwards. We might not get wet down to our underwear that way."
Riku laughed and nodded. "Alright..." He offered Roxas his hand to help him up.
Roxas took Riku's hand with a smile, easily getting to his feet. He dusted himself off with his free hand with a contended little hum. "'side, I think I would rather suck on a popsicle than just lick the cream today anyway. Has been some time since I got my hands on one..."
Riku laughed and nodded, leading Roxas out of the restaurant and out under the covering outside. He held the umbrella out in front of them and pressed the release button, the protective dome folding out. He smiled and put the umbrella over both of their heads. "We'll prolly still get a bit wet...but...we can change when we get back..."
Hm, we will live hopefully." Roxas stepped close to the other, trying to keep near to his side so that they would be able to share as much of the umbrella as possible. "So..." He looked around, not seeing much but sleets of rain. "...which direction was the store again?"
Riku smiled. "It's back over this way. Luckily it's on the way back home, so..." He said, starting to walk in the direction of home.
Roxas walked along side him, not even trying to keep from walking into puddles, it would have been useless anyway, and so he stepped right through them, splashing merrily through the water. Riku had been right, the umbrella didn't save them from becoming at least a bit wet, gusts of wind blowing rain into their faces and it was only a matter of time until Roxas' thin shirt was soaked through.
Riku looked up at the umbrella, and down at his own soaked shirt. "What is the point of this thing...we might as well not be using it at all..."
"Hm...good question." The blond tugged at his shirt, the white fabric sticking uncomfortably to his skin. "Maybe for keeping up appearance?"
Riku chuckled lightly. "At this rate, we're gonna have to change anyway...should I just put it away?"
"No...it's offering at least a bit of shelter. And it isn't so far after all." Roxas looked up, blue eyes innocent and batted his lashes. "Or don't you want to share an umbrella with me, Riku?"
Riku looked down at him and chuckled. "Of course I want to share an umbrella with you, Roxas! You know I love you!"
His voice was amused and playfully sarcastic.
"Good," the boy huffed, turning up his nose and prancing on, the effect utterly ruined by his wet clothes and hair that was starting to frizz, just as he had feared. "Or I might have been forced to take drastic measures."
Riku smirked. "Drastic measures? Like how?"
Roxas smirked right back. "Find a different use for that useless umbrella for example."
Riku furrowed his eyebrows. What did the other mean by that? "A different use?"
The blond looked at the other in disbelief, before bursting out into laughter. In an rather useless attempt to stifle it he presses a hand to his mouth, which only results in undignified snickers and flushing cheeks as he grows short of breath.
"I don't get it!" Riku said with a small laugh, shrugging his shoulder a bit. "What did you mean? I'm slow today! C'mon! Humour me!"
"Oh, I am sure you know what to do with umbrellas and people that annoy you, Riku." Roxas smirked, eyebrows raised. "Don't tell me you never met someone were you didn't want to shove them the umbrella where the sun wont shine and slo~owly push the button."
Riku was quiet for a couple of seconds. "I have...but I've never had the urge to do that....wait...You woulda done that to me?!" He asked in disbelief.
Riku rolled his eyes and shook his head, a grin on his lips. "So harsh..."
Roxas shrugged easily. "Love hurts and more often than not can be a major pain in the ass." He grinned innocently. "Especially for guys like us."
Riku laughed. "Yes...most definitely..." The vague outline of the store came into view between the tick sheets of rain.
Roxas too caught sight of the store. He frowned, looking at the distance and the sky with calculating eyes. "Should we run?"
Riku shrugged. "Maybe...we'll just get wet both ways..." He said with a chuckle.
"M-hm." Roxas nodded and looked up at Riku with a faint smile. "But no bets this time." Fish guts once a day was really enough.
Riku laughed and nodded. "Alright! Let's go!" He said, starting to run to the door.
Roxas ran as fast as his feet could carry him, still, by the time he reached the shop he was soaked through, water logged clothes hanging off his frame and hair sticking wetly to his face. Wet rat might have been an accurate description for his appearance.
Riku was quite similar in appearance. His black shirt clung tightly to his body and his pants were completely soaked front and back because his shoes had kicked up water while he ran. "I guess we will be changing and doing the whole hot shower/blanket thing after all..." He commented with a small smile. He opened the door to the shop and was met with a blast of air. The air felt cold to him and made him shiver.
Warping his arms around himself, Goosebumps rising on his skin from the cool breeze of the air condition, Roxas followed the other boy into the store. "Looks like it." Sullenly he added:" I hate the weather."
RIku grinned back at him. "C'mon! It's not that bad! It could be much worse! We could be in the middle of a hurricane!" He said, moving to the section of the store that held the ice-cream.
Roxas trotted after him, a small trail of puddles marking their way. "Don't jinx it..."
