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In Darkness and In Light

July 17th, 2006

Log: Riku, Roxas; part 4 end @ 10:33 am

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Characters: Riku, Roxas
Warnings: mention of rape, violence, overly long
Summary: Worried about Riku Roxas travels to Destiny Island and gets involved into the trouble with Drew.

Riku went over to his wardrobe and turned the camera on and to record just in case. With an uneasy look at the image of the bed on the little screen he went over to his bed and laid down, dimming the lights to a soft glow. Slowly he drifted off into an uneasy and light sleep. He wasn't all that comfortable knowing the camera was pointed directly on him.
With a deep breath he closed his eyes again and tried to go to sleep. It was quiet for a while. About an hour, until he heard a soft sound, almost like a creak. He opened his eyes and looked to the door of his bedroom, which was open. He figured it was just Roxas getting up to get something to drink or something and closed his eyes again. He calmed himself down with a couple of deep breaths and managed to drift off to a very light doze. Then he felt a hand grab his shoulder roughly and his eyes snapped open, looking up at the person who touched him. His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to scream, but the hand that had touched him clamped down, stopping any sound from escaping. Fear crept through his frame as he struggled to get away from Drew, who had now grabbed Riku's wrists in one hand and pinned them down where the mattress met the wall.
"I'm pissed off, and I'm here to vent. If you scream, I'll go in dry and make this the most miserable experience of your life." Drew hissed, his anger flaring in his eyes. Riku stared up at him with wide eyes, a small sound almost like a whimper escaping his lips. No! Not again! Not now...I..I don't want Roxas to- Roxas was still here. If he made a noise Roxas would come and see him like this. Drew pulled his hand from Riku's mouth and leaned down, pressing a bruising kiss to Riku's lips, nipping harshly and licking away the blood he had drawn. Riku put as much effort into his struggling as he could and tried to push Drew off of him, until he received a very harsh bite to his bottom lip.
His eyes snapped open and he looked into Drew's eyes with fear. Drew gave him a lazy smirk, his free hand trailing down Riku's stomach, the nails leaving red scratches in their wake. "You know...the fear in your eyes is just that much more of a turn on..." He murmured, pressing his hips down into Riku's so the other could feel how he was being affected.
Riku shuddered and closed his eyes, determined not to open again if that was how Drew felt. He started to struggle again, trying to pull his wrists free. "P-please...Don't do this." He said, the words so familiar on his tongue. He had always said this, and Drew always said the same thing in response: "If you want I can go to Kairi's..." Drew smirked against the skin of Riku's neck, biting down harshly. Riku's faced twisted in pain and he shook his head. "No...Don't hurt her..." He whispered, afraid of waking Roxas up. Drew smirked. "Then do as I say..." And with that, his free hand went around to Riku's ass and he pushed a finger inside the boy roughly.
He gave a harsh laugh as Riku winced and groaned against the pain, trying to get away from the finger. He felt his boxers slide down to his ankles and his eyes opened, looking up at Drew with a mix of fear and pleading. Drew smirked, repeating that he liked the way Riku was looking at him.
Riku closed his eyes tightly as Drew pushed another finger inside him, and without waiting for the other to adjust, began stretching him. Riku almost cried out at the pain, but bit it back, only a strangled groan escaping his lips.
Roxas wasn't sure what had woken him from his slumber, mind too dazed to fully function right now. Just...something was off. He lay in the dark, listening to the unfamiliar sounds of the apartment around him, trying to find what had woken him. The sounds of the shore not too far away, the whisper of the wind, the small sounds of the building settling, absently he noticed that it had stopped raining, muffled voices... The blond froze, and uncomfortable knot settling in his stomach as he strained his ears, hoping that he had been wrong. But he wasn't, barely hear able through the closed door of the guest bedroom he could hear groans, a voice that said something of which he did not understand the words.
Softly he rolled out of the bed, bare feet hitting the ground without a sound as he walked to the door. He hesitated a moment, shoving the sleeve of his oversized night shirt up to cover his shoulder. What if it was Sora that had come to visit? He didn't exactly want to barge in onto the boy and Riku. That would be more than awkward.
But what if it wasn't? After what Riku had told him...What if... Roxas swallowed dryly as he silently opened the door, intending to go unheard. If it was Sora here, which he desperately hoped, he would vanish back into his room and no one would be the wiser. If not...well, it wouldn't hurt to have surprise on his side.
Riku's bed room door was half way open, the sounds clearer now, strangled groans and deeper moans. The sickness that had settled into his stomach spread, his hopes nearly dashed, yet he kept on holding to that single strand as he walked wraithlike to the door, keeping to the shadows as he peeked into the room.
Drew pushed a third finger inside Riku, who this time let out a small cry of pain, feeling like he was being ripped apart as the fingers started to move around inside of him. He breathed through clenched teeth, his eyes closed tightly and his face tucked against his bicep. He pulled at his wrists again and then winced as they were squeezed painfully.
Roxas stood frozen in the doorway for a dreadful second, that felt like a small eternity to the boy, wide, shocked eyes staring at the sickening scene played out in front of him. There was a torrent of emotions tearing through him, half of which he hardly could make sense, too fast gone, too sickening to grasp. Fear, disgust, pain, sadness...but the ones remaining were anger, anger and hate burning bright and leaving him trembling, over-riding good sense and reason. The blond didn't even consider calling for help, or even getting something to fight with. Instead he was across the room in a split second before he realized it himself, a feral snarl on his lips and azure eyes ablaze as he threw himself against the figure atop Riku.
Drew grunted in pain, and looked up at the person that had managed to push him away from his little play thing. He growled and sat up, propping himself up on both hands. "Who the hell are you?" He sneered. Riku opened his eyes when he noticed he could pull his hands down and saw Roxas. Immediately a bright blush came to his cheeks as he realized that his boxers were still at his ankles. He pulled them up quickly and climbed off of the bed, going to get his cell phone to call the police. Drew watched Riku hurry from the room and gave another angry growl, and with another glare to Roxas, started to push the boy aside so he could go stop Riku from calling.
Roxas wouldn't have any of it, the glare burning in his eyes promising murder. " You are staying here!" he hissed with a snarl as that arsehole shoved him aside, foolishly turning his back to the still livid blond. Once more he threw himself at the others back, hands up, meaning to claw at the elder‘s face. He wasn't so foolish to think that he would stand a chance in a fair fight, the other was bigger and stronger, hell, even Riku hadn't stood a chance and Roxas, short and slender, would probably find himself with broken bones faster than he could look. But this wasn't about winning, this was about buying Riku time to call the police. And it wasn't fair...and Roxas wasn't above playing dirty as his nails clawed for Drew's eyes.
Drew snarled in frustration and grabbed the boy's wrists with both hands. He pulled him off of his back and swung him around in front of him. "Do you want to get in my way? I can do the same to you as I was doing to him..." He threatened, squeezing Roxas wrists tightly. He pushed Roxas down on to the bed and pinned his wrists to the mattress.
Dark satisfaction surged through Roxas as he glared up into the bastards face, seeing bright red lines where his nails had scratched the flesh. There was too much adrenalin and anger surging through the blond to feel fear or the pain that was spreading from his wrists where he was brutally held down and bruises were sure to bloom. "In your dreams!"
His knee came up in an attack that was fast becoming his favourite, burying itself into the other's unprotected crotch.
Drew grunted in pain, his hands instinctively going to the apex of his legs. He staggered back a couple of steps before falling to his knees, his face twisted in pain. Riku came rushing back into the room, his cell phone clutched in his hand. He looked from Drew to Roxas, who was still on the bed, his eyebrows furrowing. "The police are coming." He told Roxas, seeing that his attacker was quite unable to move in his condition. Drew looked up at Riku, and angry and pained growl rumbling in his throat.
Roxas rolled off the bed and got to his feet, his face still a mask of anger and his eyes feral as they remained fixed onto the fallen scum. "Good." He stalked to Riku's side, the tremble that went through him obvious as he stood next to the other boy, his body still tense, still ready to spring into action at one wrong move. He was high strung and nervous, his nerves still in overdrive and if it weren't for the presence of Riku he would have gone after the bastard again, kept kicking and hitting him until he were no longer able to move. A rage like this, he seldom had felt anything so bright and strong, and it was frightening and exhilarating at the same time. It took every ounce of willpower not to give in to it. How could anyone ever say that a Nobody was unable to feel! And even if it if it were but a echo of what Sora might have felt, it raged through him and left him breathless. "We should lock him in until the police is here" He forced reason through the storm, trying to grasp onto any form of calmness. Blue eyes flickered briefly towards the top of the wardrobe. "And get that."
