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Kingdom Hearts RPG

In Darkness and In Light

July 8th, 2006

Log 2 Akuroku @ 02:40 pm

Characters: Axel, Roxas
Warnings: MA, sex
Location: Twilight Town, Roxas' apartment
Notes: part 2

He let the hand not clutching Roxas’ face wander back down the boy’s side, coming to rest on his hip, but doing nothing with the fabric that rested there as well. Not yet, anyway.

The blond had relaxed under the other's affection, the playful exchange of butterfly kisses that he left to linger longer with every moment. Truthfully, he felt more at ease like this, more in control as he made the conscious decision to kiss back more passionately, that he wasn't just swept away in the heat of the moment. Oh, he might have sounded like a fool before.
Roxas wasn't so stupid to think that they hadn't done this before. That Axel knew where to touch, that their caresses weren't a tangle of bony limbs and awkward fumbling was as much proof to it as images and sensations that kept overlapping. Brief flashes, the memory that he had tangled his fingers into the other's hair just like this once to brush fiery red strands back so he would be able to tease at the spot just below the ear, where jaw line met neck with lips and teeth. But, still, they had been virtually strangers not too long ago, familiar strangers...he had not known Axel. He knew that somewhere somebody existed that was important to him, that he missed. He had not known that it would be the red head...
That trust he had expressed was fragile. He trusted in the words the red head had spoken to him, trusted the feelings that were bubbling in his chest, aching as it was, and trusted that the words unspoken would not make him regret this.

Axel didn’t feel so bad about leaving behind chaste kisses in favor of deeper, less innocent ones when Roxas was the one to start them. He had not forgotten about his growing need to have all of Roxas, and, now more that ever, he didn’t think he could leave until he got it. He pushed himself against the boy beneath him, moaning softly with his kisses as his body reminded him exactly how much he wanted this and how long he had waited already. He fingered the hem of the blonde’s pants, yet he could not quite manage more than that just yet because Roxas trusted him. He didn’t want to, no, couldn’t betray that trust so soon after gaining it no matter how impatient he thought himself.

Roxas muffled a moan against the slope of Axel's shoulder, pressing damp lips to the white skin he had revealed there, as his hips instinctively jerked upwards against the solid body above his. Even if his mind might have had misgivings about his actions, his body spoke it's own language.
The little breathy moans that were hard to stop now, restless hands that were touching what little skin they could reach and the flex of thighs that framed the red head's hips. Teeth nipped lightly against the line of Axel's throat where a moment before lips had been pressed against, marking as he had been marked before.

Axel melted into Roxas’ attentions to his neck. He tried to stifle the moans that always escaped anyway if only because he had been quiet for so long, it seemed like a shame to break the silence that had been so helpful to him until now.
“Roxas….” he finally breathed into the boy’s ear, and with one last grind of their hips he undid the clasp and zipper of the pants on the blond beneath him. He didn’t remove them completely right away, move too fast and he would surely scare the boy. There was also a fleeting hope that Roxas wouldn’t even notice what was happening if the process was slow enough, but truthfully, Axel knew that wouldn’t be the case.

A small shiver went through Roxas frame as the other's breath ghosted over his ear, his name called just so. Who could have known that such a simple thing, those quiet sounds of pleasure Axel made, would make him shudder and stoke the flames. He would have liked to see what other tones he would have been able to tease forth, with lips, tongue and fingers, that had started to map the smooth skin of the red-head's chest. But he found it was him who moaned, breathy, startled by the sudden flare of pleasure as their groins pressed against each other, putting teasing pressure onto the hardness that had been growing there. A frustrated gasp spilled over his lips before he was able to stop himself as the contact was lost all to soon, and the restraint of his pants loosened. Blue eyes fluttered open, as the blond head fell back to the ground with a soft thud, cheeks flushed a healthy pink, born from heat and passion, and maybe a little bit of embarrassment. He took deep breaths, still looking up into poison green eyes, tip of his tongue briefly wetting the swollen flesh of his lips, before he shifted, lightly lifting his hips of the ground, making it easy to pull down his pants farther if Axel wished to do so.

