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Kingdom Hearts RPG! To join please fill out the application at the bottom of the bio and send it to tmh1032@exchange.uta.edu. This is the my email address, so please, if you're interested and the character you want is available, apply for it!


If you want to apply for a character from one of the worlds please let me know in an email! There's WAY too many for me to type out! Villians are also great! ^___^

RPG style is in fanfiction mode...please inquire if you don't know what that is!

Also! If you are new to rping you should probably make a new journal for the character you want. That makes it much easier! Thanks!


When Naminé sent Sora to sleep to regain his memories, her actions had unforeseeable consequences. For not only the keyblademaster fell asleep, but those close to him too, the people dear to his heart. Trapped in a world of their dreams, with no memories of the struggles they had gone through. Finding flimsy excuses for the things that just wont add up in a world of their fabrications, they dream of the life they could have had while their bodies lie in stasis in the real worlds.
Quite a favorable situation for Organisation XIII, for the keyblade masters, nor the princess of heart, have any memories of their destinies and it would be easy to sway them for their cause, or, if need be, to dispose of them forever.

Application should include the following:

1) Your User Name

2) AIM/MSN screen name, Email address

3) The character you are applying for

4) How you view the character

5) A sample journal entry

6) A sample prose entry (it's like writing a fan fic, you can include any character you want! ^___^)

Journal entries are in first person
Prose entries are in third person

Neither of the Journal or prose entries have to be really long. Just long enough that I can see your writing style!
Just email me and I'll answer any and all the questions you have! ^__^

Thanks very much for your interest!

Admin and Riku-mun

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Kairi deityofdeath666 pure_kairi
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There is an OOC community that you will need to join: