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Kingdom Hearts RPG

In Darkness and In Light

July 17th, 2006

Log: Riku, Roxas; part2 @ 10:25 am

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Characters: Riku, Roxas
Warnings: mention of rape, violence, overly long
Summary: Worried about Riku Roxas travels to Destiny Island and gets involved into the trouble with Drew.

Riku was silent for a few minutes, just staring into the flame of a candle, the flickering light dancing around the wick. He was trying to think of what to do. They needed to talk about Drew, and the sooner they did, the sooner they could stop. He crossed one of his legs over the other knee and rested his elbow on the arm of the couch. He opened his mouth a bit to say something but closed it again almost as quickly as he had opened it.
Roxas didn't miss out on the nervous little motions, the brief shifting and how the words died in Riku's mouth before they could even be formed. The other wanted to get this over with, he couldn't blame him for that, nor that it was hard to him to speak up first. So Roxas did, voice soft and calm in the stillness of the room that had only been broken by their breath and the ever more fierce sounds of the storm outside. "About that bastard...the best thing to do would probably be to involve the police...it might be hard to tell them, but they are most likely the only ones who can put a permanent stop to him."
Riku shifted his gaze to Roxas and nodded slowly. He didn't like the idea of going to the police. It made him feel weak, but if that was the only way to do it, he would to it in a heartbeat. "Is there anything else we can do?" He asked softly.
"...kill him" There was no humour in the boy's voice and in the twilight of the room, swathed in flickering light and shadows that seemed alive one could believe that Roxas might have been serious. "Seriously though," he continued after a moment, glossing over what he had so coldly said. "I hardly know any other way. Blackmailing or threatening him into leaving you and Kairi alone....it would only be a matter of time until he tried again or found someone else to go after...whatever solution we find, it must be a final one."
Riku's eyes widened at the other's sharp words. Despite how much he hated Drew, there was no way he could kill him. There had to be another way. "What if...what if we found some way to prove that he's been doing this...I don't really think the police will believe it if a teenage boy came up and said he was being raped by another boy..." He said, trailing off as his eyes flicked to the door out of habit and lingered there for a few minutes.
It was true and Roxas found himself gritting his teeth in frustration. That people would still be so pig headed to assume that boys couldn't possible be the victims of rape. And Destiny Island was a small community at that, were everyone knew each other. Crimes as these were probably virtually unheard of. "It would be yours and Kairi's word against his. Probably a good chance to get at least a temporary restraining order. There are also your bruises as evidence..." he trailed off with a soft sigh. Certainly, with both Kairi's and Riku's testimony they probably would lock that bastard up...after a long and gruelling trial for all people involved.
Riku gave him a perplexed look. "Bruises? You saw the ones on my wrist?" He asked. He was sure the other would've said something to him if he had seen them.
"I am not blind...that and..." Roxas sighed deeply. "There are also fading marks on your back, I saw them when you let me in."
Riku swallowed dryly, his eyes casting down to the couch cushions. "I...I didn't know...I had some on my back..." He said softly. He wondered if he had any other marks that Drew left that he didn't know about.
Roxas let go of the cushion, instead he reached over, laying his hand softly onto Riku's, not wanting the boy to drift even deeper into depression, wanting to reassure him somehow, even if it was a feeble attempt. "I...don't know everything that has happened. I am not even sure I want to know. But from what you have told me this has been rape, coercion at least so that he would leave Kairi alone.
Those bruises you have are evidence to that..." They were already fading though and it was questionable if they could be of any help to put more weight on a statement. "...those and you testimony should be enough..."
Riku looked at their hands, smiling a small, almost bitter smile. "What if it isn't enough though..." His voice was soft. His slightly pessimistic attitude was starting to kick in, even though he consciously wanted to be as positive as possible.
Roxas was silent. He did not want to tell the other what would happen if the evidence and their words wouldn't be enough to convince the police to do anything. Or even worse, if they did something and it was not enough to get that bastard, which would be even worse.
Riku looked up into the other's eyes. "I mean....what if Drew just comes up with a counter story...He could just completely deny everything...he could say that he didn't know where those bruises came from...We don't have any proof that the bruises are from him..." He trailed off, looking back down at the couch, tears forming in his eyes at how confusing and frustrating the situation was. He just wanted it to be over.
Roxas sighed, he felt sorry for Riku, sorry and scared and angry. Angry at that swine who did this to the once proud boy and angry at his own helplessness. The blond had to force his voice to be even, tried to stay calm and reassuring. The last thing that his friend needed was him becoming emotional. "All things considered there are three outcomes. They listen to you and believe what you say, consider the evidence valid, investigate, find it true or at least reasonable and there will be a trial. The second possibility, they disregard everything you say and wont even investigate. The third and definitely most dangerous one is that they start to investigate and decide after that that what you said isn't the truth and let it go."
Riku smiled bitterly again, looking up at Roxas, his unshed tears still in his eyes. "So basically there's a one in three chance that it will work?" He asked. Unconsciously his hand shifted to thread his finger's through the other boy's fingers.
The blond squeezed Riku's fingers softly, before he shifted closer, drawing the other boy into a soft hug. It hurt to see Riku like this, defeated and depressed. Truthfully, he preferred the one he had fought to this one. "As things are now...yes. It will mostly be your word against his, if Kairi doesn't pitch in on your side too... but aside from you three there isn't anyone else involved and there is nothing else to prove your words..."
Riku let go of Roxas' hand and wrapped his arms around the other's waist, leaning into him. "Yeah..." He stayed quiet after that. He was trying to think of a way to make his case more solid. There had to be a way to bring more evidence to their side.
Roxas hand was absently running through Riku's hair. "You...you said that he was coming here, right?", he asked cautiously.