Axel smiled briefly and kissed Roxas soundly on the lips one last time before his mouth began it’s journey down the boy’s torso. Playful nips mixed in with kisses left small marks that only the two of them should ever see and as his lips moved lower down the body below him, so did the fabric that covered the boy’s pale legs. He stopped his kisses at the base of the blonde’s stomach, sitting up to better remove the pants completely. Axel looked Roxas up and down with a sly smile and was about to cover the blonde’s body with his own again when he decided he himself was still wearing far too much clothing. He hastily removed the offending fabric, even managing to kick his shoes to the other end of the room and did not bother wondering where they had landed.

Roxas barely quelled a sound of irritation as Axel's lips left his skin, body straining to follow the contact before falling back to the ground in frustration. His eyes, which had fallen shut against the pleasurable pain the other had inflicted, opened a slit to ineffectively glare at the red head. He was about to sit up, intending to pull the other down to wipe the smile off of his lips with another kiss, when Axel moved again. The blond remained as he was, spread out on the floor, and watched with darkened gaze as pale skin was revealed. Anticipation and excitement alike curled warmly in his limbs as black fabric was cast aside for white flesh.
Roxas got onto his knees, shifting closer so that their legs were pressing lightly against each other, too anxious to just remain waiting on his back. One hand rested on Axel's thigh, thumb absently caressing, as he balanced himself to lean upwards, other hand tangling in red hair to tip the taller's head down for a passionate kiss.

Axel smiled into the kiss, still ecstatic to find Roxas was so willing a participant as to kiss him all on his own like that. He did not think the novelty of being kissed by Roxas would ever wear out. He kissed back fervently, wrapping his arms around the blonde’s waist to pull him closer as he slowly pushed them back down to the floor.
Their flesh heated and sweat began slicking their skin, making the sliding of their bodies against each other almost involuntary. Axel moaned into the kiss, almost out of disappointment, as he finally gave in to his need for air. His breath was heavy and he rested his forehead against Roxas’, heavy lidded eyes watching heavy lidded eyes. Axel’s whole world was Roxas at that moment and nothing else mattered. But… Even in a world where only the two of them existed, there were some necessities that couldn’t be ignored.
“Where do you keep the lotion around here?” the red head mumbled with a laugh. Their position and how they had been kissing a moment before made that question almost sound silly.

Roxas was gasping for breath, mixed with soft moans, chest rising and falling rapidly, brushing against the other's with every heave. It took him some time to process Axel's words, too lost in the sensations of the wet, heated kiss they had shared, in the slick slide of entangled flesh moving against each other and the press of hardness where his leg had found its way around the red head's hip. Too lost in darkened green eyes, so close to his own that he was able to count the heavy lashes that surrounded them if he so wished, to react right away.
When he finally did it was with a blush, darkening cheeks that had already become flushed with passion. "Ah~" He leaned up, trying to hide his redness in the slope of Axel's neck, drown the sudden surge of embarrassment with the taste of the other's skin as he nipped lightly at his ear lope, breathing his answer in a low voice. "In the bedside drawer..."

“God, that is… I think the sexiest sentence I have ever heard” Axel managed to say as he tried to dislodge himself from Roxas’ several holds on him. It was difficult, seeing as he really didn’t want to move, it had been perfectly comfortable and enjoyable where he had been. It had only been missing one little thing, and Axel was about to fix that.
The red head made several attempts to stand and walk to the bedside table, all of which failed. By the time he gave up on walking he was already there, propped up on his knees, rummaging through the drawer. It wasn’t hard to find the bottle of lotion, it never was, especially when it was needed for purposes like their own. Axel hadn’t exactly wanted to crawl back to where he had left Roxas, but seeing as he couldn’t stand, that was his only option.
The older man was clumsy with the lotion, spilling a large portion of it before getting it anywhere useful, like his fingers. He normally didn’t have this problem, maybe he was just excited. He certainly couldn’t be nervous. Not at all. Or, that’s what he told himself, anyway.