Riku nodded and went over to the wardrobe, making a wide circle around Drew, who was glaring at him with slightly confused eyes, but still in too much pain to move. He quickly removed the tape and went back over to Roxas. "How will we lock him in?" He asked softly, not taking his eyes off of Drew. "The locks are on the inside..."
Narrowed eyes were still fixed onto their former attacker as Roxas answered. "We will put a chair under the handle or something. I don't want to risk that bastard attacking us again."
Riku nodded, shying away a bit as Drew's eyes flashed dangerously at them. Even though Drew was immobile, he could help but fear the person who had been raping him over and over again. He took Roxas' hand and pulled him out of the bedroom, thanking god that his window had been stuck since he had moved in. He remembered something and went over to get his desk chair, coming back out and closing the door, propping the chair up under the handle. He got the feeling he could relax now, but he didn't want to. Not until his attacker had been taken away by the police. Luckily they were fairly close, so hopefully they would get here soon. He looked at Roxas. "D-did he...?" He couldn't bring himself to say what he wanted.
The blond shook his head, managing a small smug smile to light his serious features. "Tried to. But the only thing his dick got intimate with was my knee." The grin fell fast though, worry shining in his eyes as he hesitated for a moment, but drew Riku close after all, hugging the boy loosely around the waist. "Are you ...", Roxas didn't want to use the word okay, it just couldn't be okay and so he trailed off, instead he looked the other boy up and down in worry.
Riku looked down at him for a second, before wrapping his arms around Roxas. "I'll be fine..." He murmured. Truthfully, he felt like breaking down. He was sore, and he knew he was going to have more bruises on his wrists. Drew had never done that dry before. He remembered the pain that had coursed through his body and he cringed. He swallowed dryly and forced himself to bottle up his anger, pain, sadness, and fear.
Roxas stroked the taller boys back, trying to comfort Riku as much as himself. "It's over now..," he whispered softly.
Riku closed his eyes, leaning into Roxas with a soft, "Yeah...". He stayed like that for a few minutes until he heard a knock on the door and someone say "Police" outside. He pulled away from Roxas, and without looking at the other boy, moved to the front door, opening it for them. One of the officers asked where the guy was and Riku replied, "First door on the right..." He watched them move to the door and looked at the ground, for some reason not wanting to watch.

The next hours passed in a blur for Roxas, from the moment on they dragged that bastard, he still did not know the other's name and would rather they didn't, to the moment they took him from Riku to be questioned alone. The blond only remembered the frightened face of the older boy, pale and drawn as he was led to the guest bedroom, a doctor and an officer at his side. Then he was out of the door.
He couldn't recall his drive to the station, where he was questioned again. They asked him where his parents where and looked at him funny when he told them he had none, that he lived on his own. When they asked him for someone who could confirm his data he stuttered out the number of Hayner's home. He didn't know the one of his school. It was then that he learned that he was suspected of assault, overheard the officer mentioning it on the phone as he talked to who was probably Hayner's mother. Hm, obviously he had gotten that bastard better than he expected. Roxas really hoped that that arsehole would never be able to get one up again. He hadn't even noticed that he had been left alone until the door to the office opened again and a serious faced officer told him that he was free to go.
As he stumbled past the man he heard him say that he had done good. They had seen the video. By the time he was back on the streets the sun had already risen, painting the sky a pure, lovely pink. The storm had passed overnight.
Riku walked down the corridor of the hospital, his eyes downcast. The doctors were going to tell his mother about this. The one person he didn't want to know was going to know. All she would do was fuss about it now. He heaved a sigh and turned a corner. The questioning process had been both emotionally and physically exhausting. He would give anything to be able to go home and sleep now.
Luckily they were allowing him that. He was tired of talking about it. It was over now. Not to mention it was taking all of his strength to keep his emotions bottled up inside him. He felt like if someone asked him one more question about it he would just break down. With another sigh, he found his way to the waiting room.
Roxas had walked aimlessly for some time. He had checked back to Riku's apartment, hoping that the other boy might have been there. But the windows were dark and no one answered the door. He ran away when a nosy neighbour had peeked her head out, trying to get him to tell her what had happened last night. Worry made him search for the hospital, maybe they had Riku taken there. It had taken him some time to find the building, he had never been there and there weren't many people around he could ask. Bt even so it still was early when he got there, in time to be told off by a rather snappy night nurse that she couldn't disclose any information on their patients and as he wasn't family he would have to wait until visiting hours to see the other. With a sigh he had shuffled into the waiting room and sat down heavily onto an uncomfortable chair. But, uncomfortable at it was, it didn't take Roxas long to fall asleep, the last few hours catching up with him.