Riku nuzzled his face into Roxas' neck, smiling softly at the feeling of the other's hand in his hair. "Yeah..." He mumbled against the skin.
Roxas smiled briefly, shifting slightly so that he and Riku would get more comfortable in the position, folding his legs beneath himself to even out the height difference, all the while petting the other boy. He wasn't sure if what he was going to propose was a good idea, but it was the only thing he could think of. "You could set up a camera in your apartment..."
Riku stiffened a bit, pulling back only enough to look into Roxas' eyes, their noses just a barely apart. His arms stayed around the other's waist. "A camera?" He asked quietly. He thought he knew where the other was going with it, but he could never be to sure.
Roxas sighed softly, warm, moist breath shared between them. He wet his lips, suddenly dry and the words just rushed out of him, said them before he decided that the idea was crap to begin with. "You are worried about others believing you, right? If he doesn't come here anymore it is alright too, but if he does...if...if you had it all on video they would have to believe you."
Riku gazed at him for a second, mulling the idea over in his mind. "A video..." His eyes lit up just barely and a small smile played on his lips. "That's brilliant...There would be no way the police wouldn't believe it if there was a video of it..." He said.
The blond nodded. "It would be hard to disregard...and it would be nearly impossible that the bastard could say that you were willing or the whole thing set up. It's after all not forbidden to install camera security in ones own apartment. You could also start to carry a small recorder or dictating machine with you...if he were to accost you somewhere else."
Riku nodded as well. "Yeah...where would I set it up though? He always drags me to my bedroom or I'll already be there when he comes...It would have to be in my room, but...where in my room...?"
Roxas frowned, considering their options. "That bastard shouldn't be able to see it, or the whole plan will be ruined. Maybe the nightstand, if you don't mind we could cut a hole into it and angle the lens through it, or fixed above the door?"
"Above the door would work..." Riku said thoughtfully. It would have to be a small camera though, for Drew not to notice it.
"The top of the wardrobe might be possible too...it will also be easier to hide the cable there...since it is probably better to hook it up than to have it running on battery."
Riku nodded. "Yeah...and I could put something up there to hide it some more..." He said.
Roxas thought it over again before nodding softly. "It could work." He wasn't happy with the solution they had found, as it meant that Riku would have to endure that torture at least once more before it would end, but at the other hand, they didn't have any other plans and it certainly was better than what was likely to happen if the police were to stop investigation. That arsehole certainly wouldn't take too good to having the cops questioning him
Riku nodded. "Later today we'll set it up..." He said. He gazed into Roxas' eyes for a bit. "Thanks..." He said, his voice soft.
Roxas smiled softly, eyes dark with fondness looking down into Riku's brighter ones. "No need to thank me, we are friends ... I just wished that I could do more to help you...just make it all stop"
Riku smiled as he gazed up into Roxas' eyes, different emotions swimming in his own. "You've already done more than enough...I couldn't ask anything else from you..." He said, leaning up and resting his forehead on the other's.
"You didn't ask anything of me." Roxas closed his eyes, simply relaxing in the closeness they shared. "I did this because I wanted to help and I would have done so even if you didn't want me to. I am selfish like that."
Riku chuckled lightly. "In that case I'm grateful for your selfishness..." He said softly, closing his eyes as well, his arms wrapping just a bit tighter around the other boy.
Roxas sighed softly, arms gently squeezing the boy he held. There wasn't anything more to say, at least nothing he wanted to. He was contend like this, listening to the rain and thunder, to their breaths that came in union and lulled him into a relaxed state.
Riku was quiet as well, the darkness of the room combined with the soft light of the candles was making him sleepy. It almost felt like night time. A sudden thought occurred to him. "You're staying here this weekend..." He said quietly, trying not to break the peaceful atmosphere.
Roxas drowsily opened his eyes, just barely so that he would be able to look at Riku's face, which still was close enough to his that he felt every breath the boy took. "I figured I would...if it doesn't inconvenience you."
Riku smiled. "It's not a problem at all..." He said softly, tilting his head to the side a bit, accidentally causing their foreheads to lose contact.
If someone would ask him at a later date how it had happened Roxas would not know the answer. One moment he was leaning with his forehead against Riku's, the next he found his lips bumping against those of the other boy, the touch soft and awkward.
Riku's eyes widened slightly at the soft touch on his lips, his arms unconsciously tightening around the boy's waist as he tensed. He sat there in shock for a few seconds.
Roxas' stared with wide eyes into the other's, equally surprised, gaze. It took him a few seconds until his brain processed what just had happened. The moment he did though the boy scrambled backwards, sputtering. The faintest trace of pink spreading over his cheeks could be seen in the flickering candle light, as he perched on the other side of the couch, staring back at Riku. "Sorry! I didn't mean to..."
Riku shook his head, staring at Roxas with a blush that was dark on his pale skin fanning across his face. "N-no...It was my fault..." He said softly. His lips tingled from the contact.
Roxas sank back onto the couch, running a hand though his hair and chuckled lightly, though he couldn't quite hide the small shiver in his voice. "Let's say we were both at fault and leave it at that, 'kay?"
Riku smiled a bit. "O-ok..." He even got the same feeling from Roxas' kiss that he did from Sora's kisses. Maybe he was mistaking it or something...
Roxas rubbed a hand over the bridge of his nose, trying to will away the faint pink hue. "...so much for keeping your lips to yourself"
Riku chuckled lightly remembering the conversation at the cafe. "Yeah...but you liked it....you know you did..." He said in a playful tone, smiling a bit.
"Certainly," Roxas said seriously, though the corners of his mouth were twitching. "Actually I had planned this all from the very beginning! All of this just to get a kiss! You have unveiled my dastardly plan."
Riku smirked at the other's sarcasm and then moved closer to the other, deciding to have some fun of his own. "So you wouldn't mind if I did it again then?" He said softly, wrapping his arms around Roxas and pulling the other close to him.
