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Kingdom Hearts RPG

In Darkness and In Light

July 17th, 2006

Log: Riku, Roxas; part 1 @ 10:11 am

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Characters: Riku, Roxas
Warnings: mention of rape, violence, overly long
Summary: Worried about Riku Roxas travels to Destiny Island and gets involved into the trouble with Drew.

Roxas was chewing nervously on his bottom lip, mobile phone pressed in the nook between shoulder and ear as he listened to it ring for the fifth time. His hands were resting on the keyboard, eyes still fixed on the computer screened that seemed to mock him with the cheerful colours of his flist. The blond frowned as the sixth tone rang out and still no one had answered his call. "Come on, Riku...pick up your damn phone..."
Riku quickly walked out of his room to get to his cell phone which was laying on the counter in the kitchen. He picked it up, looking at the caller. With a raised eyebrow he answered it. "Hey, Roxas!" He said cheerfully.
'Finally!' The blond straightened in his seat, relaxing slightly as he heard Riku's voice. "Hey yourself." There was a smile in his voice, downplaying the worry that had been eating at him a moment ago. "I was beginning to think that you wouldn't pick up."
Riku grinned sheepishly, rubbing the small bruise that was forming on his knee. "Yeah...Sorry about that...I tripped over a shirt that was in my floor and fell..." He grinned a bit. "So what's up?"
Roxas felt a blush burning high on his cheekbones at the mention of 'shirt' and 'tripped', mind conjuring up tantalizing images of the last time that had happened to him. Felt the ghostly caress and the burn against his back, recalled the taste of fire in his mouth. He shook it off, forcing himself back to the present and the conversation at hand, embarrassed that he would drift off like that.
"Not much," he managed to answer after a few seconds, throat dry. "I actually just called to ask you if you are okay..."
Riku furrowed his eyebrows at the phone in curiosity. "I'm fine...why do you ask?" He leaned against the counter for a moment before deciding that was uncomfortable and moving to the living room to sit down on the couch.
At the other end of the line Roxas fingers moved over the scrollbar of his mouse, moving the list on his screen downwards. His voice had gone serious, eyes running over the lines he had just read a few moments ago, which had made him call in the first place.
"Your journal entry made me worry...you...you didn't sound fine."
Riku flushed, mentally beating himself for forgetting to make that entry private. "Oh...that...that was nothing...Don't worry about it..." He said, his voice feigning happiness in attempt to reassure the other.
The blond frowned, blue eyes narrowing to a glare as he took the phone in one hand. His voice was carefully neutral, even though worry and no small amount of anger was gnawing at his inside. Did Riku think him so foolish that he would fall for that lie? "Too late, I already am worrying. What is going on, Riku? And don't tell me about it being nothing..."
"It...it..." Riku trailed off with a sigh. He was quiet for a few minutes before choosing his words carefully. "This guy...from school has...been...bothering me lately...and...it's starting to get to me..." He said slowly and cautiously.
Roxas was silent for a few moments, thinking about what Riku had said. He had not missed the hesitation in the other boy's voice and when the blond spoke up again it was quiet and serious. "The same guy that has been bothering Kairi?"
Bingo. Riku cringed at how perceptive the other was, feeling hesitant to say yes. After a couple seconds he answered, his voice quiet. "...Yeah..."
The blond cursed silently, having hoped that he might be wrong with his assumption. But really, it had been the only logical resolution. Riku had never mentioned anyone giving him problems at school, seemed to have enjoyed his time there. The only troublemaker that had been mentioned and would account for the anxiousness was Kairi's stalker. He hadn't paid that much attention to it at the time, too caught up in his own problems to pay attention to the troubles his friends were going through and now, looking back on all of it, he could hate himself for it. It was so fucking obvious that the guy, whoever he was, wouldn't give up and that it would only have been a matter of time before things turned ugly and others became involved. "I take it then that things have not been resolved...what is going on, Riku? I am worried about you..."
Riku was quiet for a moment before looking off to the side a look of worry, fear, and sadness crossing his features. "Well....lets just say he's leaving Kairi alone now..." He said, hoping he could just leave it at that. He didn't want the other to worry about him; he knew Roxas had his own problems to worry about.
Oh, Roxas wasn't going to let it rest. Suspicions were coiling coldly in the pit of his stomach. Normally words like those would suggest that the stalker had been dealt with, would be no problem anymore. But the tone of Riku's voice, the entry in his journal ... it belied the feeble reassurance and for once the blond was not about to let it drop. This wasn't some minor issue, some banter that could just be shoved aside. "And what about you?"
Riku closed his eyes, unable to lie to his friend but also not able to tell him. He remained quiet, his fist clenching on the fabric of his shorts. He wanted to tell Roxas that it was over, that nothing was happening to him...that he wasn't being raped almost every week. But, he knew the other wouldn't believe him. He shifted uncomfortably, unable to find his voice.
The cold that had settled in his stomach spread icy fingers up his spine as the silence stretched between them, became so heavy that Roxas felt he could suffocate in it. His gaze wandered aimlessly, nervously...finally coming to rest on the scattered pile of papers on his desk. Pale fingers reached out, tugging them closer, picking one of them out. His eyes came to rest on it, fingertips touching the smears and lines of dark colours.
"Riku, I am coming over to Destiny Island. We will talk about this face to face in the morning."
Riku's eyes widened at the other's statement. "But...It..." He stuttered before giving up. He knew the stubborn blonde would come even if he told him not to. He sighed a bit and looked to the door, which had become a habit because he was always expecting Drew to burst in at any second. His voice was quiet and resigned when he spoke. "Ok..."
The blond sighed softly, still looking at the picture he had picked out. It hurt him to hear the other like this, so...broken. "I will probably be able to get the late ferry to the island, so I should be there tomorrow morning, around eight or so..." He trailed off briefly, considering something. "Can you stay over at Sora's or Kairi, or have one of them at your place?"
Riku looked at the door again and shook his head, although the other couldn't see it. "It's ok if I stay here...I'll be fine..." He said. He didn't want to bother Sora and Kairi to come over just because he was afraid, although he would never admit it. He was Riku. He wasn't afraid of anything. At least on the outside he wasn't.
One could actually hear the frown that Roxas wore as he answered bluntly. "You don't sound fine and I don't think you are. It probably would be best if you were with one of them." Not that Roxas could actually do anything about it if Riku were to refuse. He did not have the numbers of Sora and Kairi, as he did not have the chance to exchange them the last time he had been at Destiny Islands, and so would not be able to call them up himself to ask them to look after Riku...and hoping that they would see a hastily written entry in his lifejournal...who was he kidding? It was far too late in the night for that.