Riku went over to the sleeping boy and knelt down beside him. He didn't want to wake him up, but he didn't exactly have the strength to carry him home. "Roxas..." He said softly, gently shaking the boy's shoulder.
Roxas woke slowly, sleepy blue eyes lazily fluttering open. The blond looked at Riku hazily, one fist coming up to rub at his eye. "...Riku?"
Riku gave him a weary smile, masking all of his emotions. "Yeah...why are you in the waiting room?" He asked.
Roxas sat up straight with a yawn, his spine cracking softly. "..wanted to make sure you're okay," he mumbled, his brain obviously still fuzzy. "...nurse wouldn't let me pass, said t' come back during visiting hours."
Riku nodded, standing up. "Ok...let's go back home..." He said, offering Roxas his hand.
The blond took the other's hand softly and stood up. "Yeah, you are right...", he gave Riku's hand a gentle squeeze. "Let's go home."
Riku squeezed back and led Roxas out of the hospital and back to his apartment. He was so exhausted, but he was glad that Roxas had gotten at least a little sleep, even if he was uncomfortable. He kept his eyes downcast as they walked, afraid that if he looked anywhere other than the ground, especially at Roxas, he would break down. He had never been so stressed in his life. It was a beautiful day out, but he felt almost like it was mocking him. He unconsciously squeezed Roxas' hand again, unwanted memories of the previous night coming back to him.
Roxas kept the other's hand in his as they walked, his grip firm, trying to be reassuring. Now, that he had shaken off the last vestige of sleep his gaze shifted to Riku every few steps. There was worry in his eyes and the boy kept biting at his lower lip, mouth opening ever so often to say something, but stopping at the last moment. The last thing the older youth probably wanted was to be asked again if he was alright, a question that most likely had been repeated to him all night long. Together with any other feasible variation there off. He did not want to join the masses, yet the worry would not rest, urging him to do...something, break the silence between them, anything to make sure that the other would not break. It was hard to grasp but as they walked here Roxas once again couldn't help but notice how frail Riku seemed. Not physically, but mentally. As if you just had to touch him to let him shatter. The blond sighed softly, fingers entwining with the longer ones of the other boy. "Do you need anything?" he asked at last, giving the other the choice, something that had been taken from him that night. Whatever it was he might ask, Roxas would try.
"Just sleep..." Riku said. It wasn't exactly a lie because he really did need to sleep. He needed something else as well, although he did know what it was. He kept his eyes down at the ground, though they weren't exactly seeing it. His eyes held no emotion. The were just blank pools of green. So much had happened in just one day.
They continued their walk in silence. Roxas was caught somewhere between relief that the whole thing was done and worry for the boy next to him. He felt helpless, he was no good at comforting, words feeling awkward on his tongue. It was only when the two were already back to the apartment that the blond gave in to his initial urge to hug Riku, the boy much too short, too bony to give it the reassurance he wanted it to have, but he tried. "It's over now," he whispered softly. "You are save now..."
Riku was still for a moment before he wrapped his arms around Roxas. "I-I know...thank you..." He said, his voice slightly strained as he tried to hold back all of the emotions that wanted to keep in.
Roxas still had his arms around the other's waist as he looked up at Riku, noticing the strained lines of his face, the turmoil that shone in his eyes, just beneath the flat pool of aqua. The blond frowned softly and one hand reached up to gently trace the lines, thumb caressing over the peak of the cheekbone, before he cradled the older boy's face, still looking him into the eyes. "...you have not cried...", he murmured softly.
Riku put an extra amount of effort into keeping his emotions at bay as he gazed down into Roxas' eyes. "...no..." He said softly, his arms still holding Roxas to him.
"It's okay to cry sometimes," Roxas continued in equally soft tones, hand tenderly stroking the other's cheek. "You don't always have to be the strong one, Riku
Riku felt his throat tighten as he strained to not cry, feeling the tears well up in his eyes. "Yes I do..." He said softly, knowing that it wasn't true, but wanting to believe it.
Roxas smiled softly as he shook his head. "No, you don't. It doesn't make you weak to cry sometimes. It makes you human." He squeezed the taller youth's waist gently with one arm. "And afterwards you will still be big, bad, manly Riku and I wont breath a word to anyone."