Roxas squirmed, a scowl firmly on his face as he glared at Riku. "Actually, I think I would mind." What was it with people lately? Did he have a "Molest me!" sign stuck on some where? Was he excluding some kind of weird pheromones? Hopefully not! The next struggle match would he awkward if he did
Riku laughed and moved away from Roxas. "Alright, Alright..." He poured himself some more tea and drank it down, trying not to smirk
Roxas scowl was turning into a full blown pout at the other's laughter. Really, he didn't find anything funny about kissing people, you should only kiss people you really cared about and well...well, he had screwed things up once already. Flirting was okay, as was innocent teasing, but he drew a line at getting physical. Still sulking he huddled down at his end of the couch, once again cuddling the pillow close and glaring over the edge of it.
Riku glanced over at Roxas, trying not to find the glare too adorable. "What's wrong, Roxas?" He asked, sighing a bit.
Blue eyes narrowed over the edge of the pillow. "Nothing," he muttered.
Riku raised an eyebrow and poured the other some tea. "Yeah, yeah...Here..." He said, offering him the cup.
Roxas took it with a small "Thank you" after a moment of hesitation, sighing as he slumped back into his seat. "...Sorry about snapping like that...it's just...," he trailed off, taking a sip of his tea instead
Riku smiled. "It's ok...I know..." He trailed off for a second, drinking his own tea, the thunder rumbling ominously outside. "I wasn't going to kiss you again..." He said softly, smiling a bit at the other boy.
No...Roxas was fairly certain Riku didn't know, but it was just as well, it saved him from having to explain what he meant. He would keep his confused emotions about Hayner and Axel secret, he would deal with it on his own. The older boy had enough troubles without having to deal with Roxas' at that. "That's good," he softly smiled back. "I don't think Kairi and Sora would have liked it if you did."
Riku laughed a bit and nodded in agreement. He sipped his tea quietly for a couple minutes before he thought of something. "Oh...hey...you said you had a lover..." He said softly, his eyes shifting in Roxas' direction.
Roxas sputtered, nearly spitting his tea all over the cushioning. He barely managed to swallow the mouthful, grimacing and coughing as it went down the wrong pipe. He was flushing bright red, the blush even aglow in the dim light of the candles.
Riku turned to face him. "What? What happened between you two?" He asked, furrowing his eyebrows a bit.
Roxas managed to get his breath back, though the blush was still evident on his face. "Nothing...just, I had hoped that you would have forgotten about it."
Riku tilted his head in question. "Was it a bad relationship or something?" He asked, shifting to face the other.
"No...not from what I can remember." Roxas sighed, looking down into his cup. "Maybe it was a but strange...it's just..." The blond trailed off, searching for the right words. "I am not sure how I feel about it now. Part of me is comfortable about it, willing to go back to what we had, while the other...isn't sure at all. While not remembering I...I might have started to like somebody else. But now I am not sure if I have just confused my... feelings...for those two people."
Riku gazed at him for a second. Thunder rumbled again after a bright flash of lightening. "Who's the other person?" He asked softly, drinking some of his tea right afterwards.
Roxas smiled softly and set his cup down, drawing up his knees and resting his head on top of them. "I am not sure they would want me to tell. But they are precious to me and I do not want to risk that." He chuckled, gazing at Riku with faint amusement sparkling in his eyes. "And don't even suggest a threesome, I don't think that would work out with the people involved."
Riku just smiled and set his tea down. "I wasn't gonna...I mean sure...threesomes are fun...well...not like I've had...never mind...I'm sure you don't want to hear about that...But I can't really imagine you in a threesome...If I guess who the other person is, would you tell me I'm right?" He asked. He was really curious as to who the other person was.
The blonds grin took on an impish quality as he shook his head. "You can guess, but I don't kiss and tell."
Riku pouted a bit. "No fair..." He said, almost whining. His voice dropped to a low mutter. "I bet it's Hayner..." He said, not really believing it himself.
Roxas wasn't going to tell Riku that he had hit the jackpot, instead hiding his slightly flushed expression behind his knees. "Aw~ don't pout, Ri-ku. Just because some of us don't make it known to the world who they are kissing."
Riku sent a small glare at him. "But you are making it know that you are kissing someone, and you won't tell me who!" He said, obviously frustrated with not knowing.
The blond's smile turned sheepish. "That might be true. It's not that I don't trust you", he added seriously. "It's just that I don't know myself what I am going to do about those two." Roxas sighed, smile turning wistful. "It's a pretty big mess. I know I have to chose, I don't want to string either one along, but I don't know how. Especially with how things are now with my memories returning and those dreams we share."
Riku's glare fell and his expression turned thoughtful. "Well...which one do you like more? At the moment at least?" He asked softly, eyeing the other boy.
Roxas sighed. "That's what I don't know. The feelings I have are too connected, tangled up into each other. The best friend of my old life, and the best one of my new one. Is what I feel for the one just because they took the place of the other, or have I fallen for them? Or do I still long for what I had? I don't even know if I am in love, but both are precious to me."
Riku's ears perked up at hearing 'best friend'. Roxas' best friend was..."So it -is- Hayner!" He said, setting his tea down on the coffee table
Roxas frowned, realizing that he had made it pretty obvious who he had been talking about. "So what if it is Hayner..." he huddled behind 'his' pillow.
A bright grin broke out onto Riku's lips. "You've kissed him? How was it?" He asked, shifting a bit more on the couch to face Roxas.
Roxas sighed, deciding that it would be pretty useless to go on denying everything or trying to ignore Riku's questioning. Instead a small, teasing smile spread on his lips as he answered. "Better than kissing you."
Riku gave him a small mock pout but it soon turned into a small smirk. "That's wasn't a kiss...I'll show you a kiss if you want...." He suggested, his smirk growing a bit.