Riku shook his head again. "It's ok, really. I've been staying here by myself every night...Besides...If Sora or Kairi were here and he came over he'd-" He stopped abruptly when he realized what he was saying. He had started talking without thinking, and he hoped the other hadn't noticed what he had said. He knew he was wrong though.
"Came over and he'd...what the fuck is going on, Riku?!" Roxas didn't care that he had slipped into profanities, in the voice of the normally soft spoken boy had become sharp with worry. "And don't you dare nothing me!" The blond was up and about, banging his wardrobe and drawers open, throwing things together to take with him, full of sudden, nervous energy.
Riku winced at the tone of the other's voice. "He'd..." His voice dropped to a very soft volume. "He'd try to do stuff to them too..." He said softly and slowly, almost as though he were ashamed.
Roxas felt sick suddenly, sick to the very pit of his stomach and he thought he could taste the acid taste of vomit on his tongue. His hands had stilled, the shirt he was about to stuff into his bag falling onto his bed, a small pile of white fabric.
"...Riku..." Shock had found its way into his voice and the blond swallowed dryly. It was a struggle to force it down, to keep the small tremble out of his words. If it was one of anger or fright he was not sure himself, maybe both. But he managed to force it down, bury it under a layer of a reasonable soft voice. "Go stay with Sora for the night. We will meet up in the morning, talk and then settle this once and for all."
Riku opened his mouth to protest, closing it again and sighing. "Ok..." He said, although he had no intention of complying. He was going to stay the night in his own apartment. He didn't want to have to explain that if Drew came over and he wasn't there, he'd go to Kairi's and...His mind trailed off at the thought, feeling a bit sick.
"Listen...it's the best thing to do. I am not really sure what it's going on, but please...you will be save with Sora and his parents, and Kairi will be okay with her parents for one night." The blond's shoulders slumped as he sat down heavily onto his bed. "I don't think you should be alone..."
"I know...but..." He said. "Never mind..." He moved so that he was laying down on the couch, but could still see the door.
Roxas frowned. "I do mind. You are my friend. I worry about you, just as I do about Kairi and Sora. And something is obviously very wrong."
Riku allowed a small smile, but it quickly fell. "I'll....I'll explain everything when you get here..." He said, placing a hand over his eyes, rubbing them a bit.
"You better..." Roxas drifted off, gaze falling onto his watch. "Riku, I gotta hurry if I want to catch the last ferry. Promise you will go over to Sora's or Kairi's?"
"Yeah..." He lied. He still didn't want to go to Sora's or Kairi's just because he was afraid. "Wait...where are you going to stay for tonight? The ferry only takes a couple hours..." He said, sitting up a bit.
Roxas picked his shirt up again, stuffing it into the backpack, uncaring that it would be wrinkled beyond recognition. "I still have to take the train to get to the ferry. I will sleep there and on the boat itself. Figured that I would crash on the beach again when it reached Destiny Island...going to sleep will hardly be worth it at that point anyway."
"Why don't you just come to my apartment...I'll stay up until you get here..." He said, sitting up all the way.
"Riku...you are supposed to be at Sora's..."
"I know...If you come here, I'll just stay here and wait for you...That way I won't be alone and you won't be sleeping out in the open..." He suggested.
The blond sighed, shaking his head even though the other couldn't see it. "That's nice, Riku, I appreciate the offer, but it will be hours until I will be over and there is no point in waiting up all night...and you would be alone for quite some time, don't try to weasel yourself out of your promise", he added with a small smile.
Riku sighed. "Alright...." He said, "I'm coming back to my apartment early tomorrow morning though, so just come over whenever you want..." He said. "Call me before you're ready, and I'll give you directions, ok?"
"Okay, I am going to call you in the morning." Roxas pulled his bag closed, having added some other things to his clothes. "I will get going now. You take care of yourself meanwhile."
"Ok...See you soon, Rox!" He said, a hint of a smile in his voice. Now that he knew Roxas was coming, he felt a bit relieved for some reason. He wasn't quite sure why.
The blond grumbled something about his name being Roxas, but there was no real anger in his voice. "Yeah, will see you tomorrow. Sleep well." He hung up after that, looking down at the phone in his hand. He was more worried than he cared to admit. Riku's words were still fresh in his mind, but more so Roxas was worried about the things that had not been said but only hinted at. The blond did have a few suspicions of what had been happening, but he did not want to think about it, find those half formed theories confirmed. Just to hear the other boy broken like this made him feel sick to his stomach. It was nothing like the Riku he remembered, nothing like the cheerful boy he had befriended and nothing like the proud warrior he had fought. He frowned, determination shining in his eyes as he got up, shouldering his backpack. He couldn't just sit by and let this happen. Even if they might be enemies in what twisted reality that had been, here they were friends.
Riku flipped his cell phone closed and set it on the end table, a looked mixed between sadness and fondness entering his gaze as he looked down at the phone. He still wasn't going to go to Sora's, even though he promised the other he would. Sure he felt bad about lying to the other, but he was just to proud to admit he was afraid. With a heaved sigh, he stood up and went back to his bedroom, sitting down at his desk and looking at the screen of his laptop.

Fifteen minutes later found Roxas at the station, huddled on a bench while he waited for his train to arrive, his hastily packed rucksack next to him. He had called Rinoa on the way, begging her to cover for him at work. She had agreed, probably catching on to the worry colouring his voice, and they had swapped weekend shift. Now there was only one call left, though he wasn't all that certain that it would be a good idea. Roxas was aware that Hayner deserved to know that he was leaving for the weekend, and be it only so that the other blond wouldn't worry if he dropped by and Roxas was gone. Still, there was the awkwardness gnawing inside of him and his mind found excuses to not call his friend. It was too late, he would only worry more, you can cal him tomorrow... He sighed, shoulders slumping. They were excuses. Simple as that. He couldn't just run away from his best friend, even more so that he himself was to blame for the tension that had taken root.
The blond fumbled his cell phone out his pocket, flicking the top open and hitting speed deal 1. He would let it ring three times, if Hayner didn't pick up he would send simply send an im and leave it at that.
Hayner picked up on the second ring after looking at the clock and wondering who would be calling so late. "Hello?" He asked into the phone.
So much for the hope that Hayner would be asleep before midnight for once. "Hey, Hayner...sorry, for calling this late..."
Hayner furrowed his eyebrows at the sound of Roxas' voice. He never called this late. "It's fine! Is something wrong?" He asked.