The blond did not like the feeling of being left alone, short as the separation was going to be. To have the cool air of the room touch his overheated skin in places that had just a second before been comfortably pressed against living flesh was frustrating and left him shivering.
But the view he was presented with instead might just be worth it. A slow smile had spread, the tilt of his lips a Cheshire cats smile as Roxas had rolled onto his front, mindful of the hardness between his legs, to watch Axel's progression to and from the bedside. Eyes darkened to the colour of the midnight sky beneath heavy lashes, though even those couldn't hide the lustful shine that shone like pinpricks of stars in them. Quite shamelessly roving over expanses of pale flesh, flushed with splashes of colour in places, he unconsciously touched the tip of his tongue to his lips to moisten the suddenly dry flesh.
Regret or a bad consciousness was far from his mind, the thought of stopping not even passing through. Instead he found himself laughing softly as the other's fumbling with the lotion, watching the oily liquid spill over long fingers and down to the ground to spread as dark stains of amber on the carpet. Thoughtlessly he got to his knees again, shorter fingers curling around Axel's to smear the excess lotion onto his own skin, already having a few destinations in mind where it could be of use.

Axel half scowled, half pouted, when he heard Roxas laughing at him. His cheeks didn’t need more reasons to turn red. He blinked when the blonde’s fingers began mingling with his own being covered in lotion. The man tried to sputter out a question to no avail. Things were beginning to spiral into the complete opposite of what he had expected to happen. Roxas was supposed to be new at this, damnit! Not suddenly turn dominate and run the show! Because if Roxas wanted to run the show, Axel would let him. Not willingly, the red head always put up a fight, but the blond always had some strange advantage. There was something to be said about the differences in not caring a lot and caring too much. And caring too much always got you on the bottom.
For now, Axel waited. His fingers were perfectly set for what he wanted to do, but what the hell was Roxas doing?

There was still a soft smile on Roxas' lips as he pressed his mouth to the pouting lips of Axel, the other's expression soothing the nervousness that was bubbling in his stomach. Maybe he seemed confident, running on instinct, body acting before his mind could even comprehend, but he always was the better actor between the two of them. It was the knowledge that he wasn't the only one fairly swept away, that the red head himself wasn't all that sure, that gave him the courage to trail slick fingers lower, leaving shimmering traces of lotion on the planes of the other's chest and stomach. There was a moment of hesitation, marking his confidence a lie, as did the heavy blush that flared on his cheeks, the firmly closed eyes as he still kissed Axel, before his hands dipped lower, curling around the other's erection to spread the oily liquid over heated skin.

More kisses from Roxas lead to less caring about what was happening and more concentrating on kissing back. His hands absently tried to find some place on Roxas’ chest and sides to rest more permanently, but they did not find any place suitable. The red head shivered as the finger slipped down his torso, dreadfully ignorant to Roxas’ blushes and hesitation. He didn’t expect the blonde’s fingers to make it quite so far down, but when they did Axel somehow managed to gasp into their kiss without really taking in any air, arms deciding where they want to be is wrapped around Roxas’ neck, somehow pulling the boy’s face closer so Axel can kiss him deeper with a hunger he almost forgot he had. Almost.

Roxas found himself nearly defenseless against Axel's passionate kiss, mouth conquered in the press of lips and the spit-slick slide of tongues against each other. Even breath found itself secondary to the intensity of the exchange, simply drawn in rushed gasps, shared breath warm and moist, as the blond could hardly be bothered to withdraw from the assault. Never mind that he was held in place by surprisingly strong arms, traces of liquid left behind by restless fingers warming against his flushed skin.
His own hands, that had temporarily stopped, took up their motions again, touches feather light with nervousness, interspersed randomly with a stronger grip, the flex of fingers, whenever passion won over nerves, coating the red head's flesh with a slippery layer of lotion.

Axel wished desperately that he did not have to breath anymore, and he held on to his kiss for as long as he could before relenting, head falling to Roxas’ shoulder as he gasped and panted, his grip around the blonde’s neck growing limp. He sat simply trying to breath for a moment, concentrating on the feel of Roxas’ hands caressing him. Slowly, carefully, inch by inch, he began pushing the blonde’s body back down to the floor with his own. He had thought he was going to lose control to Roxas for a moment, but his enthusiastic kisses seemed to have won it back for him. That was the only thing he was really good at, enthusiasm.

The blond went down willingly, fingers leaving the other's flesh with one last teasing caress to the head, unable to keep up the contact as they were now, their height difference making it awkward. Roxas' settled his hands at his sides, supporting himself and the solid weight against his body as he was slowly lowered to the ground. Ruffled blond hair hallowing his face, where it wasn't sticking in darkened strands to his flushed face, cheeks the same healthy red as kiss bruised lips, which were opened to take gasping breaths, he looked up at Axel with passion hazed eyes.

Axel watched Roxas for a moment, breathing returning to normal, though it was still heavy. His lips and throat were dry, but no amount of licking or swallowing would fix that anymore. The red head ran his finger down the boy’s chest, much like the blonde had done before, stopping where the other had hesitated to ask in a breath of a whisper, “You ready?”

The blond swallowed heavily in between gasping breaths, chest heaving. No...no, he really was not sure and that the other would ask ... It gave Roxas time to think, to consider all the reasons why he shouldn't be doing this and made him want to yell: 'No, I am not sure! So just do it before I change my mind!' But they had come this far and even if he wanted to the boy was not sure that he could stop. The passion that curled like liquid fire in his veins, anticipation scorching his senses and something oh so close and just out of his reach. It was okay as long as they touched, as long as he did not have to think but could lose himself in sensations, in touch of silky skin over strong muscles and sharp bones and the taste of kisses dark and smooth.
So he raised his arms, curling them around the neck and shoulder of the other to pull him down into another kiss, silencing his own worries in the contact of warm and bruised flesh, before answering, withdrawing just enough to whisper against the red head's mouth, lips touching as he formed the words. "Just do it, Axel."

There seemed to be a sense of urgency in the boy’s voice, as if Axel didn’t do something right away he wouldn’t be doing it at all. That was quite a threat in their current state. It was that urgency, or maybe just his ever present stupidity, that momentarily made him feel as if he had to rush, like there was a clock ticking down their final moments together and Axel had to finish it off quick. So he rushed in. He skipped the normal procedures, the preparatory steps he should take to make everything less painful for the boy below him because there was no time for it, or so the red head thought. He kissed the blond again gently, though their lips had never really separated. It was not as if they had never gone straight to what was important before, but… Roxas thought himself new at this, didn’t he? It was too sudden, but it was also too late so Axel could not let himself worry too much on that point.
All panic and confusion aside, the going was slow, the passage tight and the feeling just as blissful as he remembered.

It hurt. A sensation composed of burning pain and pleasure alike that seared up his spine and made him gasp against Axel's lips, his hands clenching sweat slicked flesh. Young boys weren't made to be taken this way by their best friend and it hurt, it hurt but that was okay, because they were lovers, they were lovers and they had done this before and the pleasure, pinprick sharp, made the pain worth it. Roxas shuddered, forcing himself to relax clenched muscles, to take deep breaths that ended in small, wet moans that were lost in their gentle kiss. He could smell them, the air heavy and hot, suffused by the warmth of the late summer evening and the heat rising of their bodies, the beginning musk of sex, bittersweet, and something else, startlingly familiar and making him aware only now that he had missed it. A fragrance he could only describe as Axel.
The blonde’s eyes opened, lashes wet with unshed tears the initial penetration had teased forth, clinging at the corners unwilling to fall, and he looked up at the face so close to his, trying to memorize the features, new and old and comforting, the way thick copper lashes painted crescent shadows on sharp cheeks and the sensation of strands of hair gently kissing the skin of his face as lips did to his. Fingers that slowly lost their hesitation traced the bow of the others spine, a gentle touch, the way one only held onto something precious. Roxas didn't put conscious thought to it as he curled one sweat dewed thigh around Axel's hip, silently offering himself.

Compared to Roxas, it was definitely nothing, but Axel couldn’t deny his own slight pain at being squeezed so tightly. He was glad the blond knew to relax, but that he actually managed it was nothing short of amazing. The taller man was panting in long, heavy breaths when he finally managed to get all the way in, studying Roxas’ face closely as he gave himself room to breath. The discomfort on the other’s face was obvious and expected, and it hadn’t been necessary which was what bothered Axel the most about it. His hindsight was hard at work as always, making him realize now that he hadn’t really been in a rush, that he hadn’t set his alarm so he could stay with the boy for as long as he wanted. He would just have to keep that in mind as he continued.
The red head kissed just below the blonde’s eyes where tears threatened to spill, wishing he could dispel them, those tears he again and always caused. He began kissing all over the boy’s face again softly as he gave Roxas time to adjust, if only because it had helped to sooth him before. He kissed his way across the boy’s face and began breathing apologies in his ear.
“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” he said between still heavy breaths, almost like a chant. “I panicked, sorry, I know I said I wouldn’t say sorry anymore but god…” He apologized weakly a few more times, none of it more than a whisper.

"It's okay." There was a soft tremble in his voice, a breathless quality that would not leave no matter how much Roxas gasped for air. His hands tangled in Axel's hair, turning the other's head to draw him into an open-mouthed kiss. Brief and passionate as the blond withdrew a moment later, hands framing the red head's face as Roxas looked at Axel with heavy lidded eyes. "It's okay," he repeated, whispering the words against the other's lips. "I wont break, so stop saying sorry." Amusement rang in his tone and a soft smile played on his features as he kissed Axel gently. "And now get on with it before I decide I would rather top after all."

“You were always better at it, anyway,” he mumbled with a chuckle, but he wasn’t planning on giving up his position. The red head ran his hands along the boy’s pale sides up and down once before gripping his hips and gently moving himself within Roxas. It was still hard to move, but also so easy to get lost in the motions already. Axel easily fell into a rhythm, though it was slower than how he would normally go. Then again, he normally prepped the blonde, so he started slow to make up for that.
The phrase ‘Just like old times’ failed to describe accurately what the whole thing felt like. It was just better than that. Sure, the old times were great but this… it easily passed for wonderful. There was something different from every other time and it went deeper than just taking Roxas for the first time again. It was something about his mindset, it was knowing that his emotions could be real if he wanted them to be. And that made all the difference in the world.

Roxas chuckles trailed off in a soft moan, breathless as Axel started to move within him. His grip on the red strands caught between his finger tightened, pupils huge, just the thinnest ring of azure around glazed blackness. It burned, gentle as the red head was, it burned and seethed and made Roxas' blood jump and his groin ache.
Not enough. The mewling noise that falls from his lips, Roxas didn't know that he could sound like that, lost and broken and asking to be put back together, shaking breath fanning out strands of Axel's hair and skinny thighs spread wide, hips moving in needy little jerks to meet the other's thrusts. Just a little more, a little deeper, a little deeper to the core...to something. Just beneath the surface, bewildering in it's intensity. Pleasure, pain, confusion, sadness, happiness, longing. Too much, too much to make sense of, feelings new and old, dull edges razor sharp in remembrance. Maybe that was why they were not meant to feel... No heart to contain them, no heart to ache and keep it in, no heart to make sense of what defied logic, just a consuming wildfire.

The blonde’s breathy, needy moans easily compelled more movement from Axel, especially when his own moans began to sound the same. Deeper, harder, faster, all gradual and sorely needed. Everything was hot and slick with sweat and it made it hard to grasp onto anything, though the taller man did not need to hold the boy’s hips when they were eagerly matching his own thrusts. He contented his hands by letting them wander Roxas’ body again, fingers splaying across a slick chest and sides until one hand sought to caress the boy’s length. Like everything else, it was hard to grip, but a steady hold was not his intent. Simply filling the blond was not enough, he wanted him to feel more, remember everything. But most importantly, he wanted Roxas to feel good</>.