Riku laughed and pulled out his cell phone, punching a couple things in before speaking. "We won't have a hurricane...the barometric pressure is too high..." He said, looking at the weather information he had just downloaded.
The blond gave the other boy a shifty look, but in the end refrained from saying anything more. They had reached the freezer in the back of the shop and getting their ice cream was far more important than going on about the admittedly shitty weather. Shoving the box open Roxas reached down for his precious Sea Salt ice-cream, very nearly diving into the freezer had first to get to the sweet, which just had to be in the farthest corner. "Muu~" He wriggled at the edge, balancing on his toes. "Just a bit more..."
Riku watched the other in amusement, wanting to get it for Roxas, but enjoying watching the other struggle. After a couple seconds, he went beside Roxas and reached for it, easily grabbing four popsicles. "We'll get four just in case we want one later and it's still raining..." He said, smiling at the other and standing up straight.
Roxas straightened up himself, a pout on his face as he looked up at Riku. "Show off. I could have gotten them myself."
Riku smirked a bit. "And I would've already have been married and have had grand children by the time you did..." He said playfully, poking Roxas lightly on the forehead
A glare accompanied the pout now and Roxas batted at the other's finger "So would not."
Riku chuckled lightly and grabbed Roxas' hand. "I was kidding..." He said, starting to lead the boy to the cashier.
Roxas sniffed, nose turning upwards lightly as he was dragged behind the other. "I figured as much...since there is no way that you would be able to knock Sora up."
Riku laughed. "Too true..." He went to an open lane and quickly paid for their ice-cream. "Alright...I'm not even gonna bother with the umbrella this time...we're both soaked as it is..." He said, turning to Roxas and opening the door.
Roxas frowned as Riku paid for the ice cream. "I am going to pay for mine...," he muttered as he stepped up to the other, sighing as he looked outside. Was it only his imagination or had the rain actually gotten worse? "But yes, the umbrella is probably unnecessary by now...let's just hope we don't drown on the way."
Riku chuckled lightly. "No kidding...I think we'll be fine though..." He said, moving back out into the rain, looking up at the sky. He actually really liked walking in the rain. He found it very refreshing. He grinned at Roxas, waiting for him to come out and join him.
Roxas didn't exactly manage to grin back as he stepped out into the torrent of rain. He had no love for it and he silently found himself wishing for his black coat. Certainly, he was not fond of it, very nearly hating it for all it represented, but heck, at least it would have kept him dry. Bangs hanging into his eyes, merrily dripping, and spikes dropping he plodded on down the street past Riku, muttering sullenly all the way. "...yeah...just fine..."
Riku rolled his eyes a bit and walked beside Roxas. "We're almost there..." He said after a while, the complex entrance coming into view.
The blond nodded, arms crossed across his chest and rubbing his skin. He hurried the last few steps and reached the entrance to the apartment building before Riku. He huddled there, waiting for the other boy while he looked out into the storm. "You know...", he said softly. "...it rained like this when Hayner and I were attacked..."
Riku went over to the boy and pulled out his keys. "Really? Where were you guys when yall were attacked? How is Hayner?" He asked, remembering that Roxas has said his friend had been injured.
"I told you...", Roxas said softly. "In Castle Oblivion...in the World that never was." He sighed, running a hand through his tangled and wet hair, worry painting his features. "He says he is fine...but I am still worried. The wound is healing so slowly, he still has the stitches in even though it has been quite some time ago he got injured..."
Riku furrowed his eyebrows. "I don't really remember the world that never was...I only remember Castle Oblivion..." He slipped the keys into the lock and turned it, opening his door and stepping inside. "Maybe heartless wounds heal slower than other wounds..." He suggested, taking his shoes off and pulling his soaking shirt over his head. He shivered at the cold air that hit his body.
"It's were we fought each other..." Roxas did like Riku, toeing his shoes off and tugging at his soaked clothes, no need to drip all over the floor, they were already leaving behind small puddles at the door. "But maybe you are right about injuries healing slower if they are done by Heartless." He managed to get his shirt over his head, hair sticking up at odd angles. "They don't wound normally, just steal the heart and be done with it."
Riku nodded and took his pants off quickly, not really being bothered by Roxas seeing him in his boxers. He gathered his clothes in one arm and held his hand out for Roxas' clothes. "Here, I'll go throw them in the dryer..." He said.
It was a bit awkward for Roxas to just drop his pants like that in front of Riku. Pink cheeked he removed a few items from his pockets before handing his wet clothes to Riku with a mumbled "Thanks", feeling silly standing around in his underwear.
Riku gave him a small smirk and turned to make his way to the laundry room. "If you don't have a change of clothes, there's some in my dresser. Shirts are the top two drawers and pants are the bottom two..." He said, moving into the kitchen and into the laundry room, tossing their clothing into the dryer and turning it on.