Riku gave a soft chuckle as he closed his eyes, the tears that had already welled in his eyes falling to his cheeks. "I know you won't..." He said softly, still not wanting to cry in front of Roxas.
Roxas' thumb wiped over the other's cheek, keeping the tear from falling. "No one will know," he said softly as he walked backwards, leading Riku with him, until the back of his knees touched the couch. He sunk down and tugged the other with him. Legs folded beneath his body he was able to cradle the other easier, rest the silver head against his chest as his hands ran through the fine hair, trying to sooth. Maybe it would be easier like this when he did not see and they could pretend that Roxas did not notice the other boy's tears.
Riku wrapped his arms around Roxas, still not wanting to cry, but not being able to stop himself. The only way the other would be able to tell he was crying was by how his body shook with his silent sobs. Everything that had happened in the past day, all of the stress, the images of Drew licking his lips in hunger, the feeling of the harsh fingers pressing inside him poured out of him with his tears.
Roxas let the other cry against his chest, tears of his own shining in his eyes, which were slow to fall. His hands kept running through Riku's hair and along his back in soothing motions, the blond was rocking softly, swaying to and fro with the other boy in his arms, words of comfort falling in whispers from his lips.
Riku stopped crying after a few moments, feeling soothed by the other's presence. "S-sorry..." He whispered softly, one of his hands moving up to wipe his eyes as he sat up a bit. He had never cried like that in front of anyone before. Not even Sora. Not even his parents. He was slightly ashamed, but he did feel a bit better.
"Nothing to feel sorry for," the blond said equally softly, hastily wiping a hand over his own eyes, managing a shaky smile as he settled back down.
"You were crying too?" Riku asked softly.
The blond sniffed, eyes darting to the side, his cheeks starting to turn a faint pink. "I might have ... a tiny bit."
Riku gave a small smile and wrapped his arms around Roxas. He felt something well up inside him, knowing that Roxas had cried, for some reason...he didn't know what he was thinking or feeling. It felt the same as when he looked at Sora, but different. Roxas was his friend and he cared for him deeply and the only way he knew how to tell the other that was by saying
"I love you, Roxas...Thank you so much..."
Roxas turned back, a soft smile on his face. It was strange, he had heard the same three words just a few days ago, but the emotion behind it was vastly different, as was the meaning behind it. He nodded, whispering a small and warm "You're welcome", the shine in his eyes maybe more than just the light of the morning sun falling through the windows.
Riku smiled and stood after a couple of seconds, suddenly feeling incredibly exhausted. "Let's get some sleep...I know that chair in the waiting room couldn't have been comfortable..." He said.
"Well...it could have been worse." Roxas got up too, stretching again with a little tired moan. "But you are probably right. A few hours of sleep sound good." Especially as he probably wouldn't get much sleep at night again. He had to take the ferry back home, as much as he hated the thought to leave Riku behind, he still a had school tomorrow. And he had promised Hayner that he would be back by Monday. The blond paled as he thought of his friend. Shit, his mother had probably told him about the call from the police station...
Riku's smile fell as he watched the blonde's colour drain from his face. "You ok?" He asked a bit of concern in his eyes.
"Yeah...is just," he winced. "Hayner is going to chew me out the next time he sees me. The police called his mom in the middle of the night to confirm my data."
Riku furrowed his eyebrows. "I...I doubt he'll chew you out for that..." He said, taking the blonde's hand and pulling him up. "He'll prolly be worried about you, but not mad..."
Roxas sighed as he got to his feet. "That's all I make him do lately...worry." He was starting to feel guilty about it too, about so many things. He hadn't been a very good friend to the boy who was supposed to be his best. "I will have to think of something to tell him when I get back."
Riku gazed at Roxas for a second. "Why not tell him the truth?" He asked, wondering if the boy was even already planning to.
Roxas looked at Riku with wondering eyes. "I wasn't sure if you were comfortable with it..."
Riku smiled softly. "It's over with now. And besides...it's Hayner..." Actually he wasn't sure if he was comfortable with other's knowing about it, but he didn't want Hayner to worry about Roxas. And he didn't want Roxas to have to lie to Hayner.
"True...but you didn't even tell Sora...and it certainly is not mine to tell anyone," he replied earnestly. "I wont lie to Hayner, but I will simply tell him that I got in a fight with someone who assaulted you."
Riku gazed at him. He did need to tell Sora. He remember how Sora had reacted to it when he first explained everything that was happening. He was almost afraid to tell him, but he knew Sora would be relieved that it was over. "Ok...I guess that's not lying is it?" He said with a small smile.