"I said it once, I will say it twice," the blond said with a smile. "Keep your lips to your self."
Riku chuckled lightly and grinned. "Alright...but you don't know what you're missing..." He said with a bit of arrogance.
Roxas raised an eyebrow in amusement. "Riku germs?"
Riku rolled his eyes, but his grin stayed on his lips. "Think what you want..."
Roxas leaned back on the couch, finally relaxing again. "Don't I always?"
Riku stuck his tongue out childishly.
Roxas snickered. "Don't stick it out unless you are planning to use it, he mocked in good nature. "People might get the wrong idea."
Riku suppressed the sudden urge to take him up on his suggestion, instead settling for a small smirk. "Nah...maybe I'll use it later...let's call it a rain check..." His smirk grew and he crossed his arms, leaning his back against the arm of the couch while still facing Roxas.
"If you say so." The blond stretched out with a small yawn, wiggling his toes. He hadn't slept much last night, and the warm light of the candles, the calming sound of the rain beating against the window and his full stomach was making him a bit sleepy. "Just don't blame me if you lose it."
"Mmm...I don't think I'll lose it..." He watched at the other stretched. "Why don't you go to sleep?" He asked.
Roxas smiled slightly. "Feels kinda silly to come visit you, stuff my face and commandeer your couch for a midday nap. Makes me sound like a lazy mooch."
Riku smiled back and shook his head a bit. "Not at all! There's no way you slept well out on the beach...if you even slept at all...I don't mind..."
It was true, Roxas had not slept at the beach, too nervous and full of worry about what might have been wrong with Riku. Still, he shook his head softly. "I will crash in the guestroom for a nap later if you don't mind, but before that I would like to set everything up ... I think the sooner we do it, the better."
Riku eyed him for a second. "Alright...if you say so..."
cuddling with Roxas muse <3 Roxas nodded, struggling to his feet and stretching with a small moan, shirt riding up to expose a strip of tanned flesh before vanishing beneath fabric again as he dropped his arms. "Do you have a camera, or will we need to get out to buy one...or do you know someone that could lend us one?"
Riku tore his eyes from the boy's flesh, a small blush unknowingly tinting his cheeks. "I should have one in my closet or something..." He said, standing up and smiling down at the other.
Roxas nodded with a grin. "Okay, let's search for it and set it up then."
Riku nodded and led Roxas to his bedroom, after picking up a couple of the candles. He set them in different places around his room until there was a good enough light source and then went to his closet. "Ok...it's gotta be in here somewhere..." He muttered to himself, rummaging around.
Roxas crouched own next to the other boy, trying to keep out of the light source. "Can I help you somehow?"
"Mmm...." Riku answered distractedly and was quiet for a couple more minutes. "HA!" Came his triumphant cry as he located the camera. "Here it is!" He said, a big grin on his lips as he turned to Roxas.
The blond smiled and nodded, getting back to his feet and looking around the room, gauging where the best place for the camera would be. It was as they had thought, wardrobe and door being the only logical place to get a full view. And of those two only the wardrobe would provide sufficient hiding place. Roxas walked out of the room, returning a moment later with a chair, which he stepped on to get a good view of the top of the possible hiding place, fingers digging into the edge of the wood as he pulled himself up to his tip toes. "Hm...I think this should work..."
Riku went over to Roxas and looked up at him. "I'll prolly have to find something to help hide it a bit more with..." He said, mostly to himself, as he watched the other examine the wardrobe.
Roxas nodded, though it was hard to tell. "Probably. We can hide the cable behind the wardrobe and the carpeting, that shouldn't be a problem." He let go of the wood, but kept standing on the chair as he looked down at Riku. "Do you have boxes or something like that?"
"What kind of boxes?" He asked, setting the camera down on his desk.
Roxas shrugged. "Shoe boxes...carton. Something that you wouldn't mind cutting a few holes in."
"Oh! Yeah..." He went back to his closet and pulled out a couple shoe boxes. "Will these work?"
The blond jumped from the chair and walked over to the other boy. Taking one of the boxes from Riku's hand he turned them over a few times. "These should work fine. We will put the camera into one and put it on top of the wardrobe with the others. It shouldn't raise any suspicions and we can even stack them so that the lens will be at the right angle and height without problem."
Riku smiled and nodded. "Alright! Let's get to work then!" He said with a grin.
Roxas set the box back down and picked up one of the candles instead. "I am going to get the scissors from the kitchen. Could you try to figure out which height we need to put the camera at to get the best picture meanwhile?"
Riku nodded and went over to his desk. "Scissors are in the first drawer on the left side of the kitchen..." He told him as he picked up the camera and got up on the chair.
Roxas nodded. "Okay." He left the room and a few moments later one could hear the boy rummaging around in the kitchen.
Riku turned the camera on and flipped the screen around so that he could see what angle he was pointing the camera to. He shifted to the side so that he could get a clear view of what he was looking at. The picture fell onto the bed, and upon seeing it, the sudden realization of what was going to happen shot through his mind. He was going to video tape someone else raping him. He swallowed dryly and stared at the image of the bed on the tiny screen. After a few seconds he shook his head, not noticing that he had begun to shake softly in fear and nervousness.
"Riku...?" Roxas had returned silently from the kitchen, carrying scissors and tape. He wanted to ask the other if he was alright, but he didn't. It was a silly question, it was obvious that nothing was alright or even close to okay. Instead he dropped the things he had gathered next to the boxes and walked up to the other boy, hugging him softly. Like this he could feel the fine tremors that were shaking the strong body in his embrace and he found himself drawing the other closer, trying to offer what little comfort he could give.