"Axel!" The other's name left the blond in a drawn out moan as the red head's hand curled around his erection. Their rhythm, or rather lack of one, was maddening. Artless touches, gentle one moment and firm the next, a friction that could not be predicted. It left Roxas straining, desperate for more contact, muscles once again tightening, though this time not in pain but for the rise of pleasure curling like liquid heat through his inside. Really, he had always thought that the phrase 'being fucked out of ones mind' was just that, a phrase, but the blond very nearly found himself at that point, now and then, sensations mingling.
Roxas dropped one hand, letting go of Axel's hair so that he could curl his fingers around his erection too, jerking himself off under the direction of the other's hand, while the blond used the other to drag his lover down into a kiss. Stealing the other's breath to gasp out what was meant to be an order, but sounded more of a plea.

Thought was beyond him now, leaving Axel only the ability to feel as he complied to Roxas’ plea. His thrusts gained in speed and power, not as gradually as they had before, but he did not jump to his fastest or hardest right away, either. That sense of urgency had returned, but at least this time it did not cause him to do something stupid. The red head was too lost in feeling and pleasure, even for that as he breathed the other‘s name as if replying to his demand.
Axel sorely wished it was not so hard to keep his eyes open so he could watch the emotions play on his lover’s face. The boy’s voice alone sent shivers down his spine when his words were more like moans, and the almost desperate kisses they shared made something curl in his stomach. Pressure was building up inside of him and the only word that was not a breathy moan that he could say was “Roxas.”

Roxas was on the edge, had been so for some time. Pleasure had curled tightly in his stomach, settled as an ache in his groin and a tremble in his thighs. He was breathless, sharing what little air had remained, hot and humid and laden with their taste, with Axel in kisses that had gone sloppy and wild in passion, lips slick and swollen sliding easily against each other, just like their bodies, which were lost in an ever increasing pace. The rhythm of his hand had become erratic, the grip of his fingers nearly painfully tight, but any sensation like pain was lost to him, turned pleasure, just like the initial discomfort of penetration had become something to be craved, something to writhe against to gain more, to feel that star burst of sharp pleasure when the hard flesh within him pushed past that sensitive place.
In the end though it wasn't all this that pushed him over the edge, that made him shudder and his spine arch, made him push back harder and ripped Axel's name from his throat in a sobbing, broken moan.
It was his own name, whispered and moaned against kiss swollen flesh, the startling revelation of the feelings twined into a word that had been so common to him. Passion, lust and something...
something he didn't dare put a name to.

If breathy moans had sent shivers down his spine before, the red head could not properly describe what happened to him when Roxas came moaning his name as he did. He broke away from the kiss only to properly revel in the sensation, shivering and moaning and screwing his eyes shut in pure bliss. It was not just the sounds and tightness that brought him over the edge, but also the fact that Axel could now see the boy holding himself, could see their fingers mingling in a mess of cum that they had both helped to bring about. All of that happening all at the same time, it was too much, it was sensory overload. The man felt as if the cum was squeezed out of him by force, and he let it go willingly with a shout of the only word he could manage. It seemed then that he had been using the word ‘bliss’ too loosely, that all the things he had used the word to describe before could not compare to his current feeling and now there were no words to describe it because ‘bliss’ was just not good enough.
He flopped down limply on top of Roxas when it was all over, no thinking and no major movement. Just breathing, the heaving of his chest the only movement he could manage as he waited for his mind to return to its normal solid form again.