"No…no, it's not I guess." It was just a strongly censored version from what had actually happened. "Well...we should get to sleep now, it's still early so maybe we will wake at a decent time..."
Riku nodded and started to lead the other back to the bedrooms. He stopped when he got to his room and turned to Roxas, about to say something. He closed his mouth again, not quite sure how to ask what he wanted, or even if he should ask.
Roxas looked up at Riku in question, body already turned to step into the guest room. not really surprised at the uncertainness that ghosted across the other boy's face. "You wanna sleep in the spare bedroom?" he asked softly. "The bed is big enough for two anyway..."
Riku nodded. "Please..." He said softly. Until he took that camera down form his wardrobe he wouldn't be able to sleep in his room. It was as though the recording device was a testament to everything that had happened.
Roxas nodded and took the other's hand, he lead the few steps into the spare room and only let go when they were at the bedside. He let go of Riku's hands and started to change for bed. He stopped though, fingers around the hem of his shirt, eyes turned downwards on his attire. It started out as small chuckles and soon turned to full blown laughter, the sound echoing in the quiet apartment.
Riku gave him a questioning look. "What's so funny?"
Still snickering Roxas gestured at himself. "I...I just pranced all over DI in my underwear and I didn't even notice!"
Riku laughed lightly, actual humour in his eyes. "At least your boxers don't have some cute little print on them like Sora's..." He commented, remembering Sora's paopu fruit print boxers. A grin crossed his lips.
"Yeah, at least something..." Still grinning Roxas tugged at the leg of his plain blue boxer briefs. "Well, that sure explains why the nurse was looking at me funny."
Riku laughed out right. "I'm sure it brightened her day at some point. You're not all -that- scrawny after all..." He said with a smirk.
"Geeze, thanks for the complement, Riku. Better stop or my ego might inflate" Grinning Roxas crawled unto the bed, kicking the covers down.
Riku laughed and climbed in next to him. He was going to make a crack at how maybe he should make something else inflate, but he held it back not wanting to get a smack across his arm. Instead he snickered to himself secretively and grinned.
Not knowing what perverted thoughts were making the other snicker Roxas was still softly chuckling to himself as he got comfortable on the big bed, curling onto his side and tugging the sheets up to his waist. "Ahh...so embarrassing...."
Riku smirked at the other's obliviousness and settled down next to him. His grin fell to a soft smile and his snickers subsided. His eyes flicked down to the other's hands and he noticed the dark bruises on the pale wrists. Sadness filtered back into his eyes and his smile fell as a soft sigh left his lips.
Roxas had already closed his eyes, though they opened a slit again as the other's sigh. "Hm...Riku?," he questioned softly.
Riku reached out and touched the boy's wrists softly. "You're bruised..." He said.
"Oh..." The blond looked down at their hands, adorned by bracelets of bruises. "It's okay..." he said softly. "I didn't even notice until now..."
Riku furrowed his eyebrows, despite the boy's reassurances. It was his fault. His fault that Roxas had gotten involved. His fault that Roxas had gotten hurt. If only he had kept his mouth shut, Roxas wouldn't have heard and come to investigate. All of it was his fault. His eyes betrayed his thoughts as he gazed at the battered wrists.
Roxas sighed softly, noticing the look in Riku's eyes. He freed his hands, reaching out to grasp the other's face, turning it so that he would look at the blond. "I don't mind them. They aren't hurting and will be gone a few days. It was worth it. And don't you dare feel guilty and responsible for something like this. I wanted to help you and I am glad that I did."
Riku gazed into Roxas' eyes for a couple moments. "Ok..." He said softly, a small smile on his lips. It wasn't completely fake; he was glad the other wasn't in pain, but that didn't stop him from blaming himself to an extent. He pulled the blanket up over himself.
Roxas huffed softly, but smiled, head nuzzling into the pillow he rested on. "And now try to sleep...I am expecting the first call somewhere around twelve. It's when Hayner usually gets up on Sundays. Maybe we can sleep since then."
Riku smiled and nodded, feeling his body become limp as he relaxed and sleep started to over take him. "'Night, Roxas..." He said softly, in his half asleep condition not realizing it was 8 in the morning.
"Sleep well, Riku," the blond mumbled in answer, he too was being claimed by sleep nearly immediately, the last day and night catching up with Roxas.
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