Riku wrapped his arms around Roxas' waist, leaning into the other, his face burying into the blonde's shoulder. "I...I can't believe...I can't believe I'm going to do this..." He whispered, shaking a bit stronger.
Roxas ran his fingers through Riku's hair, the other hand rubbing the taller boy's back. "It isn't as if you are doing this by choice." He found himself swaying softly, his voice gentle and low. "It's a precaution, so if...if that bastard tries again it will be the last time ever. So that you and Kairi will be save afterwards." Tears were pricking at his eyes, but he swallowed them down, determined to remain calm and strong. "If you would rather go to the police right away I will understand ... no matter what you do I will stick by you to the end."
Riku was quiet for a few seconds before he took a deep breath. "I want to do this...I want to have evidence..." He said, his voice muffled slightly against the other's skin. He was still shaking a bit.
Roxas sighed, warm breath stirring silver strands of hair. "Okay." He would have preferred to go to the police, but he hadn't lied. Going like this it would end up Riku's word against that of his rapist and it was uncertain who they would believe. He squeezed the other softly, drawing him closer as he shuffled over to the edge of the bed so that they would be able to sit down. Roxas wasn't about to let go until Riku had calmed own again.
Riku sat down next to Roxas, taking slow breaths, trying to calm himself down. It was just the magnitude of what they were going to do. He hoped to god Drew didn't show up while Roxas was here. He didn't want the other to see him like that. After a few minutes, his shaking subsided, but he didn't let go of Roxas.
Roxas was still petting the other boy, hands soothingly running over the curve of Riku's spine and through his hair. The blond unconsciously had started to hum again, the same soft melody that had haunted him while preparing breakfast, trying to sooth the older boy and himself.
Riku closed his eyes, the other's humming almost lulling him to sleep. His back tingled where Roxas' hand touched him, causing him to relax against him.
The blond kept up the caress, lingering ever so often or brushing stray strands of hair out of Riku's face. Roxas had shifted slightly, so that he was cradling the other boy, his own back resting against the foot end of the bed.
Riku snuggled unconsciously into Roxas, burying his face into the crook of the other's neck, his breath fanning across the blonde's skin. He gave a small smile at the touches and the way he was being held.
Roxas let him, nose buried in the other's silky hair, still smelling traces of the shampoo Riku had used in the morning. The blond's breathing had unconsciously started to match that of the boy he held, regular and slow. He was warm and relaxed, gently holding and petting the older boy, nothing left of the awkwardness that their earlier closeness had brought on occasions. This was a simple sharing of warmth and caring, intimate on a whole different level.
Riku closed his eyes again. He had only been this relaxed around one other person: Sora. Again, he was reminded of Sora. He was too content to speak though. He didn't want to break the silence that floated between them. Instead he wrapped his arms a bit tighter around the other boy, taking a deep breath, smiling at the other's scent.
Roxas wasn't sure how long they sat like this, curled close together for warmth and comfort, he might have dozed off even. Just that when he came aware of his surroundings again, everything else that wasn't the boy in his arms, the rain outside had greatly subsided, calmed down to a gentle drizzle. He made a small sound in the back of his throat, heavy eyes opening to look down at the boy cuddled against him.
Riku, who had dozed off lightly, opened his eyes a bit and blinked a couple times. What time was it? He looked at the clock seeing that it was 1:15 in the afternoon. He wondered if Roxas had slept too, or at least he hoped the other had. He looked up at the other. "Did we fall asleep?" He asked quietly.
Roxas blinked drowsily, gaze following Riku's to the clock. "I think we did," he mumbled softly. His back hurt, stiff from the hard surface he had rested against. But he did not mind, the discomfort far outweighed by the warmth and the comfortable weight of the body cuddled against his. Absently he noted that it was nice waking up with someone next to him and with a bitter tinge he realized that he would have liked to wake up next to Axel after sleeping with him.
Riku smiled and unconsciously shifted a bit closer to Roxas, enjoying the warmth of the other.
Roxas looked down at the other boy as he felt him shift, not seeing much but a head of silver hair, his fingers still buried in the strands. For a moment he contemplated asking him if he was okay, but in the end he just sighed softly, settling back down into the embrace they shared and idle petting.
Riku was quiet for a few moments, just thinking to himself when he thought he heard a noise. A noise that sounded like a door closing. His front door to be exact. It almost sounded like it could've been a product of his mind. He was so afraid of Drew showing up with Roxas there. He tensed at what he thought he heard and sat up a bit, staring at his bedroom door, as though expecting Drew to burst in at any moment. "D-did you hear that?" He asked Roxas quietly.
Roxas frowned, head tilting to the side as he listened closely. "No...I didn't hear anything."
Riku sighed, sitting up completely, his face burying its self in his hands. "Thank god...I..I thought..." He said, his voice muffled into his hands.
Roxas straightened himself, ignoring the little pop his spine gave to grasp the other's hands in his, pulling them away from Riku's face and cradling them. "Shh...calm down. It's just the two of us here," he said softly, gazing into the boy's face with gentle eyes.
Riku gazed at him for a second. "I'm so scared that he's going to show up while you're still here...." His gaze shifted away from Roxas', "I don't want you to see me like that..." His voice was soft, almost ashamed.
Roxas let go of Riku's hands, instead cradling his face and forcing the other to look at him. "Riku," the blond's voice was firm, giving no room for argument. "It wouldn't change anything between us. You are still you. The same Riku that I am teasing and laughing with, who I am going to let eat dust the next time we get to fight. What I said once, when you admitted to liking Sora still stands.
Riku is Riku and will always be Riku for me."
Riku stared at him, his hands coming up to rest on the other's arms softly. "I-I know...but..."
"Nothing but." Roxas' voice was still serious. "-Nothing- of this is your fault. And -if- that arsehole shows up while I am here I will try everything in my might to put a stop to him once and for all."