"Okay", the blond called after Riku before making his way over to where he had left his bag. Roxas did have a spare shirt with him and after a bit of rummaging he drew the wrinkled garment out of his back bag, together with a towel. He started to rub himself down while he walked to the couch.
Riku went back out to the living room and smiled at Roxas. "Were you in a hurry or something when you packed that?" He asked, starting to make his way to his room to grab a change of clothes and a blanket because he was rather cold. He came out dressed in a white tank top and some lounge pants and went over to the couch, wrapping the large blanket around himself. "Do you want one?" He asked, indicating his blanket, although he really didn't know if he had one.
Roxas peeped out from under towel, which he was vigorously rubbing over his hair. "Sure was. I packed that when I was still talking to you on the phone. He sat down on the couch, bare legs folding under himself and put the towel around his shoulder. His hair was sticking up madly in all directions, blond spikes pointing everywhere. "And I wouldn't mind one of those," he indicated the blanket. "If you have another one."
Riku laughed lightly and nodded. "I don't think I have another one..." He stood up and unfolded the blanket to it's normal size, which was enough to fit three people in. "But we can share this one if you don't mind sharing it with me..." He said, sitting back down on the couch and handing Roxas one end of it.
Roxas was about to nuzzle himself into the soft fabric, but stopped, jumping to his feet instead. "The ice cream!", he blurted out, before hurrying off and picking the four bars up from where they had left them, bringing two into the kitchen to put them into the fridge and returning a moment later with the remaining ones. The blond had already shoved one into his mouth, the frozen sweet dangling from between his lips, and he handed the other to Riku before crawling under the blanket, curling into the fuzzy comforter.
Riku smiled and took the ice-cream from him. "I had forgotten about this stuff..." He said, licking the popsicle and giving a happy smile. He hadn't had a popsicle one before, but it was just as good as the ice-cream. He pulled his end of the blanket tighter around himself and relaxed into the warmth.
"Shame on you," Roxas mumbled while licking at the top of his popsicle, humming happily at the familiar and well liked salty taste that spread on his tongue.
Riku smirked at him and continued to suck happily on his popsicle, enjoying the sounds of the rain against the windows and the thunder that was now rumbling lowly outside. He curled up more in the blanket and smiled happily at the warmth.
Roxas licked absently at the ice cream, his eyes were focused on the window, watching the rain splatter against the pane with an expressionless face. "I hope this will let up by tomorrow...I don't think the ferry is going to cross over to the main land during such a weather."
Riku looked out the window. "Mmm..." He said around his popsicle before he took it out of his mouth. "It should be done by tomorrow...storms here normally only last a day..." He said, before slipping the popsicle back in his mouth.
Roxas nodded. "Hopefully. I can hardly afford to miss school again...never mind miss work."
Riku furrowed his eyebrows. "You've been missing school?" He asked, after taking the popsicle out of his mouth.
Roxas winced. "Ah...I thought you knew. I did mention that I had a lot of work to catch up on..." But not that he had missed a good two weeks of school. "After coming back from my holidays a missed a few days..."
Riku shifted to face him more, a concerned look on his face. "Why? What was wrong?" He asked.
"..nothing..." The blond sighed, gaze fixed onto the slowly melting popsicle in his hands. He looked rather miserable, sullen look, tousled hair and the blanket pulled over slumping, thin shoulders. "I just...looked into a few things. My past, Twilight Town...some things I got told made me wonder and I wanted answers."
Riku tilted his head curiously. "Things like what?" He asked softly. For some reason, the way the boy was sitting made him want to pull him into a hug.
Roxas looked at the other boy, gaze unreadable but serious, the mouth that had smiled so easily all day set in a harsh line. Oh, he had gotten quite a few answers, more so through remembering than actually discovering them, but he had no qualms about sharing what he had found, or rather what he had not found. "There are quite a few things. There are no records of my person that are older than a year and a half...nothing about an accident that might have cost me my family, no birth certificate. Nothing. It seems I just popped into existence in Twilight Town...also, and that's what worries me most... there seems to be nothing but Twilight Town and Destiny Islands here ... the trains go nowhere, no records. Sure there are pictures of other places, but there is no way to get there, and whoever I asked has never been to anywhere else but the close countryside."
Riku gave him a very troubled look. "So...you're saying that you...were just kinda...there...one day you just...showed up?" He asked in a puzzled voice.
Roxas chuckled humourlessly. "Basically." He snapped his fingers. "Just like that."
Riku absently licked the little bead of liquid that was running down his popsicle, the trouble expression never leaving his features. "But....that's not...possible...everyone has to be born...you...you can't just....poof and your there..." He murmured, mostly to himself as he was trying to understand what Roxas had told him.
"Hm, normally..." The ice was dripping on his fingers, but Roxas hardly paid attention to it, too lost in thoughts. "But whatever the case might be, I am here now and I intend to live and enjoy it as good as I can."