"I am alright." Roxas ran a hand through his hair, leaving his fingers clutching the strands at the back of his head. " "I am just calling to tell you that I am travelling to Destiny Island for the weekend...I don't want you to worry when I don't show up at the usual place tomorrow."
"Oh! Ok...that's cool! Any reason? Or do you just want to relax for the weekend?" Hayner asked curiously.
Roxas was silent for a few moments, contemplating what to say, not sure how much Riku would want him to say. It was a private matter after all. In the end he settled for a vague answer. "I am worried about the gang. Do you remember the problems Kairi had with that stalker? Looks like things have become worse since then."
Hayner knew that Roxas wasn't telling him everything, but he decided not to push it, knowing his friend had his reasons. "Ah, Ok! I hope everything works out! Tell the gang I said hi!" He said, smiling brightly, though inside he was frowning with worry about what was going on that had Roxas leaving Twilight Town just to check up on them. It had to be urgent, whatever it was.
Roxas smiled softly, happy that his friend obviously understood and did not press for more information. "Thanks, I really hope that too...and I will tell them. I am sure they will be happy to hear from you. If everything goes well I should be back by Sunday evening..."
"Alright! Sounds good! Call me if you need anything at all...I'll be there in a heart beat..." He said, meaning every word.
"I know..." Roxas voice had dropped, becoming soft and earnest. Emotions just bubbling under the surface. "Thanks Hayner."
"No problem, Roxas. Just be safe..." He said, his smile gracing his lips once again.
"I will..." A high and loud squeal interrupted the boy and Roxas winced, the sound hurting in his ears. "I have to go, my train just came. Sorry again for calling so late!"
"S'not a problem! I'll talk to you later!" Hayner said, wincing himself at the sounds of the train.
"Later!" The blond was already getting up, gathering his things up from the bench when he said his goodbye. Snapping the phone shut and stuffing it back into his pocket he hurried onto the train, mind already on the things which might await him at the end of his journey.
Hayner pushed the end call button on his cell phone and set it down on his desk, a worried look crossing his features. What could possibly have happened that Roxas would feel the need to go to Destiny Islands? His hand moved up his arm, brushing against his stitches and he winced. The wound hadn't healed, and it looked like it was going to be a while before any progress was made.
Roxas hid a yawn behind one hand while a stretched, eyes screwing shut. It was early morning, the sun just over the edge of the sea and the air still crisp. The streets of the cosy village of Destiny Island lay empty mostly, nearly everyone was still asleep, ensconced in their warm beds. The blond rubbed his eyes as he trotted on, rucksack slung lazily over his shoulder. He had reached the shore about two hours ago and had watched the sunrise from the docks, dozing as he hadn't gotten too much sleep last night. It had been the alarm on his cell phone that had snapped him out of his daydreams in the end. He had completely forgotten to turn it off after having set it yesterday to wake him on time for work.
Deciding that it was better to move about and see if he could find Riku's apartment complex on his own than to fall asleep at the docks he had gotten up and started to wander aimlessly. It wasn't as if Destiny Island was big enough to actually got lost...

It was nearing 7 am when he finally conceded defeat.
Looking rather lost he got out his cell again, pondering for a moment before shrugging and dialling Riku's number. Seven was late enough...
Riku looked up from the book he was reading with a yawn when he heard the phone ring. He reached behind him and looked at the caller. With a small smile, he flipped open the phone. "Hey, Roxas."
"Morning, Riku." Roxas bit down the concern he felt at the fact that the other boy had obviously been awake this early in the morning...maybe Riku had really waited up for his call, but he doubted it...never mind that he was fairly sure that the boy hadn't stuck to his promise. "I seem kind of lost, mind giving me the directions to your place?"
"Sure! Where are you right now?" Riku asked, setting his book down and standing up, moving to the kitchen so he could get himself something to drink.
"Wait a moment..." The blond looked around, searching for any street sign that could tell him where he was. It took him a while until he finally found a pole on which two plates were mounted. "White Shore Alley."
"Ah! You're about two streets away. Do you see the play island in the distance?" Riku asked, opening his freezer and pulling out some ice cream. It was ok to have a chocolate shake for breakfast. He set the ice cream down on the counter and pulled out the milk.
Roxas turned until he managed to spot the small island in the distance. "Yes, I do."
"Alright. Go toward the island and about two streets down, you'll see the entrance to Angel Heights...That's my complex...You'll have to go all the way around to the back of the complex to get to my apartment. It's number 257..." He explained, pulling out the blender and putting all the ingredients inside.
The blond nodded, even though the other wouldn't see it. "Okay, I will be there in a moment. See you in a few."
"Ok! Bye!" Riku hung up and was about to start the blender when he realized he hadn't showered. He sighed, looking sadly down at his unmade chocolate shake and put the container part of the blender in the freezer. He'd just have to finish later. He made his way to his bathroom, where he pulled off his clothes and stepped into the shower, turning the water on.
It took Roxas a few minutes to reach the apartment complex and find Riku's number. The complex looked nice...a lot nicer than the house he lived in in Twilight Town and he found himself stopping outside for a while, simply enjoying the view of the sea in the distance, a calm pool of blue that reflected the few white clouds that passed over the sky, and the outline of the play island against the sky before he finally walked in, searching for Riku's door.
Riku stepped out of the shower, pulling the towel from where it was hanging and dried off. He looked down at his hands, seeing the purple imprints of Drew's fingers on his wrist from when he had last pinned him down. With a sad look, he continued to dry off.
"257..." Roxas mumbled under his breath, double checking the number on the door, he did not want to disturb anyone else after all. Certain that he got the right door he knocked.
Riku had made his way to his room and was pulling his pants on when he heard the knock. He quickly fastened the button and zipper before looping a belt around his waist. His hair was still a bit wet and dripping down his chest. He looked at his shirt that was laying on the bed for a second before deciding that he'd let Roxas in and then finish getting dressed. He made his way to the front door and opened it, smiling at the blond boy, completely forgetting he was half naked. "Hey, Roxas!" He said, stepping to the side a bit so the other boy could enter.
Roxas smiled back, not at all disturbed that Riku would open the door for him half naked. It wasn't anything he hadn't seen before. "Hey, yourself. Nice to see you again." It really was, even though the circumstances were everything but nice. But even so he was glad to see Riku again. With all that had been happening he had barely noticed how much he missed the islands and the friends he had here, although...Roxas guessed things had changed...
He stepped through the door, toeing his shoes off and dropping his backpack in the corner next to them.