Riku stared at him some more before a small smile crossed his lips, fading almost instantly. He swallowed dryly. There was so many things he wanted to tell Roxas about Drew. How strong he was. How even when Riku did everything he could possibly think of, Drew would still end up pinning him to the bed and taking him. A shudder ran through his body. He didn't want it to happen again, and he definitely didn't want Roxas to have to see it. Even if he wouldn't change in the blonde's eyes.
Roxas managed a faint smile, hands dropping from the other boy's face wit ha last, soft caress. "Try to sleep a bit more. You seem to need it. I can take care of things myself and will wake you for lunch."
Riku shook his head lightly. "It's ok...I'll help you...we'll get it done faster that way and then we can both go to sleep..." He said, the look in his eyes saying that he didn't want to be left alone with his thoughts right now.
"..." Roxas looked the other boy over before nodding slowly. "Okay...let's get this done and over with."
Riku nodded and stood, moving back over to where he had set the camera. He climbed up on the chair and manoeuvred the camera so that it was getting a clear picture of the bed. "Ok...I have a good angle..." He looked around for something to prop the camera up with so that he wouldn't have to find the position again. "Hand me those two text books." He said, pointing to his trig and English textbooks.
Roxas nodded and picked them up, handing them wordlessly to the other boy, followed by the sticky tape, so that Riku would be able to fixate the camera, books and cable. It would not do for them to set his all up just so that it could drop down again the moment somebody knocked against the wardrobe. That done he dropped back down to the ground, picking up one of the boxes and the scissors and started to cut out two holes, one for the cable and the other for the lens.
Riku fixed the camera and made sure it was secure to the wardrobe. He then moved around to the back, shifting it forward a bit so that he could tape the cable to the back of it. When that was done, he moved the wardrobe back to its original position.
Meanwhile Roxas had finished with the box. Carrying two under his arm and the prepared one in hand he climbed up the chair again. Carefully he set the box down over the camera, making sure that he didn't upset it and that it would have a clear shot of the bedroom still. One empty box was stacked on top, while the other was placed next to it. Looking their work over one last time and being satisfied with it e dropped down from the chair with a sigh and dusted off his hands. "Well...that's done."
Riku nodded. "Now what?" He asked, sitting down on his bed, and looking up at the other boy.
Roxas shrugged softly and ran a hand though his hair. "Clean everything up and make lunch? We can do whatever we want now..."
Riku smiled. "Alright...what should we have for lunch?" He asked, standing and beginning to make his way to the kitchen.
Roxas gathered the tape an scissors, together with the waste, before following the other boy. "Hm, what do you have at home?"
"Mm..." Riku looked into his pantry when he got to the kitchen and shrugged. "Not much...wanna go out?" He asked, turning to the other.
Roxas looked out of the window, the rain had nearly stopped by now and he nodded. "Sure, why not. As long as it isn't going to be too expensive..." He didn't have much money anymore, buying the tickets to Destiny Island had made quite a dent in his savings.
Riku grinned. "Don't worry about it! My treat!" He said, moving to the door and pulling his keys out of his pocket.
The blond frowned softly, following the other but remaining a few steps behind, standing in the middle of the living room. "I can't accept that....breakfast practically was already on you."
Don't worry about it." Riku said again, slipping on his shoes. "I want to..." He said, looking to the middle of the living room at the other.
The frown was growing in intensity and Roxas opened his mouth, intend on telling the other boy that he just couldn't accept that. He never got to it though as his stomach decided to speak up for him with a definite grumble. Roxas flushed red in embarrassment, hands cradling his belly as if he hoped to quell the sound like that.
Riku smiled. "C'mon...you can pay me back later or something. His smirk grew a bit. "Like letting me cash my rain check..." He said, wanting to see the other get flustered.
Roxas glare transferred from his stomach to Riku, though it was effectively ruined by the blush across his cheeks and the sullen tilt to his lips. "You wish." His hands dropped back to his side, shoulders gently sagging as he turned with a sigh, heading towards the bedroom. "But we will discuss that later..."
Riku furrowed his eyebrows and watched Roxas go to the bedroom. "Where are you going?"
Roxas turned, blinking softly. "To blow out the candles we left in the bedroom. Wouldn't want to return to your apartment to find it burned down to cinders...."
Ah! Riku had forgotten about that. "That's true..." He said, a sheepish smile tugging at his lips from forgetting. He followed Roxas to the bedroom and helped the other blow out the candles.
Roxas chuckled softly before pursing his lips to blow out the final candle, leaving the room dark. "What did you think I was going to do in your bedroom, Riku? Letting you cash in the rain check or something?"
Riku flushed a bit but smirked. "No...I...don't know what I thought you were going to do..."
"Sure!" The younger boy laughed, playfully and lightly knocking his fist against Riku's shoulder as he walked past him back into the living room.
Riku stayed in the room for a second, rubbing his shoulder lightly where the other hit him. He had a strange feeling. He shook his head, trying to make the feeling go away, and then went back to the living room, smiling at Roxas. "It's not like you woulda let me anyway..." He said, a chuckle in his voice.
The blond hummed softly and shrugged, neither denying nor agreeing, a mischievous little smile on his face, comfortable with teasing from the distance. "Never going to know now~" He gathered his shoes from where he had thrown them in a corner, slipping them on and waiting for the other. "Should we take an umbrella?"
"Mmm..." Riku looked out the window to see that the clouds were still quite dark. It wasn't a bad idea. "Sure..." He went to the hall closet and pulled one out. "And what do you mean I'm never gonna know now? Are you saying that in the bedroom just then was my only chance?" He asked, a small pout on his lips that wasn't fairing well against the smirk that threatened to take it over.
Roxas theatrically flicked a few strands of hair out of his face, turning his nose up. "Indeed it was. Now it shall forever remain a mystery if I might have blown other things, but those candles."