Riku gazed at him for a couple seconds, not really understanding the last sentence. "You...your ice-cream is melting..." He said softly, licking his own to stop it from dripping. His gaze fell to the blanket that he had unconsciously gripped in his hand and he tried to figure out what Roxas had meant by "live". The boy was alive right? So why wouldn't he live? He furrowed his eyebrows in contemplation.
"Oh..." he looked down at the melting ice cream in surprise. "I had forgotten all about it." Hastily he licked the beading liquid from the popsicle before carefully moving it to the other hand. His fingers were the next to be cleaned, but instead of going for the near by tissue he raised his hand to his lips and started to daintily lick the trails of molten ice from his fingers.
Riku's eyes flicked up to Roxas about to say shame on you like the other had to him but stopped, his mouth slightly open. He knew the other's actions were innocent and not at all meant to be like how Riku saw them, but he couldn't help but blush.
Roxas sucked the last residue from his fingers, making sure that he got everything of the sticky liquid off before he slipped the digit out from between his lips with a soft pop. He wriggled them in the air, waiting for the them to dry as he turned his attention back onto the popsicle. "Anyway...I am not so much worried about my birth..." He licked the top of the ice cream. "As I am about the lack of other destinations in this world."
"Y-yeah..." Riku murmured absently as he watched the pink tongue lick along the top of the popsicle. He shook his head a bit and looked down at his own popsicle, bringing it distractedly to his mouth.
Roxas looked up from sucking on his popsicle, lowering it so that he could glare at the other boy, a pout starting to work itself onto his face. "Riku, are you even listening?"
"Yeah! S-sorry...I..." Riku replied, his blush darkening as he took a deep inward breath.
Roxas looked at him suspiciously. "Su~ure..." He shook his head softly and turned his attention back to his sweet. Most of the ice cream was gone now, only a thin cone around the stick remained and thoughtlessly Roxas warped his lips around it and slid what remained into his mouth.
Riku made an almost pained face and tried to tear his gaze away from the lips that were unknowingly taunting him. He failed. Gripping the blanket in his hand, he suppressed a sound that was almost like a whimper, muffling it with his own popsicle by sliding it into his mouth. He sucked on it gently, closing his eyes for a second to try to forget what Roxas was doing. After a couple of seconds he opened his eyes again and saw that nothing had changed. Roxas was still sliding the popsicle in and out of his mouth, causing Riku to blush more and slide down into the blanket to where the only thing showing was his silvery hair.
Roxas slid the stick, clean of ice cream out from his mouth with a contend little hum. It stopped short though as he turned to speak to Riku...and found himself confronted with a bundle of blankets and errand silver strands. He blinked, putting the wooden stick aside he shifted forward and crawled the short distance to the other boy. "Riku?" He tugged at the corner of the blanket. "What are you doing?"
Riku felt his face heat up more. "Nothing...are you done with your ice-cream?" He asked in a slightly strained voice, keeping the blanket pulled over himself until he got an answer.
"U-hu." The blond nodded, still perched over the other boy. "...why?"
Riku pulled the blanket off of himself and his eyes widened in surprise when he was face to face with Roxas. He didn't expect the other to be so close. His blush darkened even more if that was humanly possible and he stared up at the other boy. "...it...I...n-no reason..." He managed out, not daring to breathe.
The boy blinked, head tilting to the side as he watched Riku stumble and stutter over his words. "You're dripping everywhere." Roxas interrupted him. He reached out, grasping the older boy's wrist with his hand and tilting it so that he could lick the drops of molten ice-cream, that were about to fall onto the couch, off.
Riku blushed more, his expression one of pained longing. "...R-roxas..." He managed softly as he watched the pink tongue at work.
Roxas let go of the others wrist and sat back onto his haunches, a questioning 'hmm' vibrating in his throat and a small smile on his lips.
Riku gazed at him, feeling short of breath. He didn't even move. Nor speak. He let his hand fall just a bit, the ice-cream still dripping onto his fingers. He knew his face was the colour of a tomato, but even with all his will backing it, he could make it disappear.
Awareness was slowly seeping into Roxas eyes as he gazed at the blushing boy, his own cheeks flushing a faint hue of pink as he realized that he had probably crossed a few lines without really meaning to. He slid away, bringing a bit of distance between them "Oh...sorry." And here he had been the one who had insisted on keeping the flirting down. Stupid!
Riku took a deep breath and sat up, his face still burning. "I-it's ok..." He said softly, his gaze not entirely meeting Roxas'.
"Okay. " Roxas chuckled lightly, snuggling down into the comforter he stretched, toes of one foot poking against Riku's thigh. "Turn about is fair play anyway...it's good to know that I can get you flustered too
Riku sent him a mock glare, effectively ruined by the blush that came back at the feeling on his thigh. "It..." He trailed off, not really sure of what he was going to say.