Roxas was still gasping for breath, desperately trying to calm his racing heart that felt as if it wanted to jump from his chest. Aftershocks of pleasure were racing through his body, a fine tremble that made him shiver occasionally. The blond was still holding onto Axel, though the hold had lessened, his fingers no longer tangled in red hair, clutching in passionate abandon, but gently running through the strands in an unconscious apology, cradling the other's head where it lay against the slope of his shoulder.
He should feel crushed beneath the limp body atop his, the other's taller frame pressing him into the floor and spreading the proof of Roxas' release between their stomachs. Yet he did not mind, found the solid weight of Axel on top of him, the warmth still within his own body strangely comforting. The blond opened his eyes, a struggle against the glowing drowsiness that had settled over him, to hazily look down at the man resting against him, whose heart he could feel beating against his own chest, gaze warm, thoughtful and fond. He ran his hand through the unruly red locks again before he leaned down, placing a soft kiss against the other's temple.

Axel let loose a happy sigh, trying to hold on to that content, sedated feeling as long as he could. That feeling in particular he didn’t want to end, it felt better than the climax itself, or at least seemed that way now that he was in a state of total satisfaction. He propped himself up on his elbows to look down at Roxas, smiling softly. “If this is what I get when I ask for kisses,” he said with a slight chuckle, “I think I’ll ask more often,” The words came easily to him, without a second thought. Even after the fact he could not find fault in saying them, though a small part of him said he should. It was too easy, to joke and make light of serious situations with the blond in that way, suddenly now so at ease even though the boy had considered him little more than a stranger not so long ago. Those worries seemed ages ago now, laying on top of the other as he was.

Roxas rolled his eyes, but smiled softly, his gaze fond and warm as it settled on the pale face hovering above his. "As if it ever made a difference before," his voice was low and rough around the edges, hoarse from the moans that had been teased from his throat. The hand which had been running through strands of red hair trailed down, cradling Axel's cheek to draw him down into a soft kiss. Sealing whatever words might have spilled forth in the gentle touch and the closeness of their bodies, sensuously sliding against each other.

Kisses, kisses, kisses! Axel couldn‘t get enough of them, sighing against Roxas‘ lips in happiness. If he could stop time to make the moment never end, well, he would have done that a very long time ago. “Come on,” he said, still a bit breathless, voice a low rumble because he could not make it anything else, “I’ve got to get you off the floor.” It was a shame, really, but he didn’t have as much time as he wanted like before. He had to wake up before he got himself in trouble.
He tried to move slowly and carefully, wincing as he pulled out, but swiftly moving to lift the boy up in his arms. It would not do to have Roxas getting himself to his feet, he was falling asleep enough at is was. He made a point to watch where he was stepping as he finished their previous journey to the blonde’s bed, laying him down atop rumpled sheets at last, only to remain standing himself.

Roxas looked up at Axel with unreadable, blue eyes. There was still a blush on his cheeks, lips that were drawn into a thoughtful line a darker pink than usual, bruised by their kisses and the blond biting at his lower lip, flesh swollen and wet. He had bonelessly melted into the sheets, the fabric cool against his heated body and sticking to the places where trails of cum had made it's way down his lightly spread thighs.
"You wont stay."
It wasn't a question, nor was there any plea. It was a statement, spoken in a soft voice, that had gone rough and breathy around the edges. There was no use denying this or asking Axel to stay. Roxas was too much of a realist...or maybe pessimist to even hope that the other would stay the
night. The red head had said this world was but a dream for him. The blonde’s gaze turned thoughtful, brows drawing together. It ...might be worth a try. It wasn't like he had anything more to lose.
He pressed the white ring, which he had slipped from his finger, into Axel's hand.
"Try to hang on to it...if it's still there when you wake, we both will know this is more than just a simple dream."