Riku's face lit up automatically in a bright blush. "You know...There are other times that I could cash it in..." He said, eyeing the other boy with an unreadable expression.
"Nuh-huh." Roxas shook his head with a smile, hands buried in the pockets of his shorts, unaware of the look the other was giving him, it was hard to see in the dark apartment, and kept on lightly joking. "One chance in a life time only unfortunately missed."
Riku stepped a bit closer to Roxas, a smirk on his lips. "You know...it's only been like...a minute since we left the bedroom...what do you say you give me an extension or something?" He asked softly, walking up to the boy. In his mind he was snickering. He loved getting Roxas flustered for some reason.
Roxas raised an eyebrow, not backing away as Riku drew closer. Not that he had anywhere to go, the boy had unwittingly backed himself into a corner from the very beginning. "I don't think so."
Riku laid his hand against the wall next to Roxas' head. "Why not? It's just one little kiss..." He said softly, leaning ever so slightly closer to the other.
"One little kiss can start a lot of trouble," Roxas answered in an equally soft voice, head tilting back as he looked up at Riku, trapped between the wall and the other's body.
"If you have self control it won't..." Riku countered, gazing down at Roxas, a small smirk on his lips still.
A frown appeared on Roxas lips and he half heartily shoved against Riku's shoulder. "Pervert, I haven't been talking about that kind of problem."
Riku rolled his eyes. "Self control as in both ways...if you don't go blabbing about it, it won't lead to trouble either..." He said, not moving away but not moving any closer either.
The blonds frown became more intense, blue eyes narrowing as he glared up at Riku. "And that makes it okay?!", hints of anger were creeping into his voice, the faintest tremble evident. "As long as no one knows kissing other people is okay with you?!"
Riku frowned at him. "No! I'm just teasing you Roxas...calm down..." He said, moving away from the boy a bit. "I know that it's not ok..." He said, furrowing his eyebrows a bit, his gaze dropping from Roxas' narrowed eyes. His voice dropped to a very soft mutter. "After all, Seth kissed me..."
Roxas was still bristling, arms crossed over his chest in a defiant manner. "Listen, Riku...I don't know what has happened with this Seth, or who he even is...and I don't want you to accuse you of anything." He sighed softly, relaxing a bit. "But I can't tell when you are teasing or not and it makes me uncomfortable. The last thing I want is to jeopardize your relationship with Kairi and Sora and make things awkward between us."
Riku gave him a soft smile. "Alright..."
"Good." He said softly and smiled warmly, with closed eyes, head still resting against the wall behind him.
Riku grabbed his hand, gently pulling him away from the wall and to the door. "C'mon...lets go get lunch before it starts to rain again..." He said, looking over his shoulder at Roxas.
"Yeah, you are right." The smile was still on the blond's face and, fingers curling around the other's hand, he let himself be led outside.
Riku pulled the blonde outside and locked the door. "Alright! Where do you want to go?" He asked, starting to walk with Roxas, not realizing he was still holding the other's hand gently.
Roxas gave a half shrug, even though the other probably did not see it. "I don't know...I never went out to eat when I was here." Most often than not he either ended up eating junk food from the vendors or preparing himself something quick over the camping stove. Money was an issue and he would rather save it than spend it at a restaurant.
Riku smiled and looked over to Roxas. "How about we go to the place down by the docks, and then we can go to the cafe or something...I got a craving for Sea Salt Ice-cream just now..." He said, knowing the mention of the cold sweet would interest the other.
Roxas smile was bright as he nodded. "Sounds perfect to me." He had caught up to the other boy and they were now walking side by side, entwined hands between them. The blond hardly noticed, it felt natural to fall into step beside Riku as if he had done it all his life ... and part of him truly had.
"Glad to hear it!" Riku grinned and continued to walk hand in hand with Roxas. His gaze lifted to the sky, which was still heavy with clouds, almost as though the sky were depressed.
Roxas walked along, having to speed up a bit to keep up with the other's longer stride, but not minding in the least. "I haven't had time to ask yet...but how are things going for you and the others?"
Riku's eyes flicked down to Roxas. "Pretty good...other than the Drew thing of course..." He said with a smile. "How about for you and Hayner and them?" He asked.
Roxas sighed, shoulders slumping as he kicked at a pebble, watching it skit down the street. "Complicated...I don‘t really know, how or what things are between us. Truthfully, I have been avoiding it too."
Riku raised an eyebrow. "Avoiding it?"
An embarrassed flush spread over his cheeks and he wouldn't meet the other's gaze. "Well...neither knows of the other," Roxas said in a small voice.
Riku stared at him. "So...so...Hayner...doesn't know about the other guy? Are you planning on telling him at all?"
Roxas was still firmly not looking at Riku, gaze directed towards the ground. "I ... I want to, but I am not sure what to tell. Like said ... I am not sure of my feelings." He sighed, eyes looking up and towards the far off horizon, obscured by heavy clouds. "That, and I don't know what my future will bring, now that my past is returning..." Roxas shook his head.
Riku was quiet for a few moments, his eyes still on Roxas. "...How much of your past do you remember?"
Roxas was silent. Beneath the stormy sky the boy looked nearly colourless, shades that bled to grey as if the rain had washed away any brightness and left things dull and lifeless. The vibrant blue of his eyes was all the more shocking for it as he turned to gaze at Riku, a wistful smile his only answer.
Riku furrowed his eyebrows a bit. Was that supposed to mean he remembered everything, or that he remembered next to nothing? Riku remembered very little, but he wanted to know more. "What do you remember?" He asked, hoping to maybe gain some insight to what might have happened to them to cause them to loose their memories.
The blond shook his head, eyes returning to the road ahead. "...enough to know that my life wont continue the way it is...can't probably, even if I wanted to."