Roxas laughed softly and poked Riku again, happily ensconced in the blanket. "It what, Ri~ku? It is true?"
Riku pouted, his blush still not disappearing. "N-no..."
Roxas was still amused and instead of jabbing his toes he playfully traced a line along the other's thigh. "Aww, don't pout, Riku."
Riku bit his bottom lip, a small shiver running through his body. "I'm not..." He said, truly trying not to pout.
"You are~" Roxas said in a sing song voice, chuckling softly as now he had stretched out both feet, quite happily leeching warmth off of the other boy...and if he could tease him while doing so all the better. As long as it was obvious it was okay after all. "Keep it up and I am going to believe what they others say about you being cute."
Riku bristled slightly. "I'm not cute..." He said, sounding very much like Sora. Although, with his current appearance, it was hard for that statement to stand firm. He was, after all, blushing, wrapped up in a blanket, and pouting.
Roxas snickered, hiding his smile behind one hand. "You are not very convincing." He lightly poked the other again. "Cutie."
Riku narrowed his eyes, his hands under the blanket slowly moving to the other's feet to tickle them. "I'm not cute..." He repeated, once again not really being able to back his statement.
Roxas drew his feet back with a startled squeal, arms flaying around his legs to tug them closer to his body. He glared at the other over the top of his knees. "Unfair. And you are so cute." he added in afterthought, sticking out his tongue to get the point across.
Riku smirked, and sat up a bit more, leaning forward toward the other boy. "What did we discuss about sticking it out?" He asked slyly.
"Hmm..." Roxas tipped his index finger against his lips in mock thought. "Do it at every chance to show your appreciation?"
Riku raised an eyebrow at him. "And you said you didn't want me to kiss you..." He said, leaning closer to the other, forgetting that he was still blushing from Roxas' previous taunting.
Roxas' eyes grew wide and he leant back as Riku came closer, coming close to lying down onto the couch. "Umm, yeah... I did say that."
"And yet, you keep taunting me..." Riku murmured, leaning down, almost laying down on top of the other boy.
Roxas swallowed dryly as his head touched onto the cushion, eyes darting from Riku's face to the side and back again in nervousness. This was the third time today that he found himself cornered by the other boy and he couldn't exactly say that he was getting used to it. "It's supposed to be fun...," he said in a soft, uncertain voice. "Just teasing..."
Riku gazed at him for a second before smirking and laying down, his head on the other's shoulder. "I'm sleepy...let's take a nap..." He murmured, closing his eyes.
Roxas blinked stupidly, brain not really catching on for a few moments. What the... "Hey!" The blond bristled, glaring down at the top of the silver head, but did not do anything else in an attempt to disengage himself. "I am not a pillow!"
"Mmmm....but you're so comfy..." Riku said softly, snuggling into the boy's shoulder.
The blond scowled, softly poking the others into the ribs. "And you are heavy, I told you to lay off of the burgers," he said, the tone of his voice light and joking.
Riku jerked to the side at the prod and then settled back down on Roxas. "That weight is all muscle..." He said tiredly, his arms wrapping around the boy's midsection.
"Sure..." Roxas sighed softly, his breath stirring the others hair. "I am not going to get you off without playing dirty, aren't I?" He shifted under Riku, settling into a more comfortable position, arms around the taller boy's waist. "Ah, well...," he mumbled. "Just don't drool on me..."
Riku smiled against the other's chest. "Yes sir..." He mumbled. He was quiet for a few more minutes, his eyes closed. He was almost asleep when he decided he would say something more. "Roxas...I can hear your heart beat..." He said, for some reason thinking it was relevant, and then drifting off to sleep.
The blond's eyes snapped open and he looked down upon Riku. He didn‘t know why the other would say something like that...not if he did not know on some level. Roxas felt bitter on some level, even though he had been convincing himself constantly he...."I don't know if it is my heart you hear, Riku," he said softly, not wanting the other to hear. "...or Sora's." This time sleep would not come for Roxas.
Riku leaned against the counter in his kitchen watching Roxas rummage around for things to make dinner with. "Are you sure you don't want me to help?" He asked, watching the blonde open a cabinet, shake his head, and then shut it again.
"No, thanks. I can do it on my own," the blond answered curtly, opening another cabinet which finally contained the spices he had been searching for. He grabbed the curry and salt and returned to the stove where he set both down next to the other stuff he had already decided on.
Riku watched him with a calculating gaze. Something was different. Roxas seemed depressed or something. Well, he definitely wasn't as happy as he had been earlier. "Is something wrong?" He asked, tilting his head to the side and crossing his arms in front of his chest.
The knife came down onto the chicken breast with a whack, neatly cutting through the raw flesh and severing a piece. "No." Whack! "Nothing's wrong..." Whack! Whack!