"Nice to see you too! Hang on just a sec...I'ma go put a shirt on...Just make yourself comfortable, and I'll be right back..." He said with a smile, and made his way back to his room.
Roxas nodded, the smile that he has on his face slipping into a frown as he looked at the other's back. Noticing the arrangement of mottled bruises along the shoulder blades... Dread that he had been able to forget during his travel returned full force and he silently walked over to the couch, dropping heavily onto the cushions.
Riku dried his hair off some more and pulled the plain black t-shirt over his head. It was a bit tight, but not so tight it was noticeable. He walked back out into the living room, smiling at the other boy on his couch. "Have you had breakfast?" He asked.
Roxas shook his head, trying to mask the worry that had been plain to see a moment earlier. "No, I didn't have time yet."
Riku caught the worry in the other's eyes. "Are you ok?" He asked, moving to sit next to Roxas.
The blond shook his head. "I am okay." 'Well, mostly,' he added silently to himself. "But what about you?"
Riku shrugged a bit. "I'm fine..." For some reason he knew the other wasn't going to buy that, especially after the phone conversation they had had the previous night. Hoping to change the subject he added, "I haven't had breakfast either. I'll make us something...what do you want?"
Roxas scowled, blue eyes darkening as they narrowed to slits. "Don't lie to me. I can see that you are not fine, heck, a blind man probably could," he said bluntly, sick and tired of dancing around the issue or just dropping the subject whenever it became uncomfortable.
Riku looked into Roxas' narrowed eyes before frowning sadly and letting his gaze fall to his hands, which were laying on his legs. "I'm sorry...I guess this is the time where I explain everything to you...isn't it?" He asked quietly, sadness and a bit of nervousness leaking into his voice.
"Riku..." Roxas deflated with a sigh, running a hand trough his tousled hair. "You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to...I am not going to force you. But I am worried and I want to help you somehow. It is obvious you aren't okay, and, to tell the truth, I am scared..."
Riku looked up at him, a bit shocked, but his eyes still shown sadness. Roxas was right. He wasn't ok, and to be brutally honest he was scared as hell. "I want to tell you...no...I need to tell you..." He said quietly, looking into Roxas' blue eyes.
The blond nodded, managing a watery smile as he reached out, grasping Riku's hand in one of his own and giving it a soft squeeze. Somehow, desperately, hopelessly wanting to reassure the other boy that it would be okay. That whatever it was they would be able to somehow find a way through and out. "Whenever you want me to, I will listen," he said softly.
Riku gazed at him, a small smile spreading over his lips. He squeezed the others hand softly. "Thanks..." He swallowed and took a deep breath. "Kairi's stalker...I've actually known him for a long time...since my sophomore year of high school..." A small involuntary shiver ran through his body and he closed his eyes as the memory came rushing back to him.
Roxas entwined his fingers with Riku's in silent reassurance that he was there, but didn't do anything otherwise. It was obvious that it was hard for Riku to talk about this and he did not want to pressure the other boy, leaving him to find his own pace at which he wanted to tell things.
Riku opened his eyes to look down at their hands, finding comfort in that. He took a deep breath, telling himself mentally that he just needed to get it all out. Or at least everything that had happened the day Drew had first started bothering him. "I had joined the soccer team and one day after practice was in the locker room, getting changed. He walked up to me, mentioning something about how I was going to be co-captain of the team, and how he would enjoy working closely with me...and then the next thing I knew...He...he was kissing me...after that...He pinned me against the lockers and..." He trailed off, closing his eyes again.
Roxas had a pretty good idea what came after that...and Riku's silence spoke louder than words. The blond found anger bubbling acid bright his stomach, anger and sadness, worry, for Riku...and for Kairi too. He wanted to draw the other boy into an embrace, tell him that it was alright. But he did not know if the other even wanted to be touched, and nothing was alright. And so he sat there, at the edge of hugging Riku, of saying something, be it fake reassurance or an angry snarl of anger at that...bastard that had been messing with the other for so long.
Riku took another deep breath and opened his eyes again, staring at their joined hands but not really seeing them. "Long story short...He started stalking Kairi...and he tried to rape her...but I stopped him...until he discovered where I lived...and he came here and..." His voice dropped to where it was almost inaudible, but in the silence of his living room, it could still be heard. "Basically.. he's been coming here almost every week and..." His voice dropped softer. "Basically he's been raping me..." He said, his voice shaking.
"Oh god...Riku..." Roxas voice was small, choked, and before he could even think about he found himself across the couch, hugging the other boy firmly. He was shaking softly. He had expected it...he truly had expected and feared it, but to hear it...to know it was true and so much more terrible than he had...
Riku blinked when he felt Roxas hug him but soon closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around the other boy. He buried his face in the other's neck. He could feel Roxas trembling, and he knew that he was shaking a bit himself. He bit back the tears that were gathering in his eyes and held the other boy closer.
Roxas felt tears prickling at his eyes, as much out of sadness as out of helpless anger. The fingers of one hand were absently running through the other's hair, trying to calm himself and Riku down. "...we are going to stop him...it's going to be okay..." He whispered into the wet strands, a silent prayer laced with determination. He wouldn't accept anything else...
Riku nodded against the other's neck, the fingers in his hair comforting. He was silent for a few more moments. "Roxas..." He began, murmuring against the other's skin, "....I'm scared..." He said softly. He had never admitted to anyone that he was scared about anything. Not even to Sora and Kairi.
"It's okay to be scared..." the blond hugged the other closer softly, trying to offer what little comfort he could. "I am scared too, but that can't stop us from fighting..." Roxas closed his eyes, one hand still running through the damp silver strands, letting Riku lean against him.
Riku's hands clutched the other's shirt. "How? How could we possibly fight back...He's stronger than I am..." He said, his voice and body still shaking a bit. He pulled back, looking into the other's eyes, his unshed tears shining in his eyes.
Roxas somehow managed to force a reassuring smile on his lips. He was determined to be strong for the other, to somehow see him through...that's what friends are for. "Then we will use wit. We are going to think of something and we are going to stop that rotten bastard once and for all." His hands framed Riku's face and the blond looked him squarely into the eyes, wanting him to see the truth and determination in his eyes. "I promise."
Riku gazed back into the other's eyes. "Roxas..." He whispered before falling quiet for a couple seconds. A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. "Thanks..." He said, leaning closer, resting his forehead against the other's. He closed his eyes, the tears that were in his eyes falling to his cheeks. He didn't cry though. He was stronger than that.
Roxas tenderly wiped those tears away, thumbs dragging over the curve of the other boy's cheekbones. "There's no need for thanks, Riku...if anything I wished I could have helped you sooner." A soft, sad smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he spoke.