Axel looked away when Roxas said he wouldn’t stay. It was true, he couldn’t. He wouldn’t even let himself lay with the boy because he just could not tempt himself like that, not if he wanted to get back to whatever punishment surely awaited him already. He wanted to apologize, tell him it wouldn’t be so if he could help it and that soon he would be able to stay, but… He had apologized too much already when Roxas had said he shouldn’t. So he didn’t, the dejected look on his face spoke his thoughts loud enough.
His gaze jerked back to the boy when the ring was given to him. He stared at it, as if in a trance. He damn well better still have it when he woke up or else… he was only fooling himself, and there was no Roxas and he still had no heart. He couldn’t go back to thinking that, he was already too determined to be his own person, a real person! He nodded resolutely and clutched the ring tightly, as if having a stronger hold on it would make it more likely that he would have it when he woke.
“I won’t let you leave me again,” he said after a moment, unsure of where his own words came from but unable to disagree with them. He caressed the boy’s cheek absently with his thumb lightly as he began conscientiously willing himself to wake slowly.

Roxas sighed softly, dark lashed painting crescent shadows onto his cheeks as he closed his eyes and leaned into the other's fading caress. "It might not be our choice to make," the blond whispered, the words as good as lost in the rustle of sheets beneath his body, painted over by the added playful phrase and the faint smile on flushed features. "Possessive...planning to put me on a leash already."
He looked at Axel after all, just the faintest ring of vibrant blue around deepest black. He had not wanted to at first, had not wanted to watch what was sure to be the others departure, fading... With closed eyes, if the red head were just gone when he looked again, it would have been so much easier to go on, pretend...But there was nothing to pretend, was there? Even though he was a master of pretending, of fooling everyone and even himself ... there were things that couldn't be faked nor denied.

Axel chuckled. “I’m the one wearing the leash,” he said with a smirk, feeling his mind fall into a melancholy sort of state. It wasn’t that he was happy to be leaving Roxas, but he couldn’t say he was horribly sad about it, either. He was simply… satisfied for the time being, content with the knowledge that he would see the blond again and that the boy might even look forward to it now, though certainly not as much as the red head already did.
The surroundings began blurring into a different setting, night darkened walls were replaced by stark white ones and Roxas’ check started feeling strangely like fabric. The two locations blurred and combined around him before reverting back to the plain, despised, room that Axel had originally fallen asleep in. He sighed as he stared up at his ceiling, cursing it because it no longer looked like Roxas.
“Well,” he said to himself, lazily hefting himself out of bed, “Time to go get myself in trouble.” He slowly meandered about his room, reaching to grab a fresh coat before finally noticing that he was already holding something. He stared drowsily at his clenched fist, forgetting what was so important about keeping his hand like that. He uncurled his fingers and stared at his palm.
It was there.
He clenched his fist again, moving about the room with renewed energy, nearly bounding into his coat and out the door. Any punishment would be completely worth it now, because he knew his dreams were real.

It was a strange sensation, the fading caress of Axel’s fingers against his cheek, vanishing like the slow vestiges of a lingering dream, like the man himself, whose body was losing substance right in front of Roxas’ eyes. Like the afterimage of a dream. But the proof of reality was there, in the dull pain, the buzz of pleasure dragging him ever closer to sleep and the cooling liquid of their mingled essence across his thighs. It was a silly notion that chased through his thoughts, that he would have quite an uncomfortable time at school tomorrow, still, it brought a tired smile to his lips.
“I am going to pay you back for this, Axel,” he whispered into the still room. It was so easy to think like that, to take it for granted that they would meet again, that he would have a chance for his own brand of revenge, when there were so many odds stacked against them.
‘ I wont let you leave me again’ Axel had meant those words, but so had Roxas. It might not be their choice and even if… He opened his eyes, only now becoming aware that they had slipped shut, that he had drifted off. Lazily he raised his hand, starring t his fingers, or to be exact at the place where his white ring used to be. He couldn’t remember ever taking it off longer than a few minutes and his finger felt strangely naked without it, the skin paler, nearly white next to tan. The blond still didn’t know what had made him give the ring to Axel, maybe the desperate need to proof to the other that he was real, to leave something tangible with the red head as the other had left with him. His lids slit shut and he pressed his lips against the place were the ring used to be.
“You better take care…”
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Date:August 5th, 2009 09:19 am (UTC)


This was GREAT!! So very sexy and well written!! Good job on this!!! ^__^