Riku furrowed his eyebrows. There was definitely something wrong. He went over to stand by Roxas, but far enough away that the blonde couldn't hurl the knife into his chest if he got frustrated. "I don't believe you..." He said softly.
There was a definite frown on Roxas' face as he picked up the pieces of chicken and threw them into the heated pan, the flesh sizzling loudly as it hit the hot metal. "There is nothing wrong. I think last night is just catching up with me."
Riku frowned. "You should've slept then..." He said, "Why didn't you sleep when I slept just a few minutes ago?" He asked. He was really curious about that. He knew the other was tired, so he should've gone to sleep like Riku did.
Roxas shrugged, attention solely fixed onto stirring the their food. "I just couldn't ... beside I think I would have been even more cranky if I did." Curry and honey were added to the flesh, together with a bit of cream, while the salt went into the cooking spiral noodles.
Riku gave an almost frustrated sigh. He wanted to help Roxas get over whatever was bothering him. He could tell it was more than just lack of sleep. "But..." He started, crossing his arms again and gazing steadily at the boy.
"Nothing but." Roxas brandished the cooking spoon he had used to stir in Riku's direction. "You don't have to worry. It's nothing and I am okay." He glowered, which was effectively ruined by his choice of weapon and the simple fact that he was cooking in his underwear.
"You are not ok!" Riku said, ignoring the spoon pointed at him. "I can see it in your eyes..." Riku said, taking a step closer to Roxas.
"So what?" Roxas finally relented, realizing that he wouldn't get anywhere with denial. "I have a lot to think about, more than half of it not entirely pleasant. But I can deal with it." He turned back to his cooking, steering even though it was unnecessary. "It's nothing that you could help me with."
"You won't even let me try to help you? You're helping me with my problems so why the hell can't I help you with yours?" Riku asked, his frustration starting to get the better of him.
Roxas was banging with the pots again, he got the one with the noodles off the stove, pouring the water out. "I appreciate the offer, but like said, it's nothing that you could help me with. I will have to solve those problems on my own when the time comes."
Riku gave another frustrated sigh. He didn't want to leave it just at that, but it seemed that no matter what he said, the other wouldn't confide in him. "Alright...fine..." He said, leaning against the counter again.
Roxas sighed deeply as he pressed a plate piled with food into Riku's hand . Carrying one himself he walked past the other boy and sat down, poking at the curry chicken and noodles with his fork. "It isn't that I don't want to talk about it ...it's just that it would change things too much too fast. Not only between us, but the others too...." He sullenly started to eat.
Riku sat down across from him, his eyebrows furrowed. "The others?" He asked, starting to eat as well.
Roxas gestured vaguely with the fork. "Hayner, Kairi...Sora..." He shrugged. "To some extent it would probably change them too."
Riku made a thoughtful face, eating his food quietly. He wondered what it could be that Roxas couldn't tell him. How would it affect Sora, Kairi, and Hayner?
They continued to eat in silence for some time until Roxas spoke up again. "...it seems the only thing we are doing lately is eating and sleeping..."
Riku looked up at him. "Yeah..." He said. With the rain and stuff there really wasn't all that much they could do. It had lessened to a drizzle and he could see a break in the clouds a ways off.
The blond's face remained fixed on his plate. "Is it really no problem if I stay the night? I would understand if you would rather I sleep somewhere else."
Riku gave him a confused look. "Of course you can stay the night. Why would you think I wouldn't want you to?" He asked, truly curious.
Roxas shrugged softly. "I did basically force my presence onto you and now I ruined the mood by keeping secrets..."
Riku gave a small smile. "Roxas...I'm glad you're here. I never would have been able to work through this on my own and...as far as your secrets go...you'll share them when you're ready and if you ever want to..." He said with a small shrug.
Roxas looked up, a small grateful smile on his lips. "Thank you," he said softly.
Riku smiled a bit bigger. "That's what friends are for..." He explained simply, starting to finish off his food.
The blond laughed, finding his own words turned onto him. "Yeah, that‘s true."
Riku grinned happily, glad the boy was laughing and smiling again. "After this...what do you want to do? You're prolly tired..." He added more to himself.
"Hm, a bit..." Roxas gathered their empty plates, he brought them to the sink and started to wash them off before the curry would dry onto it. "It's not bad though, if you still want to talk, play card, watch TV or something..." He shrugged, washing off the soapy water. "I wont drop death..."
Riku stood and moved to stand beside Roxas. "You don't have to do that you know...I'll do it...you made dinner..." He said.
"It's okay... it was only two plates after all and the pan and pot had already soaked anyway." Compared to the dishes they had used for breakfast the amount was barely worth mentioning and Roxas had already cleaned most of it. Drying was all that was left to do. "And dinner wasn't any work anyway ... ten minutes affair."