Riku opened his eyes to gaze into Roxas', leaning into the touch on his cheeks a bit. "I'm lucky..." He said softly, "I'm lucky to have a friend like you..." He said, his eyes masking his fear with fondness.
The blond laughed softly, a small ounce of happiness lightening the sound. "Maybe you are, but I am just as lucky." Gently he caressed Riku's cheeks one last time before he let go, heaving himself up from the couch. "I am going to make us some breakfast," Roxas said, cheekily inviting himself into the other boy's kitchen. "And after that we are going to make plans."
Riku smiled a bit, standing up and following Roxas to the kitchen. "Alright...I'll help...What do you want to eat?" He asked, leaning against the counters.
The blond had already opened the fridge and looked through the contents with furrowed brows. "I am not sure...depends on what you have..."
"Mm..." Riku thought for a second. "I have....eggs...rice...toast...We could have that if you want..." He said, moving to the pantry to look and make sure he did in fact have the things he said. When he saw that he had them, he smiled and looked at Roxas for approval.
The blond nodded with a smile, turning on the water to wash his hands. "We could have a traditional breakfast. It has been quite some time since I have had one." He hummed to himself. "What do you say, steamed rice, miso soup, rolled omelette? I could also run down to the market and get us some fish to grill..."
Riku smiled and moved beside Roxas. "Sure! I'll come with you...considering you don't know where the store is..." He said, watching the other, and crossing his arms.
Roxas playfully stuck out his tongue at the other boy, flicking a few drops of water in his direction. "I could have found it on my own...but I guess you can come with me." The blond winked, dropping the haughty tone he had used. "Going together is more fun anyway."
Riku chuckled lightly, holding back the almighty comment about the tongue. "I'm glad I can grace you with my presence..." He said, a grin coming across his lips.
Roxas smiled back, glad that the mood had lightened and that the other boy was able to smile. "Let's go then, before our supposed breakfast turns out to be lunch after all."
Riku nodded and moved to the front door, slipping his shoes on and placing his hand on the door knob. He paused and looked at Roxas, a small smile on his lips. "Roxas...Thank you for everything..."
He smiled, fondly, a hint of sadness at the very edge of it, barely noticeable as he shook his head softly. "It's the least I can do...I want to help and be there for my friends as long as I am able to." Roxas tilted his head to the ground, eyes hidden behind a messy veil of blond, silence stretching between them, before he perked up again, smile bright and mischievous. "Beside, don't thank me quite yet. You are going to regret it when I have polished off all your food."
Riku grinned and chuckled lightly. "I'm still grateful though...It means the world to me..." He said, opening the door and holding it open for Roxas.
"You are welcome." The blond said with a sincere smile. He hastily slipped into his sneakers and walked out of the apartment, nodding his thanks. Roxas stopped a few steps away, hands buried in his pockets as he waited for Riku to lock the door and lead the way.

Riku shut the door to this apartment and locked it, slipping his key back into his pocket. With a smile at Roxas he started walking. He glanced up at the sky, seeing it had become slightly cloudy and dark, not uncommon for the early part of summer at the islands. Surprise thunderstorms happened at least once a week. "Hn...It looks like it's going to rain..." He commented idly, slipping his hands into his back pockets. As though to emphasize his point, a distant rumble of thunder sounded and he glanced at Roxas. "We'll have to hurry...or we'll get soaked..." He said with a slight grin. They were already about half way out of the complex and it was obvious that he was too lazy to go back and get an umbrella.
The blond frowned slightly, looking up at the overcast sky as if he was trying to tell it 'Don't you dare get me wet!'. Roxas' steps were already picking up speed, setting a brisk. if there was one thing he did not like it was getting soaked. He had nothing against rain...as long as he was happily curled up in his cosy apartment and watching it from his window while sipping tea. He turned to look at Riku, who had dropped a few steps behind. "Mo~ove! I don't want to get wet." His voice had taken on a slightly childish, whiny tone, the scowl on his lips more of a pout.
Riku laughed and picked up his pace. "We've got like...a half an hour before it'll start raining! The store's only five minutes away...We've got nothing to worry about..." He said, grinning at the other boy.
Roxas waited to let the other boy catch up with him, before falling in step. "Well," he said with a light grin: „knowing our luck we will probably end up in the middle of the downpour anyway."
Riku chuckled lightly. "More than likely..." Another rumble of thunder sounded off in the distance and Riku grinned. "Sounds like it's gonna be a hell of a storm..." He said, his voice showing his enthusiasm. He looked over at the slightly darker clouds that were creeping up on the play island
Roxas followed Riku's gaze and his eyes widened in surprise as he watched the fast and furious gathering of clouds. It sure was different to Twilight Town. "Does this happen often? Storms out of nowhere..."
"We get really bad storms about once a month...and smaller showers about once a week." Riku said, grinning at the billowing clouds. "Looks like the lightening charges are mainly in the cloud...although that greenish purple colour isn't good at all...looks like an anvil cloud mixed with a wall cloud is forming..." He said mostly to himself, still grinning happily.
"...just great...", the blond muttered under his breath. He really could not share in Riku's enthusiasm over the storm. "I am just glad I took the night ferry and not the one in the morning..."
Riku chuckled lightly. "Yeah...but it won't be that bad..." He said in a matter of fact tone. With one last look and grin at the dark clouds, he looked back down at Roxas. "You don't like storms?" He asked curiously.
"...not really." Roxas admitted after a moment. "I don't like it when it's dark...I prefer the sunshine." The world that never was had always been dark, just the light of Kingdom Hearts in the sky and even that had often been hidden by stormy rain clouds. He shook those thoughts off, forcing a quick smile on his face, which had become blank in the few seconds he had pondered the world he came from.
"My hair always frizzes when it's wet, so I try to avoid the rain."
Riku laughed lightly at the statement. "Then we'll hurry so you don't have to worry about it..." He said with a smile. "I love the rain...Storms even more so..." He said, looking back at the clouds
Roxas kept his gaze on the other boy, watching Riku gazing at the clouds. "Why?"
Riku smiled. "I don't really know...They're so powerful and unpredictable. The things I like the most are tornados, water spouts, and hurricanes. They're just amazing. The fact that such a destructive force can be held in such an innocent thing as a cloud is..." He trailed off with a shake of his head, unable to find the word to describe it.
Roxas chuckled softly, shaking his head as he patted the taller boy's shoulder. "You sure are strange sometimes...but I think I understand what you mean." His hand dropped from Riku‘s shoulder and instead he pointed ahead at a close by building. "Is that the store you mentioned?"