Riku frowned at that. "But it's all in the past...it shouldn't really affect you now...ya know?"
"...it does. And I am not really sure what to make of it. There is still quite a bit missing..."
"How does it affect you?" Riku asked curiously.
Roxas chuckled softly, though there was no real humour in it. "Aside from learning that I am obviously gay, had a lover and left behind some people that are rather pissed with me?"
Riku looked at him. "Ah...I see..." He was quiet for a few more moments, "I wish I could remember...all I have so far is the thing with Sora on paopu island and the dream with you and the heartless..."
Roxas squeezed Riku's hand gently, his voice soft. "Maybe you are better off not remembering..."
Riku gave him a questioning look, but squeezed back. "Maybe...but...I still want to know..."
Roxas closed his eyes, a shuddering sigh passing his lips. "If you did...if Sora did...we wouldn't be here. Not like this. I have no idea what you have really forgotten, our shared memory is only that fight. I can understand you wanting to remember, I wanted it too...I still do. But at the same time I want to hold on to this life a bit longer."
Riku gave him a concerned look. It was almost as though Roxas thought they were living in some non existent world. "Tell me what you remember..." He said, curiosity and concern in his voice.
Roxas wouldn't tell, he couldn't. Even if the whole thing wasn't outrageous to begin with, a tale of magic, heroes and evil, of stolen hearts and monsters that lurked in the dark...even if the other boy would believe him. He couldn't tell Riku that he, Roxas, was a part of Sora. Heartless and meant to have no emotions. A freak. Supposed to fade and become a part of the brunet again. Instead he smiled teasingly, forced a joking note into his words. "You really are a perv... excuse me, but I would rather keep my bedroom stories to myself. I am not asking you what you are doing with your two lovers behind closed door or wherever the fancy strikes you either!"
Riku rolled his eyes. "That's not what I meant. Please tell me, Roxas...I want to know...I feel like part of me is missing without my memories..." He said, looking down at the blonde.
"I told you...", Roxas sighed. "The only memory we share is the one of our fight." It wasn't a lie...it was the first and only time he had met Riku. What else he knew were speculations based on fuzzy memories and simple knowledge, unexplained and just there. "We have not met before that."
Riku looked at him for a second before sighing. "Alright..."
"...Riku..." the blond raised his gaze, looking the other in the eye. "I want to tell you the truth, since you deserve it. I don't want to tell you, not yet anyway. We might not share memories, but we are connected on some level. I just want to figure myself out first. And I think the last thing you need at the moment is more stress. Give us both a bit more time to straighten everything out."
Riku smiled. "Ok..." He looked away as they reached the sand of the beach. "There's the place...bout time too! I'm starving!"
Roxas' stomach agreed to that sentiment with a low grumble and he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "Me too."
Riku laughed. "The food's good here! Sora, Kairi, and I go here all the time!"
"Really?" Roxas gaze shifted from the other's face to the small restaurant in front of them. "I can imagine. Must be nice to go out with your friends
Riku gave him a smile. "It is nice..." He paused for a second. "Don't you go out with Hayner and them?"
"Not nearly often enough." Roxas walked next to Riku, feet dragging through the wet sand. "I have to work most of the time. We don't get out together as much as we would like" He raised up his head, looking at the overcast sky and screwed up his nose, lips forming a startled little pout, as a raindrop fell on its tip, soon followed by another.
Riku lifted his hand to feel the rain drops hit it. He pulled Roxas along a bit faster. They were only a bit away from the restaurant and could reach it easily without having to bother with the umbrella. "C'mon...we're almost there..."
Roxas picked up his pace, still he was a step behind the other boy, dragged along by Riku's grasp around his hand. He stumbled when the boy stopped under the over hang of the building, not having paid attention, and tripped against the taller.
Riku, who had turned around when he stopped, caught the other in his arms. "You ok?" He asked, looking down at the other.
Roxas tilted his head back to look up at Riku, expression flustered and cheeks hued light pink in embarrassment over his clumsiness. Really, the only time when he managed to be graceful was in a fight. Otherwise he was able to trip over thin air. "Ye-...yeah, I think so. Sorry about that."
Riku smiled down at him, "Don't worry about it..." He looked up at the rain, which suddenly started falling quite hard. "Looks like we made it just in time..." He commented with a smile, still holding his arms around Roxas.
Roxas followed the other's gaze, looking up at the sky, rain once again coming down in torrents, lightening splitting the grey clouds ever so often. "Mh-hm. Lucky us. The umbrella wouldn't have done us much good against that."
Riku laughed. "Prolly not...hopefully it'll calm down soon..."
"Hopefully." The blond scowled up at the sky. "I don't fancy the thought of swimming back."
Riku chuckled, his arms tightening around Roxas a bit. "It won't be that bad...besides...we've got the umbrella...it'll hold out against some of it..."
The temperature had dropped considerable with the rain and Roxas would probably have shivered in his shorts and short sleeved shirt if it weren't for Riku's closeness, the heat of the other body fending off the chill. "Some of it..." he chuckled softly. "We would probably still be soaked through."
Riku smiled. "Prolly...but I have blankets and a heater, so it would've been much better when we got back...hot shower helps with that too..." He commented.
"Hmm...sounds nice," Roxas said softly, shifting to get farther under the overhang, or rather trying to as arms around his waist make it near to impossible and, with flushing cheeks, he became full aware of the fact that he was practically cuddled up to Riku. "Umm...Riku?"
"Hmm?" Riku said, still having not noticed that he was still holding Roxas.
"This is nice and all...and I really like you, but...", he reached up, pulling the other's face close to his, the two of them looking for all the world like two lovers about to kiss. "Don't you think that people might get the wrong idea?"
Riku blushed, his arms loosening around Roxas. "Uh...yeah...p-probably..."
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