Riku gazed at him for a moment before sighing. "Alright..." He looked out the window and then back to Roxas, "Pick something to do..." He said, a grin on his lips.
"Wouldn't it be easier for you to choose?" The blond set the last dish aside and turned, pulling himself up onto the counter to let his legs dangle. "I don't know what there is to do around here."
Riku gave a small huff, but kept his grin. "Let's watch some TV..." He said.
"Alright." The blond grinned. He couldn't afford a TV himself, so the few times he could watch at friends were always appreciated.
Riku waited for the blonde to finish drying before pulling him into the living room. "'M not sure there's anything on right now..." He said, turning on the TV and flipping through the channels.
Roxas bounced onto the couch, grabbing himself one of the throw pillows and part of the blanket again to curl up like a big, content cat. "It's alright, everything is fine with me as long as it isn't the shopping channel."
Riku laughed. "I hate that channel too! My mother watched that..." He said, stopping on a rather interesting program. "Is this ok?" He asked.
The blond nodded, already engrossed in the show, even though he had no idea what was going on exactly. "Sure, works fine for me." He fluffed the pillow under his head. "I don't know how anyone can watch the shop channel...I could never tell what was more fake, the products, their promises or the one presenting them."
Riku gave a small chuckle, relaxing against the back of the couch. "I think they were all about equal..."
"Probably." He rolled onto his back and poked his finger at the thin stripe of skin between his shorts and shirt. "You too can have a six pack of steel And it will only cost you your yearly income!"
Riku laughed and poked Roxas in the same spot the boy had poked himself. "Why don't you throw in your wife and kids while you're at it?" He said.
He swatted half heartily at Riku's hand. "I would...if I had them." Roxas said in a mournful tone. With his stomach temporally saved from foreign, poking fingers he shoved his shirt up a bit, looking down at a flat belly that could hardly be called six pack. "Maybe you could lend me Kairi and your first born? I simple must do something against the fat." He pinched a fold of skin between his fingers, supposedly the 'fat'.
Riku laughed again. "You're frickin skinny..." He commented, poking Roxas again just above his naval.
Roxas made a sound that sounded like a strangled giggle and curled up, arms protectively shielding his middle. He glared balefully at Riku. "No touchie."
Riku smirked and poked between the arms with both of his hands. "Telling me that is like telling a fat kid to not touch the cake..." He said, continuing to poke Roxas.
"Eek~" The blond startled to struggle helplessly, trying to fend of the attack while at the same time fighting to keep his giggles in. It's a losing battle, sprawled on his back as he was and in the end the only way out seemed to be escape. Still clutching onto his middle Roxas made to roll onto his front and crawl away if he had to.
Riku leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Roxas' middle, pulling him back into a sitting position on his lap. With a triumphant laugh he began tickling Roxas relentlessly.
With an undignified squeak Roxas found himself pulled back against Riku and quite helpless against the tickle attack. He did flail, tried to free himself from the other's grasp, the blond's attempts though were rather useless, as he was laughing and giggling, his face flushed as he gasped for air and yelled breathless curses and pleas for mercy.
Riku laughed and placed his chin on Roxas' shoulder, sighing as though he were bored. "You know...I can keep this up aa~aall day..." He said in a carefree tone. A smirk crossed his lips as he continued to tickle the other.
The blond continue to squirm on Riku's lap, wriggling and trying to get away. "Ple~ease!" he managed to gasp out between laughter. " I...I can't ...can't breath.." before dissolving into giggles again.
Riku looked up at the boy. His face was red and his eyes closed while he laughed. His eyebrows furrowed for a second as an image of Sora laughing the exact same way flitted across his mind. His hands stopped moving and his frown disappeared into a slightly evil grin as he looked up at the ruffled boy.
Roxas' laughter died down as the tickling stopped, the boy boneless sitting on the other's lap as he caught his breath again, thee gasps for air still occasionally broken by soft giggles. His cheeks were flushed and tears of laughter clung to his lashes as he opened his eyes, balefully looking at Riku. "That was evil..."
Riku gave a small chuckle, his arms wrapping around Roxas' middle unconsciously. "I know! But it was hella fun for me!" He said, his grin broadening.
Roxas mock pouted and poked a finger against Riku's chest. "I noticed. It was still not nice of you."
Riku shrugged. "You'll get over it..."
The blond crossed his arms in front of his chest, looking very affronted. "What if I don't?"
Riku shrugged again. "Then I guess it's a personal problem..." He said, his arms pulling Roxas closer to him a bit.
The pout grew in dimensions, a glare being added to it for effect. "You are not taking me serious at all, are you?", Roxas said suspiciously.
Riku chuckled lightly. "Well....you're kinda hard to take serious when you've got tears in your eyes and your face is red..." He commented while one of his hands drifted up to wipe said tears of laughter away.