Riku looked to where Roxas pointed and smiled. "Yeah..."
The blond shot the other boy a challenging smirk, blue eyes mischievous. "Up for a challenge? Last one there has to clean out the fish."
Riku smirked back. "You're on! Ready go!" He said, taking off in a run.
A firm scowl was on Roxas' face, bottom lip stuck out and glaring fiercely, sharp knife in one hand. His whole position radiated annoyance and if the offender wasn't already dead, the angry gaze would surely have offed them. Grumbling the blond set the tip of the sharp blade against the flesh, cutting open the stomach to get at the intestines. "I can't believe I lost..." Roxas made a face as he continued to gut the fish, grimacing as he shoved his fingers into the gap he had made. " Urk...me and my big mouth..
Riku was leaning against the counter behind, trying to hold in his small snicker because he knew if he let it out, he would have a knife in his throat in a split second. He moved behind Roxas, looking over his shoulder at his progress. His hands rested on the counter on either side of the boy. "That looks disgusting..." He commented.
Roxas tensed up as the other moved close behind him, effectively trapping him against the counter. He felt the small hairs on his neck rise as Riku's breath ghosted over the sensitive skin. He might have gotten flustered...if his fingers weren't buried up to the second knuckle in fish guts. "It is disgusting. But if you think that you can clean those fish in a more pleasant manner be my guest."
Riku gave a small chuckle. "No, no...you're doing a far better job than I could've done..." He said. It was true. He grinned wickedly as he got an idea. He leaned a bit closer, his upper body pressing into Roxas' just enough for the other to feel the pressure of it. "I don't think I've ever cleaned a fish before..." He said softly, his lips right next to Roxas' ear.
Roxas jerked forward at the sudden breaching of his close personal space. He turned his head, or at least tried to. The counter cut his escape short, hip bones bumping against the edge. He was about to raise his hand to press over the tingling skin of his ear, remembering at the last moment that he still held the knife. Roxas turned his head lightly to catch a glimpse of the face so close to his own. "What was that for?"
Riku smirked, pressing a bit closer. "What do you mean?" He asked, his tone feigning innocence, his breath still fanning over the other's ear softly.
There wasn't anywhere left to go for Roxas, front flush against the kitchen counter, Riku practically plastered to his back, which, coupled with the breath upon his ear, brought the faintest flush of red to his cheeks. That didn't stop him from bristling at the other boy's feigned innocence though and he scowled. "I mean what are you doing all over me?"
"All over you? You think this is all over you?" Riku asked softly with a small snicker. This was no where near "all over you".
The scowl became a bit darker at Riku's obvious amusement, just as the pink hue over the bridge of his nose. "It's all over enough for me to warrant fish guts in your face if you don't stop laughing."
Riku stopped laughing, but his smile didn't disappear. "Why are you blushing Roxas?" He asked softly, leaning his face a bit closer to the other's.
"I am not blushing," the blond hissed, wanting to smack himself for the silly answer the next moment. But Roxas wasn't about to tell the truth, that his ears and neck were sensitive, never mind that it brought back memories of a few days ago, which he valiantly tried to ignore. "And even if I am it is because I am getting angry."
Riku chuckled lightly and pulled back from Roxas just as a somewhat loud rumble of thunder sounded. Riku looked over to the window in the kitchen and saw the dark clouds overhead. He smiled. "Looks like we made it back just in time..." He said. He hadn't moved from his position behind Roxas, but he had removed the little bit of pressure he had put on the boy.
Roxas nodded, now more at ease as the other boy was no longer breathing down his neck. He too watched the window, silent as the first fat drops of rain spattered against the glass, soon becoming a steady downpour that played a merry melody on roof and leafs, interrupted by the occasional rumble of thunder. "We sure were lucky to not be caught in that," he said softly.
"Mmhmm..." Riku hummed in response. He really wanted to go outside and look at the clouds. He remembered his mother yelling at him to come inside when it would start raining and he would still be out there, gazing up at the clouds in wonder. He smiled fondly at the memory.
Picking up on Riku's sudden shift of mood Roxas remained silent, a small smile on his face as he caught a glimpse of the other's expression, so obviously lost in fond memories. He no longer struggled or complained about the others closeness, as long as they were like this he did not mind. So he turned back to the fish, continuing his work and humming a simple, cheerful tune to himself.
Riku looked down at Roxas with a smile, glad the other's mood had improved. He watched silently as Roxas cleaned the fish, trying to remember how to do it so that Roxas wouldn't have to the next time. The sounds of the rain and the low rumble of the thunder created a lulling atmosphere. He pressed a bit closer to Roxas unconsciously, but stopped. He was only close enough to feel the warmth of the other's body.
Eventually Roxas was finished with gutting the fishes. It was far from professional, the process messy and the cut irregular, but he had gotten the job done and the cleaned pieces were sizzling in a pan, the hiss of the oil accompanying his silent song. The blond gave Riku a quick smile as he puttered around in the kitchen, rather searching for the things he needed instead of asking. It was a comfortable silence they found themselves in, warm for the closeness they shared, heavy with the delicious smell of cooking food and alive with the sound of rain.
Riku smiled as he watched the other work and began pulling stuff out to make some green tea. It was strange. This was how it was with Sora. There wasn't any need to say anything to the other. He could read Roxas' movements and know what he was thinking and feeling. A small smile remained on his lips despite his confusion. Why did Roxas remind him so much of Sora?
He wondered as he began making the tea.
It didn't take the blond long to finish with the breakfast preparations, used to cooking for himself and having gotten some practise at his latest job. Roughly twenty minutes later he was finished, setting out the still steaming dishes of rice, grilled fish, miso soup, fermented soy beans and rolled omelette, a few Dorayaki set cooling on the kitchen counter. The blond cleaned off his hands with a dishtowel, looking over the food he had prepared with a small smile of satisfaction. "I guess we can eat now."
Riku grinned and nodded. "Yeah...this looks great! How the hell did you learn to cook like this?" He asked, pouring himself and Roxas some tea.
Roxas chuckled, nodding in thanks at Riku for pouring him tea, and carefully cradled the delicate cup in his hands. "I taught myself. I have been living alone as far as I can think back, so I had to learn. It was either that or live off of microwaveable pizza. It was alright for a week or two, but after a month I couldn't even smell them anymore without getting queasy."
Riku laughed lightly, pulling out some plates for them to use. "I can understand that...I would cook for myself, but normally Kairi comes over and she ends up cooking..." He said with a small grin. He handed Roxas a plate.