He blinked, Roxas hadn't even been aware of the tears clinging to his lashes, and the red in his cheeks flamed up a bit brighter. " And whose fault is that?"
Riku gave a triumphant smirk as the other's face got redder. "Mine!" He said, his arm snaking back around Roxas' waist.
The blond shook his head softly and sighed. "You are a hopeless case..."
Riku smirked and placed a kiss on Roxas' cheek like it was the most natural thing in the world. To him it was, seeing as how much Roxas reminded him of Sora. "You love me anyway, right?" He said, not even realizing that he had kissed the other.
Roxas blinked, stunned for one moment and flushing the next. He probably would have toppled backwards if it wasn't for Riku's arms around his waist. "Wha- What was that for?!"
"What was what for?" Riku asked, slightly confused.
The blond frowned. "Why did you kiss me on the cheek just now?"
Riku's face automatically lit up in a blush. "I-I did? I...I didn't realize..." His gaze fell from Roxas', "S-sorry..."
Roxas stared at Riku in disbelief. "How can you kiss some one on the cheek without realizing?"
"I-I don't know..." He said. He truly had no idea he had kissed him.
Roxas raised an eyebrow, the blush on his face slowly diminishing. "You are a very strange person..."
Riku looked up at him, a small glare in his eyes. "You are too..." His glare fell and he gave Roxas a calculating look.
Roxas returned the look. "I thought that was clear from the start."
Riku gave a small laugh. "It was..." He was still puzzled. Why had he kissed Roxas? Was it because of Sora? He didn't understand why Roxas reminded him so much of the other boy. Why hadn't he noticed any of this during the previous times he had talked to the boy?
Roxas chuckles trailed of into a yawn, which he hid behind his hand. "Sorry," he said, slightly embarrassed about it.
Riku grinned and looked at the clock on the DVD player. It was fairly late. "It's fine! What do you say we just go to bed...?" He suggested.
The blond nodded as he tiredly rubbed at one eye. "Okay." He had to fight a yawn again. "Are you going to use the bath first or should I?"
"You can...I'm going to go get some reading done for my summer course..." Riku replied with a smile, letting his arms leave the other's waist so they could stand.
"Alright..." Roxas got up from the other's lap and stretched as he shuffled over to where he had left his bag. "Just don't let it get too late, you need your sleep too ... you hardly could have slept long last night."
Riku stood up as well and shrugged. "I slept a bit...I've only got a couple more pages left anyways..." He said, starting to make his way to his bedroom, "Towels are in the right hand cabinet, and you can use whatever you need..." He said, looking over his shoulder with a smile.
"Thanks, I will remember it." Roxas smiled and gave Riku a wave over his shoulder as he entered the bathroom, the door closing just to open again the next moment. A tousled head and suspicious blue eyes peaked from behind the edge of the wood. "And no peeping."
Riku rolled his eyes and grinned. "Keh...like I would want to look at your scrawny little body..." He said in a teasing tone.
Riku smirked, and snapped his fingers. "Damn...you knew I was lying...How did you get to be so perceptive?" He asked sarcastically.
"I am good like that." Roxas seemed thoughtful. "That... or maybe your groping tipped me off?"
Riku's cheeks lit up in a small blush. "I-I didn't grope you..." He said sounding scandalized although he was grinning.
The blond snickered. "So you say~" Still laughing he vanished into the bathroom, the door falling closed behind him.
Riku pursed his lips, scrunching up his nose and huffed in feigned frustration, before grinning again. If he were truly evil he would peek in on the boy. But...he wasn't ready to part with his unmentionables just yet, so he turned and went into his room, sitting down on the bed and starting to read his government text book. For some reason he kept looking up where the camera sat on his wardrobe. He debated whether or not he should turn it on before he went to bed, and with a small shiver decided it was better safe than sorry. He just hoped to god he wouldn't have to turn in a tape to the police tomorrow. With a small sigh, he went back to reading while he waited for Roxas to finish his shower.
Roxas didn't need too long in the bath. A quick shower and cleaning his teeth with the toothbrush he had brought along from home, he couldn't have taken more than fifteen minutes. He was still rubbing his hair with a towel when he knocked on Riku's bedroom door, leaning against the frame. "Bath is free."
Riku looked up from where he was lounging on his bed and smiled, closing the text book. "Alright! Thanks! Are you going to bed now?" He asked, standing up and moving to where the boy stood.
Roxas nodded. "Figured I would if there is nothing else you need me for."
Riku shook his head. "Nope! Go to bed! I'll see you tomorrow morning..." He said, moving past Roxas and towards the bathroom.
"Okay." Roxas walked towards the guest bedroom, waving over his shoulder as he went. "Sleep well, Riku. See ya tomorrow!"
Riku smiled and waved back. "You too!" He moved into the bathroom and shut the door behind him, starting to strip down for his shower.
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