"Ts, ts... Riku the housewife isn't cooking for himself? Shame on you." Roxas teased softly and with a smile. He set his plate down and sipped his tea, making a small sound of appreciation at the taste. "But that's really nice of Kairi, that she would come over and cook for you. At least things between the three of you seem to go well."
Riku gave a small pout at being called a housewife again. He thought that they had forgotten about that. "Things are going well...Well...I think they are at least...Things between Kairi and I have gotten a bit tense because of the whole Drew thing..." He said, the name tasting bitter on his tongue. He took a drink of his tea. "She wants to help...but I told her she couldn't...because Drew...would ..." He trailed off for a second. "Sorry...I didn't mean to get back on that..." He said softly, staring down into his tea.
Roxas shook his head lightly. "It's okay, we will have to talk about it sooner or later if we are going to put a stop to that bastard. But I figured we would do so after breakfast.." He set his cup down and reached over the table to take Riku's hand, giving it a soft reassuring squeeze and forcing a small smile onto his lips. "It's easier to plot downfall, doom and death on full stomach."
Riku gave a small smile, trying to mask the sadness in his eyes, and squeezed the other's hand back. "Yeah...let's eat..." He said.

Riku set down his eating utensils with a satisfied sigh. "That was really good..." He said, smiling at Roxas and taking a drink of his tea. The rain still hadn't let up and it was rather windy outside. There was still the occasional rumble of thunder, but it was still in the distance, a signal to Riku that the heart of the storm had yet to pass. He just hoped the power wouldn't go off. Sure he had candles and stuff, but he'd rather not have to deal with that.
"Thanks", Roxas smiled at the other, before going back to picking on the last few pieces of his Dorayaki. He had abandoned his eating utensils when it came to dessert and was instead tearing off small pieces of the filed pancakes, eating them that way and licking sweet bean paste from his fingers whenever it oozed out from between the batter. He wasn't hungry anymore, actually he felt rather full and just a second short of bursting out of the seams, but he would be damned if he threw the sweet away.
Riku watched him and was, once again, deeply reminded of Sora. It kind of troubled him how similar the two were. It also troubled him that he had never noticed it before. He drained the last of his tea before standing and taking his plate to the sink. He quickly cleaned the kitchen up and went back to the table, smiling at Roxas. "Are you done with your plate?" He asked.
Roxas nodded, mouth still full with the last bit of food, and stood up, picking up the last of his used dishes, meaning to bring them to the sink.
Riku took the dishes from him and smiled. "You made breakfast! It's only fair that I clean up..." He said, before moving to the sink.
Finally having finished eating the blond shook his head. "It's okay...I like cooking." He followed Riku into the kitchen, trailing the other boy to the sink. "'side, we can share the work. One washes, the other can dry the plates. We will be faster that way. And it's more fun."
Riku sighed and looked at Roxas. "Alright...but I'm washing...you can dry plates..." He said, turning on the water and pulling out the dish soap.
The blond nodded and picked up the dishtowel from where he had thrown it earlier, leaning on the counter next to Riku as he waited for the other boy to hand the first plate to him. His silence was a thoughtful one and it was only after he was handed the first plate to dry that Roxas spoke up. "...have you had any dreams lately? Of our past?"
Riku stopped washing for a split second, but continued right after, handing Roxas the plate when he was done. "Not recently...the last one I had was the memory on the paopu island..." He trailed off for a second. "No! Wait! I had one the other day...it was about..." He stopped washing as he thought. "Something about how I smelled of darkness..." He trailed off and began washing again. "I'm not quite sure what that means...There was...this hologram...I called him 'Your majesty'...It's fuzzy...I was in...I was in a castle...I think it was Castle Oblivion..." He said softly, continuing to wash the plate.
"...I see" Roxas reached for the next plate, carefully wiping the surface dry before stacking it on top of the other. He didn't remember anyone who would have been addressed as 'majesty'...there was just the superior and he rightly assumed they weren't the same person. But that the other has mentioned smelling of darkness...Roxas had his suspicions about who that might have said.
Riku looked at him curiously. "Why? Have you?" He asked, washing the next dish distractedly.
"...I..." Roxas trailed off, half dry plate set on the counter before him, He stared sightlessly down onto the surface, fingers restlessly kneading the dish rag. "I...do you remember when I told you that I met this man...who told me that he knew me from before I lost my memories?"
Riku stopped washing the dish and gazed at Roxas. "Yeah..." He said slowly, "What about him?"
"I met him again after that. Twice, the last time a few days ago at home." Roxas picked up the plate again, mindlessly returning to his work. he needed to do something with his hand, occupy himself with something else but their conversation. Why was he telling Riku about this anyway? The older boy had enough problems of his own, he didn't need to hear what kind of mess the blond had gotten himself into. Beside...beside he didn't even know anymore if they were on the same side.
Riku continued to look at him, not resuming his washing. "And?" He asked. He knew there was more to it than just that, or else the blonde wouldn't have brought it up.
Roxas bit nervously at his lower lip, chewing at the flesh until it was a fierce red...red like the faint blush that was starting to develop high on his cheekbones. "Umm..." The dish rag was still rubbing over the plate, though by now it was probably drier than a desert in summer. "...he seems to have been my best friend and lover." The last piece the blond had said in a rushed, whispered breath.
Riku placed his hand on Roxas' to stop him from drying the already dry plate. "Say that again...I didn't hear you..." He said, turning to face Roxas. He had almost thought the boy had said lover.
"...forget it. It's not important anyway." His gaze still would not meet that of the boy next to him, instead he was looking intently at their hands.
Riku furrowed his eyebrows and squeezed Roxas' hand gently. "But..." He placed his other hand to the boy's cheek, making him look at him. "Tell me...you wouldn't have brought it up if it didn't mean something..." He said softly.
The boy laughed softly, a sad sound. "I had a lover, Riku...a lover and a life that I forgot about. It's coming back to me now, all of it and I am not sure I want it." The pathetic smile dropped from his lips, the expression in deep blue eyes unreadable. "There is the old me and the new me and I don't know if I can be both." Roxas shook his head, turning away from the touch on his face. "I will be able to deal with it, somehow. But I am more afraid of how it will affect the people around me."
Riku was quiet for a moment, mulling over what Roxas had just told him. After a bit, he broke the silence. "You shouldn't worry about other people so much...what matters is what is right for you..." He said softly, the hand that was on the other's cheek, moving to his shoulder. The other hand stayed on Roxas' hand. "They'll get over it...They'll move on with their lives...As long as you're happy, that's all that matters..." He said.
The blank expression left Roxas features and instead a childish pout spread over his lips, fine brows screwing up as he sulked. "But I don't know what -I- want."
Riku gave a small smile at the other's expression, being reminded of Sora again. "Well...have you really sat down and thought about it?" He asked.
Roxas sighed, shoulders deflating. "There is hardly anything else I have been doing lately. I am turning into a downright worry wart."
Riku's smile fell. "I...I'm not sure what to tell ya Roxas....I don't know all of the details..." He said softly. If he knew what was going on, maybe he could help the other.
"I know," he said, grinning lightly. "I am not asking you to solve all my problems for me. I just wanted to tell someone. It's been gnawing at me." On impulse, just as much as diversion, he reached over, snipping water and frothy bubbles from the sink in Riku's direction.
"Hey, hey! None of that!" Riku said playfully. He raised his arm to prevent the water from hitting him, but forgot his hand was still holding onto Roxas', causing him to pull the other boy against him.
"Wa-" the rest of Roxas' sentence was muffled by Riku's shirt as the shorter boy stumbled against him, pulled off balance by the sudden jerk at his wrist.
Riku's other hand immediately wrapped around the other's waist, to keep them both from falling, which would not be pleasant on the hard tile. It took him a couple of seconds before he realized what happened.
"Ouch~" Roxas was rubbing his nose, which he had bumped against the other boy's chest, not immediately noticing the position they were in. He did become aware of it though as he tried to straighten, Riku's hands spanning his waist, his own against the taller boy's chest to keep himself steady.
Riku looked down at him, a blush fanning across his cheeks. "S-sorry...I uh...I forgot that I still had your hand..." He said softly. For some reason his heart was beating abnormally fast. He just credited it to the suddenness of the situation.
The blond looked up at the other with eyes that had gone big in surprise, a faint blush was working itself onto his face too, though it was partly hidden behind the hand Roxas had still pressed to his nose, even though it did not hurt anymore. "It's okay...I think," Roxas answered softly, slightly flustered.
Riku continued to gaze down into the other's eyes. They were so blue...just like Sora's... "You know..." He trailed off for a second. "Never mind..." He said softly, his free hand moving to the other's cheek to run his thumb over the cheek, just under the bright blue eyes.
Roxas hand dropped from his face, settling on Riku's arm, eyes widening another fraction at the other boy's touch, pink deepening to a healthy red as the muscles in his body tensed with nervousness. "What?"
Riku shook his head a bit, unconsciously leaning down closer to Roxas. "It's nothing..." He said softly. He just continued to gaze into the other's eyes. It was amazing how much Roxas looked like Sora now that he thought about it. Sure, they weren't identical, but they did share some features. Especially their eyes. The expression in his eyes softened, and a small smile moved across his lips.
He knew he was looking at Roxas, but...he felt strange. He felt like he did when he looked at Sora. It was confusing, but at the same time it felt...His mind trailed off, not really knowing how it felt. He unknowingly leaned a bit further down, his arm around the other's waist tightening a bit, and the other hand stroking the soft skin of Roxas' cheek softly.
Something that might have been feared or nervousness was creeping into Roxas' eyes. He found him wanting to lean away, but had no where to go but closer to the other boy. He knew the gaze in Riku's eyes, mesmerizing as they were. It was the soft look he got when he talked and thought about Sora, it was similar to what he had seen in Axel's poison green eyes and a fraction of it had been in Hayner's nervous look. It was exciting as much as it was frightening and he swallowed dryly, wanting to snap the other youth out of it before...well, he was not really sure before what happened, but all he managed was a hoarse "Riku..." that didn't sound much like the warning it should have been.
Riku smiled a bit. "Roxas...." He paused for a second. "You have really beautiful eyes..." He said softly, not moving any further.
Umm...thanks?" He managed a faint smile, relaxing slightly in the half embrace Riku had on him. It wasn't so much the embrace that had made him uncomfortable, but the look in the other's eyes. But maybe he was just getting a bit paranoid lately...not that he could be blamed. Smile strengthening he dropped his hands from where they had rested again the taller boy's chest to his waist, hugging him back.
Riku blinked a couple of times before smiling and wrapping his arms around the other. There was another rather loud rumble of thunder and about two seconds later the lights flickered off. Riku looked up at the light fixtures and heaved a slightly annoyed sigh. He looked back down to Roxas and smiled a bit. "I'll go get some candles and light them..." The fact that all of his windows in his apartment faced west, and the fact that it was still morning, and the fact that it was dark and cloudy outside made his apartment very dark. He moved out of Roxas' arms and went to the guest bedroom, returning a few minutes later with some candles. "Apparently this is one of the really bad storms we hardly ever get..." He said with a slight grin. He grabbed the lighter and quickly lit all of the candles.
Roxas relaxed again as the soft glow of the candles illuminated their surroundings. Actually, he liked the light of the flames better, so much more warm and relaxing than the harsh glare of overhead lights. A soft smile was on his face as he watched the candle closest to him, enjoyed the flickering dance of the tiny fire that threw moving shadows over his face. "You really are prepared for every eventuality." He briefly looked at the other, smile quick and soft in the hazy light. "How long do you think the storm will keep up?"
Riku smiled at him with a shrug. "I don't know...last time we had one of these it lasted all day long...but...maybe it won't be that bad this time..." He said, picking up a couple of candles. "C'mon...lets go sit in the living room..." He said, turning around and looking over his shoulder at the other.
Roxas nodded and followed the other, taking the few remaining candles with him. He had already set them down on various surfaces in the living room when he returned to the kitchen in afterthought and brought out their cups and the remaining tea. He placed the items onto the table before dropping onto the couch with a soft sigh, bouncing softly
Riku set out the remaining candles and sat down next to Roxas. He glanced at the other, unsure of what they were going to do now. Were they going to come up with a plan to stop Drew? or were they going to just sit and relax for a while. Either sounded fine to him, just one sounded better than the other.
Roxas pulled his legs up from the ground, folding them beneath him as he hugged one of the throw pillows to his body, snuggling into a corner of the couch. The eyes that peered at Riku over the edge of the pillow were bright and serious, the light of the candle throwing flickering pinpricks of gold onto the dark blue. The blond was uncertain himself, if he should breach the reason for his visit again or just let them sit here in silence for a bit longer. He did not want to force Riku into anything, that was the last thing the other boy needed. So instead he was mulling everything over in his head, going through what he knew and turning every little piece over. Trying to find a solution on his own, so he would be able to actually